Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 629

Published at 30th of November 2020 06:55:09 AM

Chapter 629: 629
His arm was wrapped in a black bracer and surprisingly wasn't shattered by the Horned Beetle's terrifying slam . It was just that the other parts of his body couldn't withstand the powerful shockwave . His armor shattered and many parts of his body were injured . It didn't look like he was doing well .

He actually managed to withstand such a terrifying collision . He only suffered some superficial injuries . This senior brother of mine does have some capabilities . He's not only good at stealing things . Zhou Wen watched Liu Yun and the Horned Beetle fight without any intention of helping .

Liu Yun's muscles tensed up as he suffused a metallic luster . In the clash with the Horned Beetle, his body kept sinking .

He didn't dare to release his grip and retreat . He was afraid that if he let go, the Horned Beetle's terrifying power would slam down like a crashing mountain, making it impossible for him to dodge .

Genie had already flown up and spewed out flames to attack the Horned Beetle . However, the patterns on its back only shimmered as the flames failed to approach its body .

"Fat Orange…" Liu Yun gritted his teeth and shouted .

The orange cat darted out of Liu Yun's body and ran in another direction . At the same time, it emitted a mysterious wave that could lure dimensional creatures to chase after it .

The Horned Beetle was affected by the mysterious waves, reducing its downward pressure significantly . At the same time, it turned to look at Orange Cat .

Liu Yun thought that he finally had a chance to escape . Just as he was about to retreat, the Horned Beetle glanced at the Orange Cat before choosing not to chase after Orange Cat . In a surprise turn of events, it quickly turned around and slammed the horn at Liu Yun .

"Holy sh*t, what's going on? This dimensional creature isn't affected by Fat Orange?" Liu Yun was alarmed as he raised his arms to meet the attack .

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The Horned Beetle lashed out repeatedly as terrifying forces struck Liu Yun's arms . His body was like a wooden stake as he sank into the soil . Only his chest was exposed .

Blood seeped out of Liu Yun's seven orifices . Although the pair of bracers were magical and could withstand Mythical strength, his body wasn't able to withstand such tremors . If this continued, all his bones and organs would be pulverized .

"If a tiger doesn't show its might, do you really think I'm a sick cat!" A terrifying power erupted from Liu Yun's hands . A pair of black bracers crossed together, forming a black hole that looked like it was about to swallow the Horned Beetle .

The Horned Beetle's horn was inside the black hole, but its body was outside . It formed a stalemate with Liu Yun, with both parties unable to do anything to each other .

Liu Yun hid some of his abilities while fighting me . This black hole-like ability should be the Wheel of Destiny ability of those bracers, right? Zhou Wen watched with relish . Such battles were rare to see . He approached the battlefield, hoping to get a better view .

"Junior Brother, quickly save me!" Liu Yun hurriedly cried out when he saw Zhou Wen .

"Eldest Senior Brother, weren't you trying to steal my Companion Beasts?" Zhou Wen found a spot to sit down and asked Liu Yun with a smile .

"Junior Brother, how could I steal your Companion Beasts? You think too highly of me . How can I have that ability? My Companion Beast has also been lost . It must have been this Horned Beetle's doing . Quickly join forces with me and kill it . No matter what drops, it will belong to you," said Liu Yun .

"It doesn't matter if you don't admit it . I'll wait here for the two of you to decide the victor," Zhou Wen said calmly .

Liu Yun found it increasingly difficult to persist . He gritted his teeth and said, "Junior Brother, it's all my fault . I just wanted to pull your leg . I didn't really want to steal your things . Otherwise, why would I only take a few of your Musical Note Sprites?"

Zhou Wen didn't expose him as he continued asking, "What's the name of the skill you used to steal my Companion Beasts? Where did you get it from?"

"That's Star Stealer . It's an Essence Energy Skill from an Astral Combat Beast in the Endless Sea of Stars," Liu Yun said gloomily . "Junior Brother, what's the matter? Can we wait until we finish this first? What do you want to know? As your senior brother, I'll definitely tell you everything I know . "

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"Where's the Endless Sea of Stars? What stage is the Astral Combat Beast? How can I find it?" Zhou Wen ignored him and continued asking .

"The Endless Sea of Stars is actually a dimensional zone in the former Taklamakan Desert . I only saw it by accident, so I didn't dare venture deep into it . I don't know if there's anything else inside . The Astral Combat Beast is a Mythical creature," Liu Yun answered .

"Are you still lying to me?" Zhou Wen said with a cold expression .

"Junior Brother, I'm really not lying to you . " The black hole in Liu Yun's hand was becoming weaker and weaker, as if it would collapse at any moment .

"You said that Astral Combat Beast is at the Mythical stage, so Star Stealer is a Mythical Essence Energy Skill . How can an Epic like you absorb a Mythical Essence Energy Skill Crystal?" Zhou Wen said coldly .

"Junior Brother, you might not know, but the Essence Energy Art I cultivate is called the 'Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art' . It's recorded on a stone monument in the Endless Sea of Stars . It's because of the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art that I can absorb that Mythical Essence Energy Skill Crystal . However, I can only absorb this type of Mythical Essence Energy Skill Crystal . I've tried other types, but it's impossible . I'll die a terrible death if I've lied to you," Liu Yun swore .

"Junior Brother, I really can't take it anymore . Quickly save me!" Liu Yun really couldn't hold on any longer . The black hole in his hand disappeared, and the Horned Beetle regained its freedom . It angrily slammed forward again .


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Liu Yun's hands were knocked apart . He looked exhausted and couldn't hold on any longer .

Seeing the Horned Beetle slam its head down again, with Genie's flames useless against it, it seemed unstoppable . Orange Cat couldn't help much in battle . Liu Yun believed that he was doomed .


Tyrant Behemoth descended from the sky and stepped on the Horned Beetle's back, shattering the stone shell on its back . Its hands clenched into fists as it repeatedly pounded the Horned Beetle's head .

After a few punches, the Horned Beetle's head cracked . The final punch smashed through the Horned Beetle's head, sending fragments flying everywhere .

Exhausted, Liu Yun hurriedly turned around and crawled out of the hole . Just as he crawled out, the Horned Beetle's broken horn shot over at a speed faster than a bullet, hitting Liu Yun's buttocks .

"Ah!" A shrill scream pierced through the night sky of the town .

Zhou Wen looked at Liu Yun, who was sprawled on the ground with tears of regret flowing out of his eyes . The horn was raised over him like a flag . He couldn't help but shiver .

I've had the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General for so long, but nothing major happened . I'm really lucky . I have to offer incense when I return . I have to thank all the deities for their blessings, Zhou Wen thought .