Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 632

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Chapter 632

632 Orochi

The youth stared at the screen and said, “With the characteristics and skills of Orochi, it’s still unknown if it can defeat Primordial Immortal Sword . After all, Primordial Immortal Sword can split apart Death of the Underworld’s domain . Such destructive power happens to be the characteristics of Orochi . When Companion Beasts with the same characteristics meet, the stronger one will have an overwhelming advantage . ”

“Do you think Orochi is no match for Primordial Immortal Sword?” the middle-aged man said unhappily .

“At the very least, I haven’t seen the possibility of it winning yet . Rather than leaving the final moment to chance, I might as well occupy a spot first . I can advance and defend . Even if I fail to challenge Primordial Sword Immortal in the end, I can still occupy one of the top spots,” the youth said .

“In that case, you should also challenge a Companion Beast ranked closer to the top . Tyrant Behemoth is only thirteenth, but its actual combat strength can be ranked in the top five . ”

The youth said with a smile, “The competition for the top ten will definitely be very intense towards the end . Even if I get Orochi to use all its strength to ascend to the top five, not only will I expose all my strength, but I will still be challenged by the Federation in the end . Although Tyrant Behemoth is strong, from what I can see, Orochi should be able to restrain it . It won’t be that difficult to win . Furthermore, Tyrant Behemoth’s name has shaken the world . If I kill it now, others will view Orochi in a different light . When the time comes, I’ll rush into the top five . Those who dare challenge Orochi will have to think it through . How does their Companion Beast compare to Chimera or Tyrant Behemoth?”

“Do you have the confidence to easily defeat Tyrant Behemoth?” the middle-aged man asked after some thought .

“How can there be anything in this world with absolute certainty? However, during this period of time, I’ve repeatedly analyzed Tyrant Behemoth’s battle as well as the Tyrant Behemoth found in myths and legends . Without a doubt, it is a pure Strength-type Companion Beast . You should know very well that Orochi has the absolute advantage over such Companion Beasts,” the youth said .

“If that’s the case, then go ahead and do it . It’s also time for those fellows from the Federation to remember we exist . Let’s just treat it as an early heads up for them . ” With that, the middle-aged man stopped objecting .

Zhou Wen didn’t immediately accept the challenge . Instead, he went online to search for information related to Orochi .

There was no available information regarding the dimensional creature, Orochi . There were only myths and legends .

There were many legends regarding Orochi . The most famous legend was that Orochi was a monster from Outcloud Country .

There were a few other legends, but they weren’t as famous as this . Zhou Wen felt that the Orochi in the arena was similar to this legendary monster .

Liu Yun’s injuries hadn’t healed yet, so he said as he leaned there, looking at the screen, “Junior Brother, what are you hesitating for? Send your Tyrant Behemoth to kill that crappy snake . ”

“I don’t plan on accepting the challenge . How’s your injury? If there’s nothing wrong with you, let’s head to the Endless Sea of Stars,” Zhou Wen said .

“You’re giving up? Wouldn’t that mean giving up your ranking?” Liu Yun said in surprise .

“It doesn’t matter . This ranking isn’t my goal anyway . ” Zhou Wen looked at Liu Yun and said, “Can you walk or not?”

“Yes . I have to walk even if it hurts . I have an uncomfortable feeling as long as that piece of paper is with you,” said Liu Yun as he forced himself to get up . He summoned an Epic Companion Beast that looked like a turtle, but it was bigger than an SUV .

He sprawled on the turtle’s back which ran as though it had burning wheels at its feet . It was surprisingly fast and very stable .

Zhou Wen didn’t have any Companion Beasts that were especially suitable for riding . It was uncomfortable sitting on Six-Winged, so he chose to sit on the turtle’s back as well .

Zhou Wen didn’t plan on letting Tyrant Behemoth participate in the battle, but the West District’s media overwhelmingly supported Tyrant Behemoth, believing that it would definitely kill Orochi .

“How can an apocalyptic beast like Tyrant Behemoth be comparable to the likes of an overgrown snake?”

“It won’t take more than three minutes . Tyrant Behemoth will definitely defeat Orochi . ”

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“I don’t think Orochi can even last three minutes . ”

The people in the West District believed that Tyrant Behemoth would win, but as the 72-hour countdown ticked by, they didn’t see Tyrant Behemoth choosing to answer the call of battle . People began to sing to a different tune .

There were even media reports that Tyrant Behemoth was no match for Orochi, which was why it didn’t dare accept the challenge .

Immediately, some media outlets objected . As a result, the major media outlets began arguing online . The West District citizens who supported Tyrant Behemoth began to split into two factions .

In the end, after 72 hours, Tyrant Behemoth didn’t choose to participate in the battle . This war of words ended with Tyrant Behemoth’s supporters turning silent in dejection .

Many people from the West District were very disappointed . They believed that Tyrant Behemoth shouldn’t have been afraid of battle and should fight to the death to defend the glory of the West District .

There were even rumors that pointed at the Family Clan of Gods and the Cape family, believing that Tyrant Behemoth was a Companion Beast of their two families . It was a disgrace to the West District to surrender without fighting .

The Cape family was the most wronged . Their Chimera had been swallowed by Tyrant Behemoth, so how could Tyrant Behemoth belong to their family? However, ordinary citizens didn’t know of this situation and included their family in their cussing .

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In the end, the Cape family couldn’t withstand the pressure of public opinion . This greatly affected their reputation as a hero family . In the end, they took the initiative to meet the Family Clan of Gods and decided to take down Orochi .

In the beginning, they first sent an unknown Mythical Companion Beast to challenge Orochi, hoping to figure out its true strength .

However, it was easily defeated . Following that, the two families sent three Mythical Companion Beasts to challenge Orochi, but all of them failed . They were defeated by Orochi with overwhelming strength . One of the losers was Inferno Dragon .

It may have been a covetous probe at the beginning, but at this stage, the entire Federation knew that the two families were aiming to defeat Orochi .

However, the repeated failures only served to further infuriate the West District media . They blamed the two families for their inaction . They should have sent stronger Companion Beasts to fight and defeat Orochi to defend West District’s honor .

There were even some people from the West District who wanted Tyrant Behemoth to fight again to avenge their humiliation .

Unfortunately, Tyrant Behemoth wasn’t in the hands of the two West District families . Even if they wanted Tyrant Behemoth to fight, it was impossible .

The two families had their own plans . It was impossible for them to engage in an all-out war with Orochi at the moment, but they couldn’t ignore the reputation of the two families . Finally, the Cape family sent out an Angel Companion Beast, hoping to defeat Orochi .