Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 618

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Chapter 618: 618
However, Truth Listener would still carry out Zhou Wen's orders completely . Only its unstable emotions worried Zhou Wen .

Having activated the Wheel of Destiny, Truth Listener was extremely powerful in combat . It was able to fight Qiongqi head-on without being at a disadvantage . Qiongqi's attacks couldn't harm its body . It could only use its speed to circle around Truth Listener . Truth Listener's speed wasn't slow either . In the end, Qiongqi was killed .

However, this was only if it activated the Wheel of Destiny . Although Truth Listener wouldn't end up killed without it, it wasn't Qiongqi's match .

Due to Truth Listener's potent Indestructible Vajra Body, it was only slightly injured at most . Even the Eyes of Petrification that Medusa released at full strength was useless against it . Apart from Torch Dragon's Bright Torch Vision World, there was no other power that could directly kill it .

Since he couldn't find any problems, Zhou Wen stopped thinking about it . After careful consideration, he decided to try his best not to let Truth Listener use its Wheel of Destiny . Most of the time, it would appear in the form of an earring as a companion form .

After advancing to the Mythical stage, Truth Listener's listening ability became even more impressive . Not only was it extensive, but it could also hear weaker movements .

Although he didn't know what the principle was, Truth Listener could actually hear colors now . Just this alone made it much stronger than before .

"You want to snipe the bureau and Capes' Mythical Companion Beasts on the rankings?" An Sheng didn't reply, but he personally came to Zhou Wen .

"Yes," Zhou Wen answered cleanly .

"If you want to use Torch Dragon or Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, I suggest that you don't do so . You've already exposed the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon too many times, so it's very easy to find out that it belongs to you . Torch Dragon only exists in the Zhuolu battlefield . Now, only we are the ones studying the temples under the Zhuolu battlefield . It's very easy to deduce who Torch Dragon's master is . Although you are already very strong, it's best if you don't fall out with the six families now," An Sheng said .

"I understand . I still have a Companion Beast that no one has seen before . I usually don't use it . Now, I plan on letting it snipe the Capes and the bureau's Companion Beasts," Zhou Wen said .

The Federation's situation was very bad . In the future, after the seal over the dimensional zones were broken, they would still need these Mythical Companion Beasts to fight to protect humans .

They were not only the Cape family's private property, but also the Federation's future hope .

"Don't worry . I know what to do . " Zhou Wen didn't plan on wantonly killing, but he definitely had to settle the scores with the Cape family and the bureau .

Out of the Mythical Companion Beasts that could be confirmed to be the Cape family's, one of them was ranked 91st—Inferno Dragon, while the other was ranked 63rd—Sprite King of Thunder . It was ranked even lower than Zhou Wen's Six-Winged Guardian Dragon .

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Although killing them would make the Cape family feel the pinch, alarming them would make them wary . It was impossible for Zhou Wen to have another chance .

Therefore, Zhou Wen set his sights on the top-ranked Chimera in the Cape family . It was ranked thirteenth .

Chimera's appearance was very strange . It had a lion's body, a snake as a tail, and a pair of bat wings .

It also had three heads . One was like a lion, the other was like a goat, and the other was like a single-horned dragon .

Up to now, no other Companion Beast had challenged Chimera, so any understanding of it was limited to its past combat achievements .

More than ten years ago, an evil dragon broke out of the seal and wreaked havoc in the Federation's coastal cities . It was the territory of the Cape family, so the Cape family mobilized Chimera to kill the evil dragon in that battle .

Legend had it that the dragon had left behind a Companion Egg . It was the Inferno Dragon that had been listed .

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According to the information that leaked back then, Chimera had many attributes . Poison and flames were already proven abilities . There were also some other abilities that had not been confirmed . Most of them were just guesses .

After Zhou Wen finished reading the few pieces of information on Chimera, he decided to start with it . He needed to strike at it in one fell swoop . As long as the Cape family dared to accept the challenge, they wouldn't even have the chance to admit defeat .

I'll send Tyrant Behemoth . This fellow is clearly a Companion Beast from the West District . It's difficult for others to suspect me, Zhou Wen thought .

Zhou Wen didn't know that although Tyrant Behemoth was a dimensional creature in the West District, the Companion Egg was obtained by the Zhang family . Few people knew about this, but the Zhang family had lost the Tyrant Behemoth Companion Egg . They had been searching for it .

"Ah Sheng, is there a way to prevent others from seeing my Companion Beast in the arena?" Zhou Wen was extremely vexed about this point .

This was because all the major media outlets had set up fixed cameras around the cube . The black cube had been tightly surrounded and was constantly being filmed 24/7 . If he were to bring Tyrant Behemoth over to start the battle, he would definitely be captured by the cameras .

If Tyrant Behemoth appeared in Luoyang, it reduced the significance of sending it .

"You will definitely be captured by the cameras if you go to the cubes in the various cities . " An Sheng thought for a moment and said, "How about this? You are already very familiar with the roads around White Cloud Mountain and Mount Laojun . In a 400-kilometer-radius, there's an ancient town . There's also a cube in the ancient town . As it's too remote and there are plenty of dimensional zones around it, there's no one living there . Very few people will pass by . I'll draw a map for you . Go there . "

Zhou Wen was overjoyed . After getting the map, he packed his things and headed for the ancient town .

Mount Laojun and White Cloud Mountain were both part of the Funiu Mountain Range . Zhou Wen was indeed very familiar with the roads here . Alone in the mountain range, he had many Mythical creatures protecting him, so there wasn't much danger .

However, Zhou Wen still avoided the known dimensional zones to prevent himself from falling into unknown danger .

He arrived at the ancient town An Sheng mentioned without any mishaps . Indeed, this place had become a ghost town . Many of the houses in the town had collapsed, and many buildings were covered in green plants .

Zhou Wen walked into the town and walked along the stone path . This had probably been a tourist attraction in the past . Although the town wasn't big, the architecture was pretty good . Unfortunately, it was already abandoned .

As it was surrounded by mountains on three sides, it got dark rather early . When Zhou Wen walked through the town, the sky was already dark .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen saw a small shop with its lights on in front of him .