Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 631

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Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Being Challenged

The Companion Beasts that Liu Yun stole were equivalent to Companion Beasts that he had hatched . To transfer them to someone else required paying a huge price .

“I only want the things that belong to me . I don’t want anything else . It’s up to you . ” Zhou Wen wanted to take back the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul Essence and see if Liu Yun remained unlucky .

If he wasn’t unlucky anymore, then the previous mishaps were undoubtedly due to Jinxes Master .

Of course, Zhou Wen wouldn’t let Liu Yun know where the problem stemmed from . It was fine as long as he mistakenly thought that it was due to his signature . This prevented him from doing anything rash in the future .

“I’ll return them, alright? You’re really my Junior Brother . You’re going to kill me . ” Liu Yun said with a bitter expression, “Those low-level Musical Note Sprites are useless . Can’t you give them up?”

“No, not one less,” Zhou Wen said .

Liu Yun had no choice but to return the Companion Beasts he had stolen from Zhou Wen . Every time he transferred a Companion Beast, Liu Yun felt as though a chunk of meat had been ripped off his body . His expression turned uglier and paler . He was as white as a sheet .

Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . He originally didn’t expect Liu Yun to really return all ten Companion Beasts . After all, others might die from transferring a single Companion Beast . A few lives weren’t even enough to transfer ten Companion Beasts . Even Zhou Wen himself didn’t dare casually transfer his Companion Beasts .

Liu Yun forcefully transferred the ten Companion Beasts . Although he ended up vomiting blood and falling to the ground, almost half dead, he didn’t hurt his foundation . It was obvious that there was something strange about him . Otherwise, he would have long died .

Could it be an effect of cultivating the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art? Zhou Wen was even more expectant of the Endless Sea of Stars .

Typical dungeons didn’t attract Zhou Wen much anymore, but he really wanted to visit places like the Endless Sea of Stars . It would be great if he could download it on his phone .

“Junior Brother, I’ve returned the Companion Beast to you . Quickly return me the autograph,” Liu Yun said weakly as he lay on the ground . He was so weak that he didn’t even have the strength to stand up .

“Senior Brother, I’ll keep your autograph . However, don’t worry . As long as you don’t have any more nasty thoughts, nothing will happen again . By the way, I want to go to the Endless Sea of Stars to take a look . How long will it take for a return trip?” Zhou Wen asked Liu Yun .

“It’ll take at least a month or two . ” Liu Yun was depressed not to get the autograph back, but thankfully, he didn’t continue to be unlucky . He felt much better .

Zhou Wen observed Liu Yun the entire time . Seeing that nothing had happened to him, he was certain that the things he had encountered previously were the problems caused by Jinxes Master .

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If it really doesn’t work, I’ll use the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul to Tyrant as food later . Zhou Wen wanted to wait and see if he would be affected by Jinxes Master like Liu Yun .

He felt that the possibility wasn’t too high because he had always taken the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General around with him . He wasn’t as unlucky as Liu Yun .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen had the Bamboo Blades of the Four Gentlemen Blades . Legend had it that they jinxed their masters . Although his luck was lacking, he wasn’t as unlucky as Liu Yun .

If the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General really doesn’t hinder me, can I use the advantage of never having a fusion fail to upgrade Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General? Zhou Wen placed his sights on his Mythical Companion Beasts .

Mythical Companion Beasts had a low chance of success when fusing with ordinary pets, but if it fused with the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General, then a low compatibility didn’t seem to be a problem .

Zhou Wen only had such a thought, but he hadn’t decided if he should carry out the fusion . This was because he didn’t know why he wasn’t affected by Jinxes Master . If the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General advanced to the Mythical stage and Jinxes Master became strong enough to affect him, it wouldn’t be worth it .

He chatted with Liu Yun for a while . With Liu Yun not showing any more problems and Zhou Wen himself being fine, the two relaxed .

According to Liu Yun, Zhou Wen knew that the Endless Sea of Stars was deep in the Taklamakan Desert . The area was chaotic and there were many strange dimensional zones . Furthermore, the dimensional zones were mobile, meaning they weren’t fixed . Finding the Endless Sea of Stars was an extremely difficult task .

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Zhou Wen promised Liu Yun that as long as he could safely find the Endless Sea of Stars and safely bring Zhou Wen out, he would return the autograph to him . The two of them reached an initial agreement .

Just as they were discussing how to head to the Endless Sea of Stars, the black cube suddenly lit up . A Companion Beast issued a challenge .

A terrifying Companion Beast projection appeared on the cube’s screen .

At a glance, it looked like eight dragons that were entangled together . On careful look, it was a terrifying snake with eight heads and eight tails . Its torso was connected together, but its heads looked like those of a dragon . However, its snake body didn’t have any dragon claws .

“Orochi . Who is it challenging?” Zhou Wen read out the monster’s name when it appeared on the cube .

Zhou Wen had heard of this Mythical creature before . It was considered one of the more famous Mythical creatures . It appeared in many myths .

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that Tyrant Behemoth’s name had lit up on the rankings . Orochi was challenging his Tyrant Behemoth .

Instantly, the entire Federation boiled over . After Tyrant Behemoth killed Chimera with a decisive victory, to have another Companion Beast challenge it was unexpected .

After all, Tyrant Behemoth was only ranked thirteenth, but according to analysis and speculation, its strength was ranked at least in the top five . It was clearly not worth it to challenge Tyrant Behemoth .

Now that someone was challenging it, it meant that it wasn’t just for the ranking . They had either found Tyrant Behemoth’s weakness or wanted to probe its true strength .

No matter what the outcome was, this battle would undoubtedly be a spectacle .

Furthermore, people were guessing whether Orochi, which had never been listed on the ranking, was from the Federation or overseas .

The intelligence network of the eight factions began their full machinery . They investigated the origins of Orochi, hoping to find its owner .

However, the final conclusion was that the chances of it being an overseas Companion Beast were higher .

On an island overseas, a youth was standing in front of a cube, staring intently at the screen .

“Why are you taking the risk to challenge Tyrant Behemoth? Your target should be Primordial Sword Immortal . Challenging Tyrant Behemoth will only expose the strength of Orochi ahead of time,” a middle-aged man walked over and said with a frown .