Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 615

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Chapter 615: 615
So it's not that she has reached the realm of Minute Subtlety, but she's relying on her Life Soul . What kind of Life Soul is that? It actually allows her to possess the ability of Minute Subtlety? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Sadie was fighting many alone . Although she was in a sorry state, she wasn't injured from the gank . This was quite shocking .

Unfortunately, with so many Tiger Cage Demonized Generals surrounding her, Sadie couldn't rush out of the encirclement . Her Essence Energy and stamina were very limited, so it was only a matter of time before she died .

This proves that no matter how strong one's ability is, it's best to be careful . In such a world, who knows what kind of enemy one will encounter? Once restrained, no matter how strong one's ability is, one won't be able to deny death . However, Sadie's ability isn't bad . If I can obtain her Essence Energy Art, I wonder if I can use the Lost Immortal Sutra to condense the same Life Soul? Zhou Wen was just musing for a moment . Even if he had the same Essence Energy Art, he might not necessarily be able to condense the same Life Soul . The formation of a Life Soul was determined by a person's physique and mental strength . Therefore, everyone's Life Soul was somewhat different . There weren't two absolutely identical Life Souls .

It was the same for a Life Providence . The functions might be similar, but not completely identical .

Furthermore, even with the Lost Immortal Sutra, condensing a Life Soul wasn't easy . One needed a special energy with similar attributes as a foundation . Only then could the Lost Immortal Sutra simulate condensing a Life Soul .

Now that I'm thinking about it, my First Order of Chaos hasn't condensed a Life Soul . I wonder if I can use a drop of Grim Demon's blood as a foundation to condense a Life Soul? Zhou Wen set his sights on Grim Demon .

With Demonic Neonate as his master, he probably wouldn't dare to object to having him release some blood .

While Zhou Wen was considering how to condense the Life Soul of the First Order of Chaos with the blood of Grim Demon, Sadie was struggling to remain safe .

She originally imagined that a dimensional zone like Tiger Cage Pass couldn't have Mythical creatures . With her Eye of Odin Life Soul, it wasn't difficult to kill Epic dimensional creatures . Even if she couldn't beat them, she had a chance of escaping .

Who knew that she would encounter a terrifying existence like the Elegant Emperor's Avatar Puppet . She didn't even have a chance to escape .

Zhou Wen watched from outside the city . She knew that Zhou Wen definitely had the ability to help her escape, but her pride prevented her from asking him . All she could do was summon her Companion Beasts and desperately attempt to rush out of the city .

Sadie immediately fell into despair . She was surrounded by twenty to thirty Tiger Cage Demonized Generals . Even if her Eye of Odin could see the path needed to get out, her body couldn't keep up .

The reason the six families didn't let young people use Mythical Companion Beasts was because of this principle . Young people were hot-blooded, especially young geniuses . They were all arrogant and impulsive . Having powerful strength only made it easier for them to fall into danger .

Therefore, even if they had Mythical Companion Beasts, the various families would give them to people who had some experience and had been burnished by reality . They were calm and capable .

Although they were about the same age, Lance would definitely not make such a decision if he were here .

Sadie's Essence Energy was almost depleted . A Companion Beast beside her was attacked and ended up slamming into her . Immediately, her trajectory deviated . It was too late to dodge the attacks of the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals .

Sadie gritted her teeth and prepared to risk her life . However, she suddenly saw a flash of saber light . The Tiger Cage Demonized Generals beside her suddenly stopped their attacks . With a poof, white mist emitted from them as they transformed into yellow paper figurines that landed on the ground .

She turned her head and saw Zhou Wen standing beside the masked man . As for the masked man, his head had been chopped off .

Zhou Wen walked to Sadie's side and asked, "What's the secret regarding the Companion Beast ranking you mentioned?"

Sadie looked at Zhou Wen with a complicated expression before saying, "Actually, this isn't really a secret . There should be quite a number of people in the six families who know about it . In fact, obtaining first place on the rankings isn't the only way to get benefits . "

"What do you mean? Isn't the one coming in first place qualified to pluck the divine fruit?" Zhou Wen asked with a frown .

"Picking the divine fruit is indeed something first place qualifies for . However, it's still unknown if one can really pluck it . However, as long as one can enter the ranking, they'll be able to obtain the corresponding benefits . It doesn't matter if the ranking is high . Although, if it is high, there are more benefits," said Sadie .

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"What benefits?" Zhou Wen had never heard of such a thing .

"I'm not sure yet . I'll only know what benefits we can obtain after the ranking battle ends," Sadie said .

"Where did this news come from?" Zhou Wen frowned slightly . Sadie's words seemed unbelievable .

The ranking had not long appeared, and it was unprecedented . Even if there was really a reward after the ranking battle, how did the six families know of that?

"I'm not sure about the source of the news, but it shouldn't be wrong . For the six families and overseas factions to be so eager in rushing up the rankings, it's definitely not without reason," Sadie said .

Zhou Wen didn't know if Sadie really didn't know or if she was just unwilling to say .

"It's about time . Let's head back . " Zhou Wen didn't ask further .

Sadie walked back with Zhou Wen, but her emotions were mixed . Although she was confident that her acumen was better than Zhou Wen's, the difference in combat experience was just too great . No matter how good her acumen was, it was useless . It was no different from having psychomotor problems . She felt that there was no need to challenge Zhou Wen again .

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An opponent she had no way to fend against was easily killed by Zhou Wen . In front of absolute strength, the effects of her acumen were too minute .

I have to become stronger than him . Sadie cursed inwardly as she stared at Zhou Wen's back .

Could it be that The Thearch is secretly up to no good? Zhou Wen didn't care what Sadie was thinking . His mind was on the rankings .

Back then, it was The Thearch who had allowed John to obtain the six-winged seraphim Guardian . It wouldn't be surprising if she had spread the news of the ranking .

There's also a possibility that it's Teacher Wang Mingyuan . The news might have come from his side as well . Zhou Wen felt that the possibility wasn't small .

There were many experts in the Federation who entered the dimensional zones after a mutation . No one knew if there were any people that the Federation had deliberately planted among them .

If there was, it was not impossible to get news from them .

From the looks of it, I have to go back and ask The Thearch . Zhou Wen decided to take the opportunity of delivering items to The Thearch to ask about the ranking .