Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 625

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Chapter 625: 625
Tyrant Behemoth's body that seemed to be made of obsidian landed, causing the ground around it to tremble .

This can't be… Behemoth, right? Liu Yun was knowledgeable . He had once traveled across the world, so he quickly guessed Behemoth's identity . He was even more alarmed .

Behemoth was a dimensional creature in the West District . Furthermore, it enjoyed a very high status in West District mythology . Many people in the West District guessed that Behemoth existed, but no one had seen it before .

Liu Yun never expected to see a Behemoth Companion Beast in Zhou Wen's possession . Although he didn't know if it was a pure Behemoth, it definitely had a Behemoth bloodline .

Zhou Wen didn't say a word as he controlled Behemoth to mount the black cube . Then, it walked to the middle and injected Essence Energy into the circle .

The black cube immediately lit up . On the cube's four screens, the top hundred Companion Beasts appeared . Zhou Wen found the thirteenth ranked Chimera and struck its name with Essence Energy .

It was like a touchscreen interface . Chimera's name on the cube's screen lit up . Then, a 72-hour countdown appeared behind the name .

If Chimera didn't accept the challenge within 72 hours, Tyrant Behemoth would replace Chimera's ranking and squeeze it out of the rankings .

Tyrant Behemoth was pulled into a dimensional combat field by a beam of light from the cube . The images of Tyrant Behemoth appeared on the cubes around the world, as well as the name and countdown of the Chimera .

It's really Behemoth! Liu Yun saw the name on the cube and knew that his previous guess had been correct .

Tyrant Behemoth's appearance immediately attracted the attention of the media around the world, especially the West District's media . They were extremely enthusiastic about its appearance as they guessed who Tyrant Behemoth belonged to .

The people who had the most guesses were either from the Family Clan of Gods or the Cape family, but now, the people from the Cape family were alarmed .

It was fine that Behemoth had appeared, but it had actually challenged their Cape family's Companion Beast . This made them suspect that the Family Clan of Gods in the West District was up to no good .

However, they didn't have any evidence . Chimera's owner didn't immediately accept the challenge . The Cape family used all sorts of channels and means to begin investigating if Tyrant Behemoth was the doing of the Family Clan of Gods or if others in the West District were secretly enemies with them .

Another family that paid attention to Tyrant Behemoth was the Zhang family . Others didn't know of Tyrant Behemoth's origins, but the Zhang family knew very well that Tyrant Behemoth's Companion Egg had originally belonged to them . It was only because of a traitor that they had lost the Tyrant Behemoth Companion Egg .

There were many brothers and many geniuses in the Zhang family . Mythical Companion Eggs weren't enough for them all . If the Behemoth Companion Egg wasn't lost, Zhang Xiao had a great chance of becoming its master . Therefore, Zhang Xiao paid special attention to this matter .

Zhang Chunqiu patted Zhang Xiao on the shoulder and said, "Don't force yourself when it's destined . There will be stronger Mythical Companion Beasts waiting for you in the future . "

"I just want to know who stole the Behemoth Companion Egg and took what belongs to our Zhang family . They must pay the price," Zhang Xiao said .

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"According to our previous investigations, it's most likely done by the overseas faction . When I return, I'll accompany you to sea," Zhang Chunqiu said .

Zhang Xiao shook his head slightly . "Brother Qiu, let me handle this matter myself . How are your preparations?"

"Dugu Ge and Xia Liuchuan are already on their way . I hope there will be a result . If the cocoon really has a Guardian like the six-winged seraphim, we will have a new path to continue progressing," Zhang Chunqiu said .

"Is this path really correct?" Zhang Xiao questioned .

"Who knows? Even if it's the wrong path, you have to walk it before you know," Zhang Chunqiu said calmly .

Zhou Wen waited for quite some time, but he didn't see Chimera accept the challenge . All he could do was take out his tent and other items and set them up by the side . Then, he entered the tent and lay down to game while waiting for Chimera to accept the challenge .

With a time limit of 72 hours, it was unknown when the Cape family would accept the challenge . Zhou Wen guessed that they wouldn't accept the challenge quickly, but they wouldn't give up either .

The Cape family also wanted to know what kind of power Tyrant Behemoth had . Was it as terrifying as the mythical legends?

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Looking at his size, Tyrant Behemoth was only a few meters tall . It didn't look like a monster that could eat a thousand mountains daily . They definitely had their doubts .

In fact, Tyrant Behemoth still couldn't eat a thousand mountains a day . However, eating a smaller mountain wasn't a problem . Its body could change in size freely . This was the most confusing part .

Even if it was just a test, the Cape family wouldn't let Chimera surrender without a fight .

However, they would definitely be very careful and wouldn't give Zhou Wen too many chances . Therefore, Zhou Wen had to deliver a death strike to prevent them from even having the chance to admit defeat .

As Zhou Wen expected, Chimera finally accepted the challenge after more than twenty hours and appeared on the cube's arena .

The media immediately perked up as they live-streamed the battle . Behemoth and Chimera were terrifying existences in legend, but from a Mythical point of view, Chimera was definitely not as strong as Behemoth .

However, Tyrant Behemoth was only a few meters tall . Although it looked very strong, it didn't seem to have the advantage when compared to Chimera, who was more than ten meters tall .

After Chimera appeared, it immediately ran quickly . However, it didn't rush towards Tyrant Behemoth . Instead, it quickly circled around the arena and went behind Tyrant Behemoth . It suddenly leaped up and spread its wings . At the same time, its three heads roared together, condensing three different powers . It was like three light spheres were constantly expanding in their mouths .

After the red, yellow, and cyan beams reached an extreme point, they fused together like a volcanic eruption . They transformed into a terrifying white energy beam that struck Tyrant Behemoth in the arena .

That terrifying power appeared to blast through the entire arena .

"The Cape family is really careful . They actually used Chimera's Wheel of Destiny—Gene Disintegration Ray . Are they thinking of surrendering the moment their single strike fails?" Zhang Chunqiu said with a smile .

"After all, it's Behemoth . It's only right for them to be careful," Zhang Xiao said .

An Tianzuo was also watching this scene inside the Luoyang An family residence .

"Although Chimera isn't the strongest Mythical pet, its Gene Disintegration Ray is indeed a very domineering Wheel of Destiny . If Tyrant Behemoth underestimates its enemy, I'm afraid it will suffer greatly," An Tianzuo said .

"Young Master Wen shouldn't be someone who underestimates his enemy," An Sheng said with a smile .

"How do you know that the Tyrant Behemoth must be his? Since when did you become so careless?" An Tianzuo sneered .

"Yes, Overseer . I've learned my mistake," An Sheng said, but his eyes remained fixed on the projection .