Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 616

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Chapter 616: 616
"Send them over . " The Thearch replied .

Zhou Wen sent the items through the portal through the Void Flower . Although they weren't worth much, he had still spent more than 100,000 . It made his heart ache slightly .

"The Thearch, you previously said that only the first Companion Beast on the rankings has benefits . Then, what other benefits does first place have in the future?" Zhou Wen probed .

"Why are you asking? Your Companion Beast isn't capable of ranking first . It's useless even if you know," The Thearch replied .

"Even if I can't obtain first place, I can still try my best to vie for a higher ranking . Will the other rankings benefit me?" Zhou Wen could tell from The Thearch's tone that it might really be as Sadie had said .

"Yes, but if you can't enter the top ten, the benefits are very limited . Your Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's Wheel of Destiny is virtually useless in the pet battle . From the looks of the Companion Beasts on the rankings, it's not bad if it can eventually reach the top thirty . The one on your ear isn't even at the Mythical stage . It's impossible for it to enter the top hundred . "

Can't I have other Companion Beasts? Zhou Wen said that inwardly without sending it to The Thearch . He didn't wish to expose his true strength in front of The Thearch .

"The Thearch, what benefits will there be for getting on the rankings?" Zhou Wen asked again .

"Do you want to know?" The Thearch's message came quickly . Unfortunately, it wasn't an answer .

"Yes," Zhou Wen answered .

"All the more reason why I won't tell you . " The Thearch even sent a smug expression after the message .

Helpless, Zhou Wen had no choice but to remain silent .

However, he was certain that there was definitely some benefit to being able to enter the rankings . However, if the ranking was too low, the benefits wouldn't be great .

Just as The Thearch said, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon isn't suitable for a one-on-one battle . Its ranking definitely won't be high . Which Companion Beast should I use to give it a try? Zhou Wen was momentarily hesitant .

To get on the rankings, one definitely needed to fight . In a battle, one would expose the strength of their Companion Beasts, giving others a chance to figure out a way to restrain them .

Zhou Wen was now thinking about which Companion Beast to expose, one that wouldn't affect him much in the future .

Zhou Wen wasn't in a rush to make a decision . There was still plenty of time, so he didn't need to hurry . Furthermore, the rules of the rankings were that one could only challenge high-ranking ones, not the other way round . Zhou Wen didn't plan on challenging Primordial Sword Immortal from the beginning .

Zhou Wen sent a message to An Sheng, but An Sheng didn't reply . He did not know what he was busy with .

Forget it . I'll give it a try and see if I can use Grim Demon's blood to advance the First Order of Chaos . Zhou Wen summoned Demonic Neonate out .

"Little Neonate, get Grim Demon out . I need him to do something," Zhou Wen said to Demonic Neonate .

Demonic Neonate remained silent as she summoned Grim Demon from the ancient sword .

After Grim Demon came out, his entire body was like a black demonic aura . He had an anthropomorphic look, but his looks were indiscernible .


Zhou Wen placed a washbasin in front of Grim Demon and said, "I need some of your blood . I don't need too much . Just half a basin would do . "

Grim Demon's expression instantly darkened . Thankfully, his body was covered in the black demonic aura, so no expression could be seen .

"No way . " Grim Demon gritted his teeth .

"Little Neonate . " Zhou Wen looked at Demonic Neonate .

Demonic Neonate turned to look at Grim Demon and glared at him .

Grim Demon immediately cowered . He gritted his teeth and said to Zhou Wen, "Our Guardian's blood is our life essence . It's impossible for me to give you that much . At most, I can only give you one drop . "

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"One hundred drops . " Zhou Wen bargained .

"Two drops . It really can't be more . " Grim Demon's voice was trembling as though he was trying his best to suppress the anger in his heart .

"Ninety-nine drops . Not any less," Zhou Wen said without changing his expression .

After a final round of negotiation, Grim Demon refused to add any more beyond five drops . No matter how threatening Zhou Wen was, it was useless .

"Five drops? So be it then . Produce it . " Zhou Wen felt that Grim Demon was already desperate enough to risk his life in defiance, so he didn't continue forcing him . If it was really useful, one drop would be enough . Five drops would be more than enough .

Grim Demon reluctantly extended his finger . Five drops of black liquid that resembled ink flew out and floated in front of Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen reached out and had the five drops of Grim Demon's blood float over his hand . Then, he said to Demonic Neonate, "Alright, store him away . "

Demonic Neonate extended the ancient sword in her arms . Grim Demon could only obediently possess the ancient sword .

"Good girl . Go play with Banana Fairy . " Zhou Wen patted Demonic Neonate's head and carried the five drops of Grim Demon's blood into the training room .

He circulated the First Order of Chaos in an attempt to absorb the five drops of Grim Demon's blood, but the First Order of Chaos seemed to reject it . He failed to absorb it .

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Can't I absorb it? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed . This proved that their stats were incompatible . Even if he could barely absorb the five drops of Grim Demon's blood, it wouldn't be of much use .

Don't tell me that I really need the blood of the Guardian in Ant City? Zhou Wen frowned as he looked at the five drops of Grim Demon's blood .

He felt that the five drops of blood couldn't be wasted . Zhou Wen switched to the other Essence Energy Arts, hoping to see if he could fuse them with Grim Demon's blood .

In the end, even though there were strong and weak rejections, they were all incompatible .

Just as Zhou Wen was feeling depressed, he suddenly felt a burning sensation in his ears .

Could it be that Truth Listener is about to hatch? Zhou Wen summoned Truth Listener and saw that it was still in its Companion Egg form and hadn't hatched .

However, the moment Truth Listener came out, the five drops of Grim Demon blood were sucked away by it . The five drops of blood fused into the golden crystal-like Companion Egg, dyeing the flawless golden color with five black impurities .

Isn't Truth Listener a Buddhist divine beast? Why does it need demonic blood? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he looked at the Companion Egg that had absorbed the demonic blood .

After Truth Listener's Companion Egg absorbed the demonic blood, the demonic blood's black colors gradually spread inside the Companion Egg . It was as though a jar of water had been thrown into the ink . The ink gradually spread out in the clear water and quickly dyed the entire Companion Egg black .