Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 621

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Chapter 621: 621
When Zhou Wen caught up to Liu Yun outside the town, Liu Yun gestured for him to remain silent before stealthily approaching .

Zhou Wen followed behind him to see what he was up to .

Liu Yun seemed to be very familiar with the path here . He drilled through the forest and grasslands, and soon, he hid in a bush .

Zhou Wen also entered the grassland and realized that there was a lake beyond it . The lake wasn't very big, and surrounding it was the large grassland and a small portion of a forest .

The white deer herd was on the grass beside the lake . The bright moonlight shone on the grass and the lake, blanketing them with a layer of light . It looked exceptionally beautiful, like an immortal paradise in the mortal world .

Most of the white deer had their heads lowered as they leisurely ate the grass . Only the leading white deer was standing straight on the bank . The white-clothed man was also staring at the lake .

Although he didn't have eyes, he gave off the feeling that he was staring intently at the center of the lake .

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

After a while, the white-clothed man used the rod in his hand to strike the metal disc . With that, the grass-eating white deer raised their heads and approached the leading white deer .

The leading white deer walked towards the lake . Magically, it slowly walked over the water . It didn't sink into the water . Ripples spread under its hooves . Under the moonlight, it was like a ring of light spreading across the water surface .

The white deer behind followed . They stepped on the water surface and followed the leader to the center of the lake .

When the white deer came to a halt, the white-clothed, faceless man's rod struck at an even higher frequency . He kept striking the metal disc, producing clanging noises .

Amidst the rapid clanging, the white deer herd became uneasy .

It was unknown what kind of power was driving the white deer . One of the white deer raised its head and used its antlers to slam into the white deer beside it .

The crystal-like antlers immediately tore through the other white deer's stomach and blood gushed out like a fountain .

It was as if the curtain had been drawn . The entire herd became irascible, constantly killing each other on the surface of the lake . The deer's blood dyed the lake red in a moment, and the dead white deer's corpses sank into the water .

Zhou Wen was somewhat curious when he saw this strange scene . He wanted to know what the white-clothed man was doing .

More and more white deer died and sank to the bottom of the lake . Soon, only the leading white deer from the original hundred remained standing on the surface of the lake .

Bloop! Bloop!

In the middle of the lake, tiny bubbles surfaced . It was as if the lake had been boiled, but the temperature of the lake didn't rise .

After a while, Zhou Wen heard a splashing sound . Then, he saw a white flower tear out of the water and float to the surface .

The flower had six petals, blooming in a hexagonal shape, they were as white as snow . There was a circular petal in the middle, but it was bright red like blood . It looked like a Sacred Lily, but its flower pistel's diameter exceeded a meter .

As the flower appeared, the purplish-red color of the lake water gradually faded . As for the snow-white petals, they gradually turned red as though the petals had absorbed the blood in the lake .

In just twenty minutes, the lake water returned to its crystal-clear state . The huge flower had completely turned blood-red, like a beautiful blood rose .

The white-clothed, faceless man waved his hand and used it like a blade, slicing off the white deer's head he was riding . Blood spewed out from the white deer's severed neck like a fountain . It splashed onto the flower, making it even more beautiful .

The deer's corpse sank into the water, but the white-clothed figure didn't react at all . He stood on the surface of the water with a face without any facial features . He continued facing the blood flower as though he was staring at it .

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From the looks of it, the white-clothed man's target should be that flower . What's the use of that flower? Just as Zhou Wen was pondering over it, he saw a red glow shoot out from the flower . It was as though something was shimmering in the petal .

The white-clothed man, who had been standing there motionless the entire time, finally moved . He extended a hand and grabbed the center petal .

Liu Yun, who was lurking beside Zhou Wen, suddenly charged forward like a stream of light towards the flower . At the same time, he threw the oil lamp in his hand at the white-clothed, faceless man .

The oil lamp spewed out flames in the air, turning into a deity-like Genie . It spewed out flames that resembled a tornado towards the white-clothed, faceless man .

While the flames entangled the faceless man in white, Liu Yun reached out to grab the petal .

The white-clothed, faceless man waved his sleeve and immediately extinguished all the flames that the Genie spewed out . At the same time, the white wooden stick in his other hand struck at Liu Yun .

Liu Yun blocked the wooden stick with one hand while his other hand continued its attempt at grabbing the flower . Unfortunately, it was blocked by a metal disc .

In an instant, Liu Yun and the white-clothed, faceless man clashed several times . Liu Yun's hands were extremely fast, leaving behind afterimages when he attacked . It was as though he had transformed into a Thousand-Hand Guanyin . His speed wasn't inferior to Zhou Wen's Transcendent Flying Immortal . It was no wonder he could grab the Golden Overlord Sword with both hands .

However, the white-clothed man was even faster . As he blocked Liu Yun, he struck the metal disc with the wooden staff .

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Zhou Wen, who was by the riverbank, immediately felt his mind explode when he heard the sound . His soul seemed to waver from the tremors as though it would fly out of his body at any moment . He couldn't help but be alarmed as he hurriedly switched to Gods Retreat . At the same time, he took out the Substitute Talisman and stuck it on his body . He summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and had it appear in its six-winged form behind him .

He fully activated the Truth Listener earring's abilities, blanketing the entire lake to clearly observe everything that happened .

Without a doubt, the white-clothed man was definitely a Mythical dimensional creature .

Judging by the loud sound, Liu Yun was also thrown into the lake . The situation didn't look good .

However, when the white-clothed, faceless man looked at the flower, he was enraged . He slammed the metal disc again, causing the surrounding lake water to explode and spray . It rose up more than ten meters .

Zhou Wen also realized the problem . The thing that twinkled in the middle of the flower had vanished . Clearly, it had been taken by Liu Yun, but he hadn't detected the moment when Liu Yun had taken it away .

He was fast! Just as Zhou Wen reeled in surprise, he saw Liu Yun rush out of the lake and climb ashore . He wanted to escape in the direction of the town .

However, the white-clothed man's figure flashed . When he appeared again, he was already in front of Liu Yun, blocking his path .