Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 630

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Chapter 630: 630
"I have a cockroach's life . How can I die so easily… Ouch… Junior Brother… Help me… pull that thing out…" Liu Yun wanted to get up, but it immediately pulled his wound, causing him to cry out in pain .

Typically, if one was injured by a weapon, one wouldn't randomly pull it out . One needed a professional doctor to carry out the procedure . However, an Epic human's body and vitality far exceeded the average person, so they didn't worry too much .

Zhou Wen extended his hand and directed a suction force across space, pulling out the broken horn . It made Liu Yun cry out in pain .

"Can you still walk? If you can walk, let's return to the town . " Zhou Wen planned on asking Liu Yun about the Endless Sea of Stars . No one would find a skill as useful as Star Stealer excessive . He also planned on making a trip to the Endless Sea of Stars to see if he could find the tiny palm symbol .

However, Zhou Wen had heard that many deserts were forbidden grounds for humans . The dimensional zones there were especially terrifying . If one wanted to enter the desert without a guide, one could easily be lost in one terrifying dimensional zone after another .

Without Liu Yun leading the way, Zhou Wen guessed that it would be difficult for him to find the Endless Sea of Stars in the desert .

"Yes . " Liu Yun got up and limped in with an especially strange posture .

After taking a few steps, he missed a step and vanished . All Zhou Wen could hear was a loud cry coming from below before a loud thud .

Zhou Wen turned around and saw a hole in the spot where Liu Yun had been . He looked over and saw that it was originally a well . Due to the earlier battle, it had been covered by branches and soil .

Liu Yun hadn't noticed it, and due to his injuries, he fell the moment he stepped on it .

By the time Liu Yun climbed up, he was really in a sorry state . Coupled with his injuries, he looked even more miserable .

"Brother, help me up . I'm dying…" Liu Yun stretched out his hand, looking exhausted .

"Walk by yourself . " Zhou Wen immediately dodged far away . Who knew if Liu Yun would implicate others around him when he was being jinxed?

"Are you still human? I'm already so injured; yet, you aren't giving me a hand…" Liu Yun limped towards the town .

Zhou Wen ignored him and walked towards the town square .

"Junior Brother, be honest . Did you do something to me? I know I was wrong to steal your Companion Beast . I guarantee that there won't be a next time . Look at how miserable I am . Please spare me…" Liu Yun said as he walked . He also felt that something was amiss with his situation . He had never been so unlucky .

"Don't spout nonsense . I definitely didn't do anything to you . Sometimes, it's a result of one's own doing . Even God can't sit idle," Zhou Wen said .

When Zhou Wen saw this scene, he immediately sped up and distanced himself from him to prevent himself from being implicated .

From the looks of it, I can't randomly fuse the baby tiger . Otherwise, if I create another one that jinxes its master, I might harm myself, Zhou Wen thought .

After returning to the square, Zhou Wen began studying the Companion Beasts ranked ahead of Tyrant Behemoth, and prepared for the next challenge .

It wasn't suitable to directly challenge first place—Primordial Immortal Sword . Neither was Death of the Underworld who came in second . Furthermore, Death of the Underworld was a spirit . Zhou Wen didn't know if a pure Strength-type Companion Beast like Tyrant Behemoth could deal fatal damage to Death of the Underworld, so he didn't consider it for now .

No matter how powerful Tyrant Behemoth was, he still had to consider the problem of something having an advantage over it . No matter how powerful a Companion Beast was, it couldn't defy common logic to fight a Companion Beast that had an advantage over it .

Among the twelve Companion Beasts ranked ahead, some of them were from the six families, while the others were from overseas . Zhou Wen wasn't too sure either .

If possible, Zhou Wen planned on challenging an overseas Companion Beast .

Before Zhou Wen could come to a conclusion, he saw Liu Yun walk back . However, from the looks of it, he was in a worse state than before . His nose was bruised and his face swollen . Zhou Wen did not know what he had done .

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"Junior Brother, I really know my mistake . Save me . If this continues, I will definitely die," Liu Yun said tearfully .

He had never been so unlucky ever since he was born . The unlucky things he had encountered today numbered more than everything he had encountered in life .

"Let me ask you . What's that Life Reversing Spirit Talisman?" Zhou Wen asked Liu Yun .

In the past, Zhou Wen had fused many pets but had failed to get rid of Jinxes Master . He failed to get rid of the pet even with a fusion with single-digit probabilities .

Back then, Zhou Wen suspected that fusion wouldn't fail as long as it had Jinxes Master .

However, it was useless even if he didn't fail . As long as Jinxes Master existed, he definitely wouldn't dare use it . Liu Yun's miserable state strengthened his resolve .

To have Liu Yun successfully steal the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General was equivalent to the failure of Jinxes Master . The Life Reversing Spirit Talisman was indeed magical .

"That's a treasure I stole from the Zhang family . I heard that it was passed down from the Zhang family's ancestors . There aren't many of them in total . I was lucky to have stolen one," said Liu Yun .

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"It was passed down by its ancestors? Isn't it something from a dimensional zone?" Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised .

"No, the Zhang family had a long history before the dimensional storms . Their family was already very famous in ancient times . They controlled a sect, and legend has it that they have the ability to predict the future . I'm not too sure about the details either . After all, this family is very mysterious . Otherwise, they wouldn't have produced a figure like the Hero King," explained Liu Yun .

The Zhang family… Could it be that Ancestral Master? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and really thought of one such person .

However, that was history from long ago . Zhou Wen didn't study history, and he had only heard of such a person . He wasn't sure of the exact details .

"Junior Brother, if you want the Life Reversing Spirit Talisman, I'll go to the Zhang family later . I'll risk my life to steal another one for you . Help me dispel the bad luck on me first . Can you return the signed piece of paper to me?" Liu Yun believed that the reason he was so unlucky was that Zhou Wen had used the signed paper to do something to him after discovering that he had stolen his Companion Beasts .

He had no idea that Zhou Wen hadn't used the signed paper at all . It was purely because of Jinxes Master .

"Return all the Companion Beasts you stole from me . " Zhou Wen thought for a moment . He still wanted Liu Yun to take him to the Endless Sea of Stars . If he were to continue being so unlucky, he probably wouldn't be able to reach the Endless Sea of Stars before Liu Yun died .

"If you want a Companion Beast, I'll think of a way to get a Mythical Companion Egg for you . There's no need for me to return them, right?" said Liu Yun with a bitter expression .