Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

Chapter 62 The Storm Approaches

Shortly after Zhou Wen entered the game, he saw a notification before he arrived at the lotus pond: Silver-Winged Flying Ant is currently in a hungry state .

The notification quickly disappeared, but Zhou Wen took no notice of it . He continued forward, only to receive automatic notifications from the system every ten minutes .

This fellow feeds on Companion Beasts, but Companion Eggs aren’t easily produced . Zhou Wen felt a little depressed and could only ignore the notification .

If Zhou Wen were rich, he could purchase Companion Eggs to feed the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, but he wasn’t rich . The living allowance Zhou Lingfeng gave him was only enough for his usual expenses, leaving nothing left for him to buy Companion Eggs .

It’s best I am self-sufficient . I should grind more . Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar as he stormed into the lotus pond .

At this moment, a video remained at the top of the school’s Intranet trending searches-a video of Zhou Wen and Li Xuan combining forces to strike at the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus .

It was unknown which student on the bank had recorded the video . From a bystander’s angle, the entire process had been recorded in high definition .

However, the video had clearly been edited . The entire video only reached the point when Zhou Wen summoned his silver wings and flew up with Li Xuan in tow .

“What the f**k . Isn’t Li Xuan that prodigal of the Li family? How is he this strong? He summoned three Legendary Companion Beasts at the Mortal stage and even slew the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus that many Legendary seniors at school couldn’t?”

“Li Xuan is too cool!”

“The other freshman isn’t bad either . Although he’s slightly weaker, he also has two Companion Beasts . They’re just quite unfamiliar ones . I’ve never seen them in the past . Are they at the Mortal stage or Legendary stage?”

Li Xuan went completely viral . Due to him hogging the spotlight, Zhou Wen wasn’t noticed by many .

This video also appeared on the desktop computer of Qiao Siyuan . He sat in front of his computer watching it several times with his arms crossed .

“Noticed anything?” Qiao Siyuan asked Liz .

“Li Xuan is very strong . This fellow is rather interesting . He really acted the part well in the past . All three brothers of the Li family are real pieces of work . It’s only because the eldest brother died early that the An family’s standing in Luoyang has not been shaken . ” Liz watched a few times, but with Qiao Siyuan silent, she was already growing impatient .

Qiao Siyuan shook his head gently . “I’m not talking about that . Did you notice Zhou Wen?”

“Naturally . Although Li Xuan is very strong, the one giving instructions was Zhou Wen,” Liz said .

Qiao Siyuan stared at the computer screen as his eyes glowed . “No, I’m not talking about that . Look carefully . Zhou Wen did three consecutive jumps at full strength . Such a jump would probably be difficult even for you to accomplish without special Primordial Energy Skills or Primordial Energy Arts to support you . ”

Liz was taken aback as she watched again carefully . A look of surprise emerged as she said, “Indeed . Without a Primordial Energy Skill or Primordial Energy Art to support that, the human body can hardly complete three consecutive jumps under gravity . He clearly didn’t use any Primordial Energy Skills . That must mean that his Primordial Energy Art is extraordinary…”

“Wasn’t it written in his dossier? He cultivates in Ascetic Meditation and has cultivated it for years,” Qiao Siyuan said .

“But Ascetic Meditation is a Primordial Energy Art that’s good for Strength and Constitution . It doesn’t equip one with the characteristic of such repeated bursts . From the looks of it, Zhou Wen has hidden his cards well . He likely doesn’t cultivate in Ascetic Meditation,” Liz said .

Yet, Qiao Siyuan said with great certainty, “No, I’m very certain that Zhou Wen cultivated in Ascetic Meditation . At the very least, he was definitely cultivating in it before we met him in Guide City . ”

“Why?” Liz was confounded .

“Didn’t you size him up carefully when you encountered the youth that appeared out of the blue? Back then, his skin was slightly yellow and there was a dark gold luster at the bottom of his eyes . That’s the characteristic of long-term cultivation of Ascetic Meditation . Back then, he must have cultivated it for years, but now, I don’t see those traits .

“But it’s only been days since our meeting with him in Guide City . Even if he were to switch Primordial Energy Arts in such a short period of time, he wouldn’t be able to completely replace Ascetic Meditation which he cultivated for years, right? At the very least, there should be signs of retrogression of those traits . It shouldn’t vanish in such a short period of time .

“That’s where the problem lies . Zhou Wen encountered Jing Daoxian and shortly after that, the Ascetic Meditation he cultivated for years was replaced by another Primordial Energy Art . And shortly after that, the An family changed the nomination from An Jing to Zhou Wen . Is there some connection in this matter?” Qiao Siyuan rapped his fingers on the table and said slowly .

Liz trembled . “Sir, do you mean that the An family and that devil, Jing Daoxian, have some kind of relationship?”

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“No, I didn’t say that . However, there’s indeed something abnormal about Zhou Wen . Perhaps something happened between him and Jing Daoxian . Only a handful of people in the League can change the Primordial Energy Art that they have been cultivating for several years in such a short timespan, and Jing Daoxian happens to be one of them,” Qiao Siyuan said .

“If that’s the case, doesn’t it mean that Zhou Wen is in cahoots with Jing Daoxian? We should do our best to bring him back for questioning as soon as possible . ” Liz’s eyes lit

up .

“There’s indeed such a necessity, but we are in Luoyang, not at our headquarters in the capital,” Qiao Siyuan said with a sigh .

“We can request the higher-ups for an arrest warrant . The Sunset College wouldn’t dare stop us from arresting someone,” Liz said .

“Sunset College might not, but one person would,” Qiao Siyuan said indifferently

“An Tianzuo? No way, right? Would he dare openly defy the League’s laws?” Liz asked with a frown .

“Yes, he will,” Qiao Siyuan said with great certainty .

After some thought, Qiao Siyuan added, “However, it will depend on An Jing’s and An Tianzuo’s attitudes . They are likely displeased that Zhou Wen took away the nomination that originally belonged to An Jing . Otherwise, would the great Overseer An deliberately criticize an ordinary high-schooler during his inspection of Guide City? An Jing wouldn’t have specially transferred to Guide High School to beat Zhou Wen up . ”

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“Sir, what are you getting at?” Liz probed .

“Immediately apply for an arrest warrant, then bring back Zhou Wen as quickly as possible . You have to be fast . When that happens, even if the An family receives the news and tries to rescue him, we should have already asked everything we would like to know . Besides, An Tianzuo might not necessarily want to save him,” Qiao Siyuan said lightly .

“Yes, sir . I’ll apply for an arrest warrant as soon as possible . Once he’s brought back, I’ll definitely interrogate him personally . ” Liz’s eyes flashed a burning flame .

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