Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 617

Published at 24th of November 2020 08:20:08 AM

Chapter 617: 617
A golden light spread out from the middle of the Companion Egg . When the black light touched the golden light, it rapidly faded . In a blink of an eye, the black color vanished completely . The entire Companion Egg turned golden again .

However, at this moment, the golden color seemed to gain some thickness and weight . The Companion Egg gradually turned from transparent to gold .

Crack! Crack!

Cracks appeared on the Companion Egg as it rapidly spread across the golden-like Companion Egg . Then, it peeled off bit by bit . The falling fragments turned into golden sand in the air . When it landed on the ground, it turned into black demonic gas that dissipated .

A golden beast jumped out of the Companion Egg . It looked no different from Truth Listener from the past . Its body was small and its fur was dark-gold . Its six ears were wearing six golden hoops, and its eyes seemed to contain golden lightning .

Zhou Wen extended his palm and Truth Listener jumped onto it . Zhou Wen held it in front of his eyes and carefully observed it . Apart from the six earrings, it was indeed no different from before . All he could do was use his phone to look at its stats .

Truth Listener: Mythical (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Heaven's Senses

Life Soul: Evil Nullification

Wheel of Destiny: Nirvana of Ultimate Hell

Strength: 81

Speed: 81

Constitution: 81

Essence Energy: 81

Talent Skill: Truth Listener, Indestructible Vajra Body, Evil Warding, Nine Extremes

Companion Form: Earring

With stats at 81, it was a top-notch Mythical Companion Beast . Its Life Providence, Life Soul, and Essence Energy Skills hadn't changed . The only addition was the Mythical Wheel of Destiny .

From the looks of it, the name sounds very powerful . I wonder what use it has? It can't be that it's just a supplementary ability, right? Zhou Wen put Truth Listener away and entered the game . He wanted to try out Truth Listener's abilities in-game .

Looking at the time, Medusa was about to respawn . Zhou Wen opened the Curse Demon Palace instance dungeon and got Truth Listener to lead as he stormed his way in .

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The stone statues were naturally not Truth Listener's match . A casual swipe of its claw shattered them into pieces .

However, what was strange was that even after advancing to the Mythical stage, Truth Listener didn't seem to have the ability to release its powers . It still needed to directly touch its opponent to deal damage .

However, because of Truth Listener's high speed and strength, it was almost impossible to see its actions clearly . The group of stone statues shattered and turned into rubble .

"Truth Listener, it's time to showcase your strength . Go, let me see how strong your Wheel of Destiny is . " Zhou Wen ordered Truth Listener to use its Wheel of Destiny .


Just as Zhou Wen gave the order, one of the six golden hoops on Truth Listener's ear shattered and fell . The fragments disintegrated into golden sand in the air before dissipating into a demonic gas .

As the golden hoop shattered, a terrifying demonic aura erupted from Truth Listener's dark golden body . It caused its body to expand with the demonic aura and undergo some strange changes .

In a short period of time, its petite body turned into a huge beast that was several meters tall . Its dark-gold fur also turned into scales like a terrifying giant ape covered in dark-gold scales . Its body also emitted a strange demonic aura, one completely different from the demonic aura of Grim Demon . It felt more evil .

Medusa had already used the Eyes of Petrification to look at Truth Listener, but when the beam of the Eyes of Petrification swept across Truth Listener's body, it was useless . It was unable to petrify its body .

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However, Truth Listener's body violently tore through space and instantly arrived in front of Medusa . Its claws grabbed Medusa's head, its dark-gold claws stabbing into it .

In the next second, Zhou Wen saw an extremely brutal scene . Truth Listener's claws tore the demoness's body into two as demonic blood flowed everywhere .

Roar! After throwing the corpse to the ground, Truth Listener roared at the sky as though it was venting its violent desires .

"Come back . " Zhou Wen summoned Truth Listener back . This was because he felt that Truth Listener's emotions were extremely unstable, showing signs of losing control .

The ruthless Truth Listener received Zhou Wen's order and leaped towards the blood-colored avatar . Its monster-like body shrank in midair as a golden earring condensed out of thin air and clipped onto its ear . By the time Truth Listener reached the blood-colored avatar's ear, it had already returned to its original size . There was a golden earring on each of its six ears .

The violent emotions from before vanished as well . It landed on the blood-colored avatar's ear, turning into a tiny dark-gold earring that hung from its earlobe .

Was that Truth Listener's Wheel of Destiny? Why is it so irritable when the Wheel of Destiny is activated? It has six earrings on its ears, and only one of them shattered . If the other five shatter as well, will there be different changes? Zhou Wen wanted to give it a try, but when he thought of Truth Listener's ferocious and ruthless appearance, he temporarily gave up on that thought .

As Truth Listener's master, he could sense Truth Listener's thoughts . Just now, Truth Listener's emotions were extremely unstable . If it became more violent, Zhou Wen didn't know if it would still obey his orders .

What's wrong with this fellow? Zhou Wen frowned inwardly .

Tyrant Behemoth was famous for being a ferocious beast, but it wasn't as irascible as Truth Listener .

As for Truth Listener, it was an auspicious beast according to legend . After its Wheel of Destiny was activated, it was truly puzzling why it had become so violent .

Zhou Wen went online to search for mythical information regarding Truth Listeners . Although there were many different versions, Truth Listener was a kind-hearted divine beast in many of the versions .

There were two popular versions . One of them was that Truth Listener was a white dog . It followed Ksitigarbha's incarnation and was born in the mortal world . After Ksitigarbha's incarnation died, it loyally protected the corpse, unwilling to leave even if it had to die . Finally, it became a divine beast .

The four Bodhisattvas' mounts each represented a trait . Truth Listeners represented loyalty .

However, Zhou Wen's Truth Listener wasn't in the form of a white dog . It wasn't the traditional look that had the features of nine different beasts, but more like a snub-nosed monkey .

Therefore, Zhou Wen felt that his Truth Listener was unlikely to match Truth Listener's first legend .

There was also a second version of the legend . In the second myth, Truth Listener was a hellspawn born in hell . It was born in the deepest depths of hell and had the responsibility to guard hell .

Zhou Wen was more inclined towards this version's Mythical legend, but even so, Truth Listener, who presided over hell, should be a kind divine beast . Why was it so violent?

Could it be that the six golden hoops or Grim Demon's blood caused Truth Listener to have a problem? Or could it be that Truth Listener was originally like that? Zhou Wen couldn't confirm the reason as he searched for more information to no avail .