Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Chapter 63 I’ll Give You Three Months

The weather was pretty good today . Zhou Wen brought a chair over and rested in the courtyard, suntanning while gaming .

As school hadn’t officially started, there weren’t any training or missions assigned yet . Zhou Wen led a rather pleasant life .

He had been constantly trying to slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus alone, but he had failed .

Thankfully, all his efforts had not been in vain . He managed to have an ordinary Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg drop, but it was quickly fed to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

The typical Companion Beast only needed to depend on its master, absorbing the Primordial Energy that emitted from its master’s body for survival . It could also slowly recover from its injuries without needing to eat anything . At best, it would absorb some Primordial Energy Crystals, allowing it to quickly recover Primordial Energy .

However, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant needed to swallow Companion Eggs or Companion Beasts or the game would constantly notify him that it was in a hungry state . In the beginning, Zhou Wen ignored it, but later, the game indicated that the Silver-Winged Flying Ant would vanish in twenty-four hours if it remained in a prolonged hungry state .

Therefore, Zhou Wen had no choice but to feed it the Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg to alleviate the pressing matter at hand .

Zhou Wen gamed in the yard, half leaning back . His neighbor, An Jing, had finished morning cultivation and had walked out of the cultivation room to the balcony on the second floor . Hoping to look far into the distance to relieve stress before continuing her cultivation, her gaze subconsciously swept towards the courtyard beside hers . Immediately she saw Zhou Wen gaming in the courtyard while sunbathing . Immediately, her mood turned foul .

Even if it’s as Mom said, that his talent is better than mine, so what? A person’s talent cannot decide his achievements . What right does a person who has engrossed himself in games to avoid reality-even after suffering a tiny setback-have to fight me for the Mythical Companion Beast? Besides, his talent might not be better than mine . An Jing watched for a while before heading downstairs, muttering to herself, “Mom, watch and see . I’ll prove that I’m better than Zhou Wen . I totally have the ability to fight for the right to possess a Mythical Companion Beast by myself . There’s no need for Zhou Wen . ”

“Zhou Wen . ” Zhou Wen was having a great time grinding when he suddenly heard his name . He turned around and saw that someone was standing quietly in the other courtyard by the fence, staring at him .

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen gave An Jing a look before lowering his head to continue staring at his game screen .

“That Sun Strafe Art is real . You can cultivate it . ” An Jing paused for a moment before saying, “If you don’t believe me, give a call to Uncle Feng . He will help you verify its authenticity . ”

Zhou Wen was unconcerned about the authenticity of the Sun Strafe Art as he could no longer cultivate it anyway .

“Why did you give it to me?” Zhou Wen asked as he gamed .

An Jing looked at Zhou Wen and said, “You must feel indignant about losing to me last time, right?”

“Not at all . You beat me fair and square,” Zhou Wen said in passing . He really didn’t want to have any connection with An Jing . It was best if they could be like strangers .

The words An Jing had originally prepared were swallowed . Feeling a little uncomfortable holding it, she bit her lip and said, “I’ll give you three months to cultivate the Sun Strafe Art and advance to the Legendary stage . With your foundation, three months should be enough . We will then fight another match . If you still haven’t advanced to the Legendary stage within three months, I won’t show any mercy . ”

After pausing for a moment, she added, “Don’t say that I’m bullying you . I’ll get someone to deliver you Primordial Energy Crystals and other cultivation necessities . Whatever Primordial Energy Skills you need can be given to me as a list . I’ll try to get them for you . Remember, you only have three months . ”

Zhou Wen felt that An Jing was being unreasonable . He frowned and said, “I admit defeat . You win . There’s no need to go through so much trouble . ”

He neither wanted to take advantage of the An family nor did he want to waste time competing with An Jing again . It was meaningless to him and defeating her brought him no benefits .

“You have to fight . Remember, I’m only giving you three months . I definitely won’t show you any mercy when the time comes . ” After saying that coldly, An Jing turned around and left . She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold herself back from beating Zhou Wen with how detestable he looked .

“Why must you fight with me?” Zhou Wen felt puzzled . If An Jing hated him because of Ouyang Lan’s remarriage, she could have beaten him right there and then without going through all that trouble .

“I want to prove that I’m better than you . ” After finishing her sentence, she walked into her dormitory without looking back .

Zhou Wen was somewhat baffled . When it came to who was better, Zhou Wen only had a little fame in Guide City . However, An Jing was publicly known as a genius in Luoyang . She had advanced to the Legendary stage at the age of thirteen and Zhou Wen still hadn’t advanced . The difference between the two was almost unbridgeable .

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Do all people from noble families have such odd tempers? Li Xiubai can scheme to kill his younger brother for a qualification . An Jing is likewise ridiculous . Zhou Wen shook his head slightly .

He had no intention of fighting An Jing, much less cultivate the Sun Strafe Art . As for advancing to the Legendary stage in three months, he was still working hard towards that . Of course, he wished to advance to the Legendary stage within three months, but the Lost Immortal Sutra was somewhat weird, making it difficult to make any prior estimates .

An Jing returned to her small building and couldn’t help but head for the balcony on the second floor . She secretly shot a glance at Zhou Wen and saw that he was still sunbathing and gaming . He didn’t seem to feel any sense of urgency after what she had said or any intention to work hard . She couldn’t help but bite her lip .

After An Jing finally left, Zhou Wen didn’t manage to game for long before someone came to his door . Furthermore, there was not one but four people .

Zhou Wen looked up and saw four people, three of which he didn’t know . One of them was Gao Yang who had a grudge against him because of Li Weiyang .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that Gao Yang and company were here for revenge, but to his surprise, Gao Yang greeted him with a smile when he saw Zhou Wen sitting in the yard . “Zhou Wen, still remember me? I’m your fourth-year senior, Gao Yang . ”

“Why are you looking for me?” Zhou Wen continued gaming, having no intention of inviting them in .

Gao Yang didn’t get angry as he continued chuckling . “You really don’t become close unless you fight . What happened wasn’t a big deal . If I had done anything wrong, I’d apologize to you today . Let’s ignore who was right or wrong and just bury the hatchet, alright?”

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Gao Yang naturally wouldn’t make up with Zhou Wen for no good reason . The typical student who watched the video of Li Xuan and Zhou Wen battling the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus would feel that Li Xuan was formidable; thus, overshadowing Zhou Wen .

However, those who were truly keen knew that Zhou Wen’s role in the battle far exceeded Li Xuan’s .

Li Xuan was indeed strong, but there were still other students at Sunset College that were as strong as him . After all, Li Xuan hadn’t advanced to the Legendary stage and there were many students at the Legendary stage . They could replace Li Xuan’s role in the battle .

As for Zhou Wen, no other student could replace him .