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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 633

Published at 5th of December 2020 02:26:00 PM

Chapter 633

633 The Federation is Incompetent

War Angel was a Mythical Companion Beast with golden wings . He wore golden armor and held a sword in one hand and a shield in the other . He was a Companion Beast with extremely powerful offensive and defensive abilities .

Orochi quickly accepted the challenge and appeared in the arena . This battle attracted a large number of spectators .

Because Orochi had won several consecutive battles and made Tyrant Behemoth retreat without a fight, it was placed in the limelight . It was so great that it was almost comparable to top Companion Beasts like Primordial Immortal Sword and Death of the Underworld .

However, its ranking remained at thirteen . It didn’t continue challenging upwards .

The moment Orochi appeared, its eight snake heads spewed out different powers—poison, flames, and smoke . Together with its mountainous form, it looked extremely terrifying .

War Angel raised the golden shield in his hand and formed a barrier of light, blocking the many forces outside the barrier . The wings on his back flapped as he instantly came in front of Orochi . The golden sword in his hand slashed at one of the snake heads with a resplendent and holy sword beam .


A snake tail slammed into War Angel’s sword beam like a phantom . It shattered the sword beam and sent War Angel flying .

In terms of strength, War Angel was clearly no match for Orochi .

War Angel wasn’t injured . He raised his shield and sword and constantly circled Orochi while attacking, but it didn’t serve much purpose .

Although his shield could block Orochi’s attack, its sword beam was similarly unable to injure Orochi . Every strike was blocked, causing the battle to enter a stalemate .

The West District citizens naturally hoped for War Angel to win . As for the other districts, they were just watching the fun . This was because no one could confirm that Orochi was a Companion Beast from overseas .

As the battle continued, the golden wings on War Angel’s back suddenly turned into golden feathers that spread out and condensed towards the golden sword . The golden sword turned into a huge golden feather sword that slashed at Orochi with unparalleled light .

This strike was War Angel’s Wheel of Destiny, known as the End of War . It possessed unparalleled destructive power . The Cape family hoped to use the End of War to defeat Orochi .

Many people in the West District knew of the existence of War Angel . When they saw End of War, they were excited, imagining that War Angel was finally about to unleash its maximum strength .

Even people who didn’t know the might of End of War felt that this strike was invincible when they saw the golden sword beam that resembled divine punishment . Even if Orochi wasn’t killed, it would be severely injured .

However, in the next second, the West District citizen’s fantasy was shattered . Orochi’s tail struck the terrifying golden sword beam with a cold beam .

The golden sword beam was sliced apart along with the feather blade . Even the shield was split in half . Thankfully, War Angel retreated quickly, or his body might have been split in half .

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At this stage, War Angel’s owner didn’t dare continue . He chose to admit defeat and leave the battlefield . If he continued fighting, he probably wouldn’t even have the chance to admit defeat .

The people from West District fell silent while the people from the other districts gloated .

“The angels in the West District are nothing much after all . They can’t even defeat a snake . ”

“How embarrassing . The two hero families can’t even deal with a snake . They were even beaten up so badly . ”

“Thankfully, Tyrant Behemoth was smart and didn’t accept the challenge . Otherwise, it might have been sliced into two if it didn’t escape as quickly as War Angel . ”

As for the West District, they were in a frenzy . The Internet was abuzz . There were people requesting Tyrant Behemoth to take the stage again, but there were also people who wanted the two families to send stronger Companion Beasts . Such a failure was intolerable .

As for the pessimists of the West District, they believed that Orochi was invincible .

The two families were in a difficult position, but to send a top-notch Companion Beast into battle now would only expose their strength and affect their plan to achieve first place .

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When Liu Yun and Zhou Wen arrived at a city closest to the desert, they saw the video of Orochi fighting War Angel . Liu Yun exclaimed, “What a powerful, destructive force . The tail of Orochi is like an invincible divine weapon . It can even shatter End of War . It’s terrifying . It was right for you not to accept the challenge back then . This power is the nemesis of all pure Strength-type Companion Beasts . ”

Zhou Wen said, “In myths, there’s a divine sword in the tail of Orochi . It’s an infallible weapon . That should be Orochi’s most powerful trump card . ”

After watching Orochi’s battle, Zhou Wen felt more at ease . Orochi was indeed powerful, but it was impossible for it to defeat Tyrant Behemoth .

The destructive power of Golden Overlord Sword was in no way inferior to Orochi . Its attack power was augmented by Golden Sword Aura, Unstoppable, and Ever-Victorious . Yet, it could only injure Tyrant Behemoth when it didn’t use Absolute Strength . Once it used Absolute Strength, the Golden Overlord Sword’s offensive power could only cause a faint sword mark on Tyrant Behemoth .

Of course, that was under Zhou Wen’s deliberate act . In fact, Tyrant Behemoth wouldn’t even give Golden Overlord Sword a chance to hit it when it used Absolute Strength .

Unfortunately, there were too many people in the city . Zhou Wen didn’t wish to be too ostentatious or he would have gotten Tyrant Behemoth to finish Orochi .

The two of them left the city and continued heading towards the desert . Now, all Zhou Wen wanted was to quickly reach the Endless Sea of Stars and see if he could download a game dungeon .

While the two families in the West District were hesitating, Orochi, which had not challenged anything of a higher rank, made a move . It challenged fourth-place, Ice Elemental Sprite Queen .

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It was a Mythical Companion Beast that belonged to the Ultimate Family Clan . It was currently in fourth place, only inferior to Primordial Sword Immortal, Death of the Underworld, and Fairy Immortal Gu .

Legend had it that Fairy Immortal Gu was from the Dugu family, but up to now, no one had confirmed it .

Ice Elemental Sprite Queen was proficient in ice power and could freeze everything . As for the Wheel of Destiny—Extreme Cold—legend had it that it was the power closest to absolute zero .

Unfortunately, Orochi seemed to have very high resistance to ice . When the entire combat arena was frozen, it actually shattered the ice and slashed out with its tail, almost killing Ice Elemental Sprite Queen .

The owner of Ice Elemental Sprite Queen had no choice but to admit defeat . However, after that, Orochi did something unimaginable .

Orochi’s eight heads spewed out eight different powers including ice, fire, and smoke at the same time, condensing eight words in the void .

“The Federation is incompetent . The heroes are shameless . ”

Instantly, the entire Federation erupted with rage . To say such words made it very obvious . Orochi was undoubtedly an overseas Companion Beast .

This time, it wasn’t just the West District . The entire Federation’s Four Districts were filled with indignation .