Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 624

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Chapter 624: 624
Liu Yun opened his mouth, but he suddenly closed it again . He was regretting it now . He shouldn't have been greedy for the alcohol and food . After escaping, he should have left the town .

Liu Yun originally imagined that Zhou Wen wouldn't return so quickly and would definitely be entangled by Mountain God for a long time . Who knew that Zhou Wen would be able to catch up so quickly and even have the time to set up so many Time-Blasts? If he had known, he wouldn't have done all those things and would have long fled .

"I didn't steal anything valuable . They're all small things . " Liu Yun changed the topic and said, "Junior Brother, you have taken the treasure too . It's time for me to leave . Can you remove your traps?"

Liu Yun had never seen an Essence Energy Skill like Time-Blast . He had seen Life Blast in the past, and he could also see the traces of Life Blast . However, it wasn't easy for him to see any flaws with the Explosive Fiend Man's Time-Blast . Furthermore, it wasn't just used on living bodies . This made him stumble and suffer .

"Sure . Sign here and you can leave . " Zhou Wen placed a piece of paper and a pen in front of Liu Yun .

"Junior Brother, what are you doing?" Liu Yun had been through a lot, so he knew that things weren't as simple as signing an autograph .

"You can leave after you sign your signature," Zhou Wen said .

Liu Yun forced out a smile . "It wasn't easy for us fellow disciples to meet . As a senior brother, I should stay and accompany you more . "

"Even if you don't want to leave, you have to sign it," Zhou Wen continued .

Liu Yun's expression immediately turned bitter . "Junior Brother, we share the same roots, so why torment each other? Can we negotiate this nicely?"

"Don't you want to know what Companion Beast I will use to challenge Chimera? Then I'll let you experience it for yourself . " Zhou Wen looked at Liu Yun and was about to summon Tyrant Behemoth .

"I'll sign it . " Before Zhou Wen could summon Tyrant Behemoth, Liu Yun quickly picked up the paper and pen and signed his name before handing it to Zhou Wen . "Junior Brother, what's the use of this signature?"

"As long as you don't spout nonsense, this signature won't be of any use . Don't worry . " Zhou Wen folded and put it away when he saw the words "Liu Yun . "

In fact, the authenticity of the name didn't matter . As long as he signed it in person, Explosive Fiend Man's death list would take effect .

Now, with just a thought from the Explosive Fiend Man, he could kill Liu Yun who had signed his name .

"Alright, you can leave now . " Zhou Wen turned around and walked towards the town square .

"Remove the traps first before you leave . " Liu Yun had suffered terribly from the Time-Blast . If it wasn't for the Time-Blast, he would have fled long ago .

"There's no more left . I didn't have much time just now . I only had time to set up that many . You have already detonated them all," Zhou Wen said without turning his head .

Liu Yun's face looked livid when he heard that . If he had known this would happen, he would have been able to escape even if he was injured . He had been robbed of the red pearl for nothing and had even signed his name for some unknown reason .

"Why aren't you leaving? Why are you following me?" Zhou Wen asked when he saw Liu Yun follow him from behind .

"Junior Brother, I don't feel at ease until you explain what that signature is for . It's better I follow you . " Liu Yun had seen many strange Essence Energy Skills before, so he knew of some special Essence Energy Skills that just needed a name to kill someone thousands of kilometers away .

Liu Yun didn't know which type of Essence Energy Skill Zhou Wen had, nor did he know what use it had . How could he leave just like that?

"Up to you . " Zhou Wen continued walking towards the town square .

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"Junior Brother, why don't we do this? I'll tell you a secret of the Cape family . Why don't you return the paper to me?" Liu Yun said as he walked .

"I hate hearing secrets the most," Zhou Wen said .

However, Liu Yun continued disapprovingly, "The secret I'm talking about isn't an ordinary piece of news . A while back, I tried my best to sneak into the Special Inspector Bureau and the few large families and learned quite a lot of secrets . You know the Zhang family, right? The family of the Hero King, the Zhang family's princess, Zhang Yuzhi . Do you know why the Zhang family dotes on her so much?"

"Why?" Zhou Wen was intrigued .

"Because she's very special . In recent years, the Zhang family's strength has increased tremendously . It has something to do with the little princess of the Zhang family . I accidentally discovered this secret when I sneaked into the Zhang family residence to steal something . Other than the few upper echelons of the Zhang family, I'm afraid I'm the only one who knows this secret . " Liu Yun deliberately kept him in suspense .

Zhou Wen didn't pursue the matter . He walked all the way to the square and saw the black cube .

Seeing that Zhou Wen didn't pursue the matter, Liu Yun continued, "I'll treat this secret as a free gift to you . The little princess of the Zhang family has a special Life Providence . With such a Life Providence, she can easily gain the favor of any dimensional creature, allowing them to treat her as one of their own . Think about it, this is such a terrifying ability . With Zhang Yuzhi, the Zhang family can easily grasp the habits and abilities of those Mythical creatures . Then, killing those Mythical creatures will be much easier . Such a person will be doted on like a princess no matter where they are . They definitely won't let anything happen to her . "

"Zhang Yuzhi really has such a Life Providence?" Zhou Wen asked in surprise .

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"Don't doubt me . I heard it myself . It's definitely not fake news," Liu Yun swore .

In fact, Zhou Wen was already convinced . This was because he had seen Zhang Yuzhi use her weak body to stop the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon in its rage . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon actually didn't injure her .

Back then, he felt that there was something odd about Zhang Yuzhi, but he didn't think too deeply about it .

Now that he thought about it, Zhang Yuzhi really must have that ability or something even stronger .

However, Zhou Wen felt that there was still a problem with Zhang Yuzhi's Life Providence . Back when the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was killed, Zhang Yuzhi's sorrow was definitely not faked .

With this in mind, Zhou Wen's heart suddenly stirred . Could Zhang Yuzhi's Life Providence be two-way? If she can make dimensional creatures treat her as a friend or relative, she might have the same feelings . That might be more reasonable .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that it was best if his guess didn't come true . Otherwise, Zhang Yuzhi would be too pitiful .

If his guess was true, Zhang Yuzhi had already treated the dimensional creatures as family and friends . Yet, her family wanted to use her to kill them . That was a tragedy in itself .

As he pondered, Zhou Wen walked to the black cube and summoned Tyrant Behemoth .