Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 622

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Chapter 622: 622
"Junior Brother, quickly help me!" Liu Yun shouted as he fought .

Zhou Wen hid in the distance and didn't move . He wasn't familiar with Liu Yun, so it was naturally impossible for him to risk his life . He could take the opportunity to observe what abilities the white-clothed, faceless man had, so he could reap the benefits of the mutually destructive struggle .

The white-clothed, faceless man didn't seem to have any terrifying skills, but Zhou Wen felt that he was somewhat odd . The clanging sound had actually shaken his soul . Even Truth Listener's Evil Nullification was useless . It was obvious how terrifying he was .

Although he didn't strike the metal disc again, Zhou Wen had to be wary .

Seeing Zhou Wen hiding in the distance without making a sound, Liu Yun used Genie to circle around the white-clothed, faceless man, but it didn't have much of an effect . Although Genie wasn't afraid of many kinds of destructive power, there was nothing he could do about the white-clothed, faceless man . Its flames were extinguished by the white-clothed, faceless man with a wave of his sleeve . It wasn't of much use .

"Junior Brother, help me . I'll share the benefits with you," shouted Liu Yun .

"What benefits? What's inside the flower?" Zhou Wen asked .

"I can't explain it in such a short period of time . Let's work together to kill this monster first," shouted Liu Yun .

Zhou Wen didn't say a word as he continued hiding in the shadows .

"Half . I'll give you half the benefits . " Li Yun shouted again .

Zhou Wen remained unmoved . He had been observing the white-clothed, faceless man the entire time . The wooden staff in his hand didn't seem to be anything special . Even so, Liu Yun didn't dare let it hit him . All he dared to do was defend with his bracers .

His pair of bracers were definitely transformed from a Mythical Companion Beast . Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to fend off the Golden Overlord Sword, nor could he block the attacks of the white-clothed, faceless man .

The Genie and the Mythical bracer could barely withstand the white-clothed, faceless man's attacks . From this, it could be seen that although the white-clothed, faceless man looked ordinary, he was actually rather terrifying .

Genie's ranking was still rather high . Yet, despite fighting the white-clothed, faceless man, he didn't show any special performance . Clearly, he was restrained .

As Liu Yun spoke, he retreated while in combat . He ran towards Zhou Wen, clearly hoping to drag him into the fight .

How could Zhou Wen let him have his wish? Although he had many Mythical Companion Beasts and wasn't necessarily afraid of the white-clothed, faceless man, there was no need for him to be Liu Yun's shield .

Zhou Wen gradually retreated . As Liu Yun was fighting while retreating, he naturally couldn't keep up with his speed .

"Junior Brother, I'm sorry . I'll make it up to you when we meet again . " As Liu Yun spoke, he summoned an orange cat .

The orange cat was like a ball, but after appearing, it was extremely agile . It pounced at Zhou Wen like lightning .

It was strange . The white-clothed, faceless man had been chasing Liu Yun relentlessly, determined to take back the item from the flower .

However, the moment the orange cat appeared, the white-clothed, faceless man seemed to be attracted by a magnet . He gave up attacking Liu Yun and instead chased after the orange cat .

Zhou Wen immediately figured out what the problem was . A mysterious wave emitted from the orange cat's body, as though it was a taunting skill . It attracted the white-clothed, faceless man to chase after it .

Orange Cat was extremely fast as it led the white-clothed, faceless man towards Zhou Wen . Its body was as fat as a ball, but the way it positioned was extremely coquettish . It dodged the white-clothed, faceless man's pursuit time and time again .

Zhou Wen pulled out the Golden Overlord Sword and slashed out a few sword beams at Orange Cat, but it dodged them all . It seemed to know a teleportation skill as it got closer and closer to Zhou Wen .

There was only one way out with mountains surrounding the area . Zhou Wen had no choice but to fly up and escape using the sky .

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However, just as he charged into midair, Orange Cat burrowed into the grass and the mysterious waves from its body vanished . The white-clothed, faceless man regained his clarity of mind and happened to see Zhou Wen fly up into the air like a ghost . He instantly caught up to Zhou Wen in midair .

"Junior Brother Zhou, I'll thank you now . See you again if fate allows for it . I'll treat you to a drink . " Liu Yun waved at Zhou Wen from afar . It was unknown when Orange Cat had returned to his embrace .

"Junior Brother, you have to be careful . That fellow is the legendary Mountain God . The wooden staff in his hand can directly attack the soul . Using present-day parlance, it can attack one's mind . Once you are hit, you will become an idiot . You have to be careful . " Liu Yun's voice sounded from afar . It softened until it was almost inaudible .

Zhou Wen guessed what the white-clothed, faceless man was after hearing Liu Yun's words . The Mountain God mentioned in ancient times wasn't an embodiment of a mountain, but a powerful demon spirit in the mountain . There were many types .

One of them was extremely terrifying . It was called Ba . Legend had it that it was the ancestor of hopping zombies . Wherever it went, it could devour clouds and dragons . It was an extremely terrifying existence .

Zhou Wen estimated that the white-clothed, faceless man was probably something similar . It wasn't as terrifying as the legendary Ba, but it wasn't a character to be trifled with .

The wooden staff in the white-robed, faceless man's hand was powerful . It was probably a manifestation of a plant-type Mythical creature . No one knew how the white-clothed, faceless man obtained it .

The metal disc in his other hand wasn't an ordinary object either .

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Faced with such a strange thing, Zhou Wen didn't give it any chance . He directly summoned Truth Listener .

Truth Listener was a divine beast that kept hell in check . It definitely had the ability to restrain all kinds of demons and ghosts . It was the perfect time to use it .

The moment Truth Listener appeared, the white-clothed, faceless man's body trembled . His legs seemed to go limp as he turned and ran . The awe-inspiring aura and baneful aura from before had completely vanished . He looked nervous like a lost dog .

Truth Listener transformed into a stream of light that flashed and caught up to the white-clothed, faceless man . It smashed his head with its claw .

With a clang, the white-clothed, faceless man fell to the ground and died . The wooden staff and metal disc in his hand dropped .

Before Zhou Wen could walk over, Truth Listener had already dug out a crystal from his chest and swallowed it .

Although Zhou Wen thought that Truth Listener could restrain these things, he had not expected it to be so powerful . Truth Listener didn't even use the Wheel of Destiny to kill the white-clothed, faceless man with a swipe .

Without any delay, Zhou Wen picked up the wooden staff and metal disc and stored them in the chaos space . He got Truth Listener to return to his ear before rushing back to the town .