Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 620

Published at 25th of November 2020 04:45:10 PM

Chapter 620: 620
The Genie in front of Uncrying Night spat out a blinding white flame . The golden sword beam struck the flame like a wheel, splitting it apart . At the same time, it split the Genie's body into two and continued slashing at Uncrying Night .

A look of surprise flashed across Uncrying Night's eyes as he quickly dodged the golden sword beam's slash .

However, the sword wheel formed by the golden sword beam suddenly boomeranged and slashed at Uncrying Night's back at an even faster speed . It was none other than the Boomerang Wind Essence Energy Skill .

Just as the golden sword wheel was about to touch Uncrying Night's back, he suddenly used a strange stance . As he leaned forward, he spun his left leg as he dodged the golden sword wheel in a contorted fashion .

The Golden Overlord Sword in Zhou Wen's hand wasn't idle either . With Transcendent Flying Immortal activated, he fused with the sword beam as his body tore through the void and slashed at Uncrying Night like golden lightning .

Uncrying Night wore a solemn expression as black matter condensed on his hands . It transformed into bracers that wrapped around his arms and palms as he stared intently at the Golden Overlord Sword that flashed over .


Uncrying Night managed to sandwich the Golden Overlord Sword's blade in the middle . However, the golden sword beam on the Golden Overlord Sword was too intense . It pushed Uncrying Night's body back, causing him to slam into the building behind him, collapsing it .


Uncrying Night crashed through several buildings and finally slammed into the stone wall . The stone walls behind him were in ruins before he stopped retreating .

The Golden Overlord Sword's blade was still firmly clamped between his hands . The black vortex produced by the bracers constantly absorbed the golden sword beam, but it was unable to completely absorb it . The sword beam sparks produced constantly exploded .

Zhou Wen pushed the blade with all his might, slowly pressing the blade towards Uncrying Night . Just as the golden sword beam on the blade was about to touch his cheek, Uncrying Night pushed with both hands and ducked to the side . The Golden Overlord Sword left a deep mark on the mountain wall behind him .

Zhou Wen brandished his sword and was about to slash again when Uncrying Night waved his hand . "Junior Brother, I'm joking with you . There's no need to fight to the death!"

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback when he heard that . He did remember that Wang Mingyuan had such a student, but he had long graduated . He was from a graduating class many years ago .

He had even discussed the senior brother named Liu Yun with Zhong Ziya . Furthermore, Liu Yun was rather famous in Guide City . He was publicly recognized as Guide City's genius . Zhou Wen had heard of his name when he was there .

"Didn't you say that your name was Uncrying Night? Why are you now Liu Yun?" Zhou Wen stared coldly at the youth . He didn't lower his sword as he locked onto him .

"Uncrying Night is my nickname . My real name is Liu Yun . " As the youth spoke, he took out something . "You recognize this thing, right? I believe other than Teacher's students, no one else will have it . "

Zhou Wen saw that the youth was holding a pendant . It looked like it was carved from ivory, but it was a little green, instead of the yellow tinge that ivory had .

Zhou Wen couldn't help but be taken aback when he saw the pendant . He also had one . It was given to him by Wang Mingyuan and had once helped him tide through danger .

Later, he heard from Wang Mingyuan that the pendant had been carved from the teeth of the white dragon in Dragon's Well . However, Wang Mingyuan said that he had carved four of them and gave them to Jiang Yan, Zhong Ziya, Hui Haifeng, and Zhou Wen respectively . He didn't mention anything about Liu Yun .

"There's no need to doubt it . When Teacher obtained the dragon teeth, I was the one who helped him steal them from beneath Dragon's Well . Back then, Teacher carved a pendant for me and kept the rest . He said that he would give it to his favorite disciples in the future . I believe you must have one too, right?" said Liu Yun .

"How did you know I would be here?" Although Zhou Wen already believed that he was Wang Mingyuan's student, he didn't relax his guard .

Liu Yun spread out his hands and said, "How would I know that you would come here? I was pursued by the bureau and fled here to seek refuge . I didn't expect to meet you . If it weren't for the bureau's constant hunting of the four of you, I wouldn't have known that you were Teacher's student . "

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Just as Zhou Wen was about to say something, he suddenly heard hurried hooves coming from the north of the town . It was as though thousands of troops were charging towards the town .

"Oh no, I was caught up with pulling your leg and forgot about this matter . Quickly hide . Don't reveal yourself or make a sound . Otherwise, there will be big trouble . " As Liu Yun spoke, he unsummoned Genie and charged forward . With a bound, he jumped into a water well by the side .

With a thought, Zhou Wen leaped down with Liu Yun with the Golden Overlord Sword in hand .

Splash! Splash!

The duo fell into the well one after another . Liu Yun sank his body into the water, and Zhou Wen followed suit . They dived into the well together, but the Golden Overlord Sword in his hand maintained an offensive stance, guarding against Liu Yun .

As the hooves approached, Zhou Wen used his ears to listen to the situation outside . The projection outside immediately imprinted itself into his mind, allowing him to see a strange scene .

The ones running outside weren't horses, but creatures that looked like deer . The deer were completely white, and there were crystal-like antlers on their heads . The herd of white deer numbered at least a hundred . Every one of them was abnormally majestic, and the crystal antlers on their heads were extremely large .

On the back of the majestic white deer in front of the herd was a strange creature . It wore white clothes, white trousers, and a white hat . It looked like a human, but its face was also white . It had no mouth, nose, eyes, nor eyebrows—like a piece of white paper .

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The white deer carried the white-clothed man and ran through the streets, but they didn't leave the town . Instead, they circled the streets .

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Every time the herd of white deer walked a distance, the white-clothed man would strike the metal disc in his other hand with a rod . They did not know what he was doing .

After the white deer herd and the white-clothed faceless man circled the town, they sped away and left the town .

Only then did Liu Yun rush out of the well and chase after the white deer herd .

"What are you doing?" Zhou Wen jumped out of the well and asked Liu Yun .

"Flower picking," Liu Yun answered before chasing in the direction that the white deer herd had disappeared .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and followed him out of town .

The white deer and the white-clothed man were dimensional creatures, but this town wasn't a dimensional zone . It was indeed strange for them to appear here .

It was mainly because Zhou Wen was afraid that the fellow who claimed to be Liu Yun would escape . He still couldn't confirm who he really was . Even if he was Liu Yun, Zhou Wen couldn't let him spread the news of him coming here .