Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 627

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Chapter 627: 627
The treasure glow turned corporeal, piercing through his consciousness, causing Zhou Wen's body to similarly emit a crystalline glow .

What's going on? Why did Gods Retreat suddenly activate? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised as he felt a vibration coming from somewhere on his body .

Upon closer inspection, he realized that the spot which was vibrating was actually a Musical Note Sprite tattoo . There was a Musical Note Sprite that seemed to be affected by some unknown force as it struggled to spread its wings .

However, due to the influence of the treasure glow generated by Gods Retreat, it was unable to fly out . It was trapped by the treasure glow like a butterfly trapped in a cage .

What's going on? Zhou Wen attempted to control the power that Gods Retreat released, preventing the power from isolating the Musical Note Sprite tattoo .

With the power of Gods Retreat, the Musical Note Sprite tattoo immediately vanished under Zhou Wen's nose . It only took a blink of an eye .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen had completely lost contact with the Musical Note Sprite, as though he had never had such a Companion Beast . If Zhou Wen hadn't seen it disappear with his own eyes, he wouldn't have realized that he had lost a Companion Beast .

What power took away the Musical Note Sprite? Zhou Wen's first reaction was to expand the power of the Truth Listener earring to its limit . He could hear the surrounding areas clearly . Even the falling of a strand of hair to the ground couldn't escape his ears .

Soon, Zhou Wen discovered Liu Yun, who was hiding outside the town . The fellow was squatting in the grass . At a glance, it looked like he was shitting, but upon careful inspection, the fellow hadn't even taken off his pants as he mumbled something .

Zhou Wen listened carefully and heard Liu Yun say, "What's wrong with my Junior Brother? Why does he have such trashy Companion Beasts? Junior Brother, don't worry . I'm still a gentleman . I'll stop after stealing a Mythical Companion Beast from you . "

Indeed, this fellow is up to no good . He's really not afraid of death . Zhou Wen took a careful look and indeed, he saw the tattoo of a Musical Note Sprite on his body . It was identical to the one he had lost .

Zhou Wen remained unperturbed . He wanted to see what Liu Yun was up to .

Liu Yun didn't know that Truth Listener's range was that large . He was already so far away; yet, Zhou Wen could still monitor him .

Previously, the reason Liu Yun could make Truth Listener lose its effects was that he had already discovered Zhou Wen and determined that Zhou Wen was observing him . That was why he had allowed Genie to release its power to affect Truth Listener's abilities .

The Companion Beast that Liu Yun had set up to keep watch didn't notice anything from Zhou Wen . He imagined that Zhou Wen hadn't even discovered that his Companion Beast had been stolen .

In fact, he wouldn't have discovered the disappearance of the Musical Note Sprite if Zhou Wen didn't habitually have Gods Retreat activated .

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"Anyway, there are still nine chances . I'm sure I can steal a Mythical Companion Beast . " Liu Yun gritted his teeth and reached out to grab at the void .

His fingertips shimmered with strange starlight as though something was burning . The starlight tore through the void, causing Liu Yun's hand to vanish as though it was invisible .

When the hand pulled back from the void, there was a lively Musical Note Sprite in his hand . The Musical Note Sprite circled around him and automatically landed on him, turning into a tattoo .

Just like last time, Zhou Wen felt the tattoo of a Musical Note Sprite vibrate . He removed the power of Gods Retreat Life Soul, making the Musical Note Sprite tattoo vanish .

This fellow actually has such an ability! Doesn't that mean he's invincible? He can steal any Mythical Companion Beast he likes! Zhou Wen was alarmed as he continued observing silently .

It was better to encounter such a strange ability than to encounter it in the future . Now that he had figured out what was going on, he would have some experience for the future . He would know how to deal with it . This wasn't a bad thing for Zhou Wen .

"Holy sh*t, why is it still a Musical Note Sprite? Why does that punk have so many trash Companion Beasts with him?" Liu Yun felt depressed when he saw that it was another Musical Note Sprite .

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"Although they're stolen randomly, the chances of obtaining the same Companion Beast in a row shouldn't be high, right?" Liu Yun didn't believe it as he reached out to steal again .

So it turns out that the ability to steal Companion Beasts is random . Zhou Wen discovered some problems . On Liu Yun's fingertip, there was a short strand of hair . When Liu Yun used Star Stealer, the strand of hair would burn .

Zhou Wen knew at a glance that it was his hair .

When did this fellow steal my hair? Zhou Wen had to admit that Liu Yun was indeed top-notch when it came to stealing . He was actually able to steal his hair without him noticing .

Knowing that Liu Yun's stealing of Companion Beasts was random, Zhou Wen felt relieved . He had been farming Musical Note Sprites for so long . Almost every time he respawned, he would farm the dungeon . Now, the number of Musical Note Sprites he possessed had reached more than four thousand . Altogether, Zhou Wen had more than five thousand Companion Beasts .

The chance of stealing his Mythical Companion Beasts was about one in a thousand . This would be extremely difficult unless one had Wang Lu's luck .

Zhou Wen realized that he could only discover that Liu Yun had stolen something from him when the Gods Retreat Life Soul was activated . Even Truth Listener's hearing and Evil Nullification were useless .

If Gods Retreat wasn't activated, the Companion Beast tattoo on his body would vanish without a trace . Unless he happened to see the tattoo disappear, it would be very difficult to discover that he had lost his Companion Beast .

What skill is this? Where can I obtain such a skill? Zhou Wen felt that he could learn similar skills .

In the future, anytime he saw people from the Cape family and the Special Inspector Bureau, he could try stealing from them .

"Another Musical Note Sprite?" Liu Yun nearly jumped up in frustration when he saw the Companion Beast he had stolen .

In his rage, Liu Yun quickly grabbed with both hands, constantly using the Star Stealer to grab Companion Beasts one after another .

Musical Note Sprite… Musical Note Sprite… Musical Note Sprite… Another Musical Note Sprite… Liu Yun stole with both hands, but in the end, they were all Musical Note Sprites . He had already stolen seven of them in a row . He only had three chances left out of his ten attempts .

"What the hell? How many Musical Note Sprites did that punk bring with him? How can I be only getting a Musical Note Sprite each time?" Liu Yun was so angry that he nearly vomited blood .

Zhou Wen chuckled inwardly . More than 90% of the Companion Beasts on him were Musical Note Sprites . He wouldn't find it strange if all Liu Yun's thefts were Musical Note Sprites .

However, Zhou Wen still carefully used Gods Retreat to confirm that Liu Yun didn't steal an important Companion Beast . Only then would he release it and let him steal it .

"No, I can't continue like this . That punk has countless Musical Note Sprites on him . I have to think of a way . " Liu Yun had no intention of giving up . The Genie's wish had been used . Even if he didn't continue stealing, he wouldn't have his wish refunded . He could only continue stealing .