Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 635

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Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Netherworld City

“Death Valley, Netherworld City, the Endless Sea of Stars, and Paradise Mountain . These are the four most terrifying dimensional zones that appeared after the transformation of the Taklamakan Desert . If humans enter, it’s highly likely that they won’t be able to survive,” said Liu Yun .

“Then why are you taking me to the Endless Sea of Stars?” Zhou Wen frowned .

“I’ve entered the Endless Sea of Stars before, and I know how to leave . As long as I don’t venture too deep, there won’t be any danger . However, I’ve only heard of Netherworld City and have never seen it before . I heard from the people in the desert that Netherworld City can only be seen at certain times . Many people might not even see it once in their entire lives in the desert, but who knew that it would be such a coincidence for us to encounter it? Is the thing you planted on me still there?” Liu Yun asked Zhou Wen suspiciously .

“Do I look like an idiot? I wouldn’t want to die with you, right?” Zhou Wen curled his lips .

Liu Yun thought that it made sense . If they entered the desert together, Zhou Wen wouldn’t be able to escape the same fate if he died from encountering Netherworld City .

“What kind of place is Netherworld City?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I don’t know . I’ve only heard that none of the people who have seen Netherworld City can return alive . I didn’t believe it in the past, but this city is indeed strange . I’ve already changed directions, and it’s impossible I backtracked; yet, here we are, seeing it again . ” Liu Yun’s expression didn’t look too good .

“Since we can’t shake it off, let’s head over and take a look . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he jumped off the turtle’s back . After adhering the Substitute Talisman to himself, he summoned Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and allowed it to appear on his back in its companion form .

He wore Truth Listener the entire time . He directly summoned Tyrant Behemoth and made it scout ahead .

Liu Yun knew that they couldn’t hide from Netherworld City after encountering it, so he decided to take a look first .

He summoned Genie and Orange Cat . He wore the pair of bracers and summoned a few Epic Companion Beasts .

After summoning, he saw that Zhou Wen was still summoning Companion Beasts . Not only did he summon the Golden Overlord Sword, but he also had a Golden Battle God Halberd floating beside him .

“Junior Brother, don’t tell me you’re in the same industry as me?” Liu Yun looked at Zhou Wen’s Mythical Companion Beasts and felt like he had wasted all his years .

He used to think that he was doing pretty well . Among his peers, even the geniuses of the six families might not have as many Mythical Companion Beasts as he did . However, compared to Zhou Wen, he immediately felt like he was a country bumpkin .

Zhou Wen ignored him and summoned some Vajra Mallas that served as cannon fodder . Due to the intense sunlight here, the Poison Bats’ combat strength would be greatly weakened, so Zhou Wen didn’t use them .

A few Vajra Mallas scouted ahead . Zhou Wen and Liu Yun followed behind as they headed for Netherworld City .

Netherworld City’s huge doors were tightly shut . The doors were carved from yellow jade . On each of the two doors, there was a tiny ghost image which looked very sinister .

When they arrived in front of the city gate, nothing happened . While Liu Yun sized up the city gate, Zhou Wen took out his phone and snapped a picture of the tiny palm symbol beside the words ‘Netherworld City . ’

The palm of the tiny palm symbol didn’t hold the symbol of Netherworld City, but a ring . He did not know what it meant .

After taking a picture on his phone, Zhou Wen immediately entered the download interface, making him feel a lot more at ease .

As long as he could download the map, he could explore the secret of Netherworld City in-game . No matter how strange it was, there was no need to be afraid .

With the combat strength of Zhou Wen’s current Companion Beast lineup, he should be able to clear anything unless he encountered an unreasonable existence like The Thearch .

Before he could finish downloading the map, he suddenly heard a strange voice coming from the gates of Netherworld City . “Welcome to Netherworld City . ”

Zhou Wen looked in the direction of the voice and saw that it came from the two ghost faces on the door .

The two ghost faces revealed a strange smile as they stared at Zhou Wen and Liu Yun .

Liu Yun and Zhou Wen looked warily at the two ghost faces on the door, not daring to act rashly .

“Before entering the city, there are three ironclad rules you must not violate . Take heed,” the ghost face on the left said .

“First, murderers in Netherworld City will die,” the ghost face on the right said with a smile .

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“Second, anyone whose two feet leave the ground will die,” the ghost face on the left said .

“Third, kill one person for every day you are inside the city, or you will have to commit suicide,” the ghost face on the right said .

“Welcome to the city,” the two ghost faces said the last sentence in unison as the door to Netherworld City opened .

“What kind of bullsh*t ironclad rules are those? The first rule clearly states that we are not allowed to kill . The third rule says that we have to kill one person a day . It’s completely bullsh*t,” said Liu Yun .

However, the two ghost faces had already closed their eyes as though they were asleep . They ignored Liu Yun .

Zhou Wen looked at Netherworld City, but the city was blinding . He couldn’t see anything .

Truth Listener’s ability couldn’t hear any sound in Netherworld City . Zhou Wen did not know what force had affected it .

“Let’s not enter the city now . ” Zhou Wen planned on entering the city in-game after the map was downloaded .

However, Zhou Wen soon realized that it wasn’t up to them whether they entered the city .

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A raging fire burned outside the city, as though the entire desert had turned into burning hell . The Vajra Mallas beside them were immediately burned to ashes when they touched the flames .

It was the same for one of Liu Yun’s Epic pets . When it touched a spark, it immediately burned and was reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye .

Seeing the flames rapidly reach the city gates, it was obvious that they were forced to enter the city . They didn’t have any other choice . If they didn’t wish to die in the sea of flames, they could only enter the city .

“Let’s enter the city now . ” Liu Yun saw that the fire was about to reach his feet . Genie, who was a fire-elemental Companion Beast, was helpless against the flames . All he could do was shout and charge into the city gates .

Zhou Wen could only follow by carefully charging into the city .

At the instant they passed through the city gates, they realized that the Companion Beasts they summoned had automatically returned to their bodies, turning into tattoos .

It was a little different from what they had imagined . The city wasn’t hell, but a seemingly normal street . There were all sorts of strange buildings on both sides of the street .

Strangely, there were humanoid creatures standing on the streets . There were only a few of them .

As far as their eyes could see, there were about twenty to thirty people on the long street . However, those people were very strange . All of them stood motionless, as though their feet had been nailed to the ground .