Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 619

Published at 25th of November 2020 04:50:10 PM

Chapter 619: 619
The shop was a minimart . Quite a number of the LED lights on the shop sign were not working . A small portion of them was still lit . In such an environment, it looked a little strange .

Zhou Wen used Truth Listener's hearing abilities . Although he was still very far away, the situation in the minimart had already projected itself in his mind . It was like a holographic projection that allowed him to see everything clearly . It even had color .

Soon, Zhou Wen saw a young man sitting on a wooden rocking chair in the minimart with his eyes closed .

On the wooden table beside the rocking chair was a mess of snacks and a few opened cans of beer .

The youth rocked in the chair as he closed his eyes in enjoyment . He gulped down beer and occasionally threw a few snacks into his mouth . He looked rather pleased .

And on the counter beside him was an oil lamp . The style of the oil lamp was very similar to that of the Saga of Heroes oil lamp . It was obvious that it wasn't from the East District .

The oil lamp's flames shone with white light . Strangely, in the white light, the lights in the minimart lit up . There was also a fan that was spinning .

Zhou Wen had just taken a look when the oil lamp's flame suddenly expanded . Instantly, white light surged, immediately disabling the effectiveness of Truth Listener's ability . It couldn't hear the situation in the minimart .

Zhou Wen was alarmed as he looked at the minimart . He saw that the youth had already walked out and was looking at him .

Beside the youth, the oil lamp floated in the air . As for the flame, it had already turned into what looked like a deity . It was somewhat similar to the mythical Aladdin's magic lamp .

When the youth saw Zhou Wen, his expression seemed odd . He stood there and sized him up as though he was very curious about him .

Zhou Wen also sized up the youth . He looked 27 or 28 years old . He wasn't handsome, but he was very stylish . He was the type that was filled with manly charm .

Zhou Wen was certain that he had never seen him before as he looked rather unfamiliar .

As for the lamp beside him, Zhou Wen recognized it . It was Genie which was on the ranking . It had once been ranked third, but it had now fallen to ninth place . It was still quite a respectable ranking .

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"Please don't misunderstand . I don't have any ill intentions . I just happened to pass by and saw some light, so I came over out of curiosity," Zhou Wen said .

The youth curled his lips and laughed . "It's fate that we meet . Apart from us, there's no one else here . Why don't you come in and have a drink with me? It will save us the loneliness of the night . "

To his surprise, the youth said with a smile, "There are mountains surrounding three sides of this area . Apart from the path you took to enter, there's no other way out . And in such a sh*thole, the only useful thing is probably the black cube in the town square . I'm afraid you are like me . You don't want others to see your Companion Beast on the rankings, right?"

The youth's guess was naturally correct . Although Zhou Wen wanted to deny it, he couldn't find a reasonable excuse .

"Now that you've seen my Genie, even if I know that your Companion Beast is on the rankings, you and I have something against each other . No one will be at a disadvantage . I've been here for many days and haven't even seen a fly . I'm really bored . Just stay here and chat with me," said the youth with a smile .

Zhou Wen didn't move . Since he had been discovered, he decided not to let Tyrant Behemoth fight here .

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Just as he was about to bid farewell and leave, the youth continued, "It doesn't matter if you don't want to stay . However, you already know my secret, and I don't have anything to use against you . It's naturally impossible for me to let you leave alive . "

As he spoke, the Genie beside the youth had already arrived in front of him . It stared at Zhou Wen and took a deep breath . The body condensed from the flame instantly doubled in size as though a flaming vortex was flowing inside .

"Do you want to fight my Genie or stay behind to drink with me? Make a choice . " The youth leaned against the door frame and took another sip before looking at Zhou Wen with a smile .

"I'm sorry . " Zhou Wen turned around and left .

The youth didn't have any intention of taking action . He only said indifferently, "You know that my Companion Beast is Genie, but you aren't moved at all . Yet, you came to this godforsaken place to make it onto the rankings . The Companion Beasts you possess are definitely extraordinary . At the very least, they are higher than my Genie . Even if you aren't on the rankings, I can guess that any new top Companion Beast that appears on the ranking will be yours . "

Zhou Wen didn't stop as he continued walking .

The youth's voice continued, "Your name is Zhou Wen, right? Everyone in the bureau has a photo of you . "

"You're from the bureau?" Zhou Wen turned to look at the youth . If the youth was really a member of the bureau, he could use all means to kill him, despite not liking the idea of murder .

"Don't misunderstand . I have nothing to do with the bureau . " The youth shrugged nonchalantly and said, "I'm the same as you . I'm a target of the bureau's pursuit . I've seen your photo in the hands of the bureau's people and some information . That's why I recognize you . "

"You came here to attempt getting into the rankings and have a powerful Companion Beast . I'm guessing you are planning on doing something . However, the bureau doesn't seem to have any Mythical Companion Beasts on the rankings . I remember now . You have quite a deep grudge with the Cape family . Are you trying to challenge the Capes' Companion Beasts on the rankings?"

The youth thought for a moment and laughed . "Chimera… You want to challenge Chimera, right?"

"Who are you?" Zhou Wen frowned as he looked at the youth . He hadn't said a thing, but the youth had already guessed so much . It was as though he had read his mind . It left Zhou Wen somewhat alarmed .

"Uncrying Night . First on the bureau's wanted list, and my bounty is the highest . Have you heard of me?" The youth drank another mouthful of beer before continuing .

Zhou Wen didn't know who was ranked first on the bureau's wanted list, but the youth did indeed make him wary .

"I already know your secret . Unless you kill me or give up on your plan, it doesn't matter where you get to on the rankings . Why don't you stay and have a few drinks with me? That way, you won't be alone in this remote mountain range . " The youth threw a can of beer at Zhou Wen .