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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 626

Published at 28th of November 2020 06:05:31 PM

Chapter 626: 626
Their gazes were focused on the ebony figure beneath the divine punishment . Under such a terrifying beam of light, the somewhat muscular body seemed tiny and minuscule, as though it would be drowned in a terrifying stream of light at any moment .

However, from beginning to end, Tyrant Behemoth didn't move at all . It didn't raise its head to look at the beam or at Chimera . It was as though its reaction was slow and had failed to notice the terrifying beam that descended from the sky .


The beam directly struck Tyrant Behemoth's body . The streams of light constantly blasted the arena . The light exploded, drowning the entire arena in an explosion of light . Large amounts of dust rose up .

"How arrogant . " An Tianzuo frowned .

"He's courting death by tanking the Gene Disintegration Ray . " The Cape family was overjoyed .

The characteristics of the Gene Disintegration Ray was appraised to be impossible to withstand head-on, even for Mythical Companion Beasts . Otherwise, their bodies' genes would collapse .

"What a waste of a treasure . The person has such a powerful Companion Beast like Behemoth, but his usage of it is so crude . What a waste of such a powerful Companion Beast . No matter how powerful a Companion Beast is, it will still lose if one uses it recklessly," Zhang Xiao said coldly .

"That's not necessarily the case . " Zhang Chunqiu narrowed his eyes and muttered to himself .

Right then, in the midst of the explosion of light, a huge black mountain suddenly rose from the ground . The light blast that enveloped the arena turned into a cloud that seemed to linger around a black mountain . Although the light remained blinding, it couldn't cause any substantial damage to the mountain .

As for the beam that shot down, it was like a waterfall of light . The mountain peak went against the waterfall and the waterfall immediately scattered, unable to stop the mountain's rise .

"Not good… Quickly admit defeat and take back Chimera…" Senator Cape's expression changed drastically as he ordered loudly .

However, it was already too late . The mountain-like Tyrant Behemoth opened its huge mouth and swallowed the stream of light along with Chimera . Instantly, the arena fell silent . The light vanished, leaving only a terrifying monster standing there .

The name of Chimera on the ranking vanished—replacing it was Tyrant Behemoth .

"It ended just like that?" Instantly, all the spectators fell silent .

No one expected the battle to end like this . The extremely powerful Chimera, a ferocious beast that had once killed a dragon, was actually devoured in one mouthful .

The terrifying explosion of light was like a volcanic eruption . It was as laughable as useless fireworks .

"It's way too invincible . That's Chimera . Yet, it was swallowed in one mouthful . "

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"How domineering . This is a truly invincible creature . What Primordial Sword Immortal? What Death of the Underworld? They are all weak . True men have to take it all in one mouthful . "

"God, that Tyrant might really be able to destroy the world . "

"I can't believe my eyes . Tyrant Behemoth is too powerful . If I were its master, I think I would sit at home watching television before destroying the world . "

"That's the tyrant who rules the world . "

Instantly, the Internet exploded with messages . Countless people were discussing Tyrant Behemoth .

The faces of the Cape family members became uglier by the second . Mythical Companion Beasts were rare to begin with . Now that Chimera, one of the best Companion Beasts in the Cape family, was dead, they felt their hearts bleed as they were extremely furious .

"Investigate . I want a full investigation . We have to find out who the owner of Tyrant Behemoth is . " Senator Cape was extremely furious as he wished he could smash the television with one punch .

Zhang Xiao's expression was equally ugly . Seeing Tyrant Behemoth's strength made him feel even worse . This powerful Companion Beast might very well have belonged to him .

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"Young Master Wen really has a good life . He already has a powerful Companion Beast like Torch Dragon, yet he has an existence like Tyrant Behemoth . Together with the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and other Companion Beasts, I think his Companion Beasts alone can challenge a hero family," An Sheng said .

"Aren't you underestimating the heritage of the six families? You're ignoring the fact that Tyrant Behemoth might not be his . Even if it is his, it's only the Companion Beast that's strong . With insufficient strength himself, if he really wants to challenge a hero family, it'd be useless no matter how powerful a Companion Beast is," An Tianzuo said .

"Overseer is right," An Sheng said respectfully .

"Junior Brother, this Behemoth of yours is pretty good . Where did you get it from? I'll get one later . " Liu Yun's eyes lit up as he looked at Zhou Wen .

"I got it at an auction . " Zhou Wen took back Tyrant Behemoth and replied in a good mood .

"An auction? Which auction would sell something like that?" Liu Yun didn't believe Zhou Wen at all . It would be a miracle if someone was willing to sell such a powerful Companion Beast .

"Make a guess . " Zhou Wen had unknowingly been influenced by people such as The Thearch and Wang Mingyuan .

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"Junior Brother, are you interested in betting with me?" Liu Yun wasn't interested in guessing . He didn't believe Tyrant Behemoth was bought from an auction .

"Not interested . " Zhou Wen ignored Liu Yun and returned to his tent to game .

Zhou Wen didn't plan on returning for the time being . He planned on getting Tyrant Behemoth to continue making challenges, but he still needed to study the target . It wasn't suitable for him to directly challenge Primordial Sword Immortal .

However, the Federation and overseas faction were researching Tyrant Behemoth . Many people believed that Tyrant Behemoth's strength wasn't as simple as being ranked thirteenth . It was very likely that it had the strength to reach first on the rankings .

However, Tyrant Behemoth didn't show much . Their analysis didn't produce many results .

Liu Yun went out alone . After leaving Zhou Wen, he secretly went to a small forest to summon his Genie .

Liu Yun reached out to rub the oil lamp . Soon, Genie appeared in front of him . However, the Genie that appeared this time was different from before . Its entire body emitted a strange blue glow .

"Junior Brother, as your senior brother, let me teach you a good lesson . " As Liu Yun spoke, he made a wish to the Genie . "Genie, I wish for my Life Soul's power to be greatly enhanced . "

When the Genie heard Liu Yun's wish, its body, which suffused a magical glow, drilled into Liu Yun's body . Soon, Liu Yun's entire body suffused a blue glow .

With the help of Genie and a Life Soul, my Star Stealer can forcefully steal the Companion Beast that has already hatched . That punk will never expect me to have such an ability . Unfortunately, Star Stealer can't lock onto a target . I can only steal something randomly . However, it doesn't matter . That punk has so many Mythical Companion Beasts . With the help of the Genie's wish and Life Soul's augmentation, I can attempt a theft ten times . No matter how unlucky I am, I should be able to steal a Mythical right? It's best if it's Tyrant Behemoth . If not, the Golden Greatsword would do… Liu Yun thought as he carefully took out something .