Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 637

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Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Reason of Death

“That’s not right . If Netherworld City is really muted, why are we able to hear each other’s voices? Could it be that it’s not forbidden for sound to spread, but that sound can only be transmitted within a certain range?” Liu Yun thought for a moment before saying .

“From the looks of it, the possibility is very high . In other words, we have to walk over to communicate with those people,” Zhou Wen said as he looked at the people on the street .

“That’s crazy . The person closest to us is 163 stone slabs away from us . Even if sound can be transmitted within a certain range, meaning that we don’t have to walk right up to him, we still have to take at least a hundred steps . ” Liu Yun counted the stone slabs on the street .

“Let’s try walking . Even if we stand here without moving, the third rule might still kill us,” Zhou Wen said .

“What a bullsh*t ironclad rule . If the ironclad rule is really effective, wouldn’t we die without a doubt? Killing people means death . Even if we don’t kill people, we will die . I think there must be something wrong with the three rules,” said Liu Yun .

“Murderers will die . If people aren’t killed in a day, one can only commit suicide . What method is there to satisfy these two conditions at the same time without having to die?” Zhou Wen frowned in thought .

Liu Yun looked at Zhou Wen and said, “I have an idea . If I push you out now and your number drops to zero, you might die because of me . It can be said that I killed you, but I didn’t personally kill you . Does this count as fulfilling two conditions at the same time?”

“That’s one way to look at it . ” Zhou Wen nodded slightly .

However, Liu Yun shook his head and said, “This method is useless . Even if I kill you, I’ll only live one more day . The cost is not proportional to the rewards . ”

“Now, our understanding of Netherworld City is limited . Let’s head over and ask the people ahead . Perhaps we can obtain some useful information,” Zhou Wen said as he prepared to walk forward .

“Don’t walk yet . Let’s think of a way . Perhaps we can come up with a way to resolve the problem . For example, you can carry me on your back . That way, we might only need to expend one person’s steps,” shouted Liu Yun .

“If I carry you, won’t your feet leave the ground?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I’m just giving an example . There might be other methods,” said Liu Yun .

“Then take your time to think about it . Tell me when you think of it . ” Zhou Wen probed as he walked forward .

On the same stone slab, no matter how he moved, the number wouldn’t change . However, as long as he moved to the stone slab beside him, the number would change .

If he crossed two stone slabs with one step, the number would decrease by two .

“You are already walking . What’s the point of me telling you?” Liu Yun gritted his teeth and followed .

The two of them watched as the number on the stone slabs kept decreasing . They were also extremely nervous . No one knew what would happen after the number dropped to zero .

As Zhou Wen walked, he looked at his phone . Netherworld City was still downloading, but it hadn’t finished .

This was because he didn’t know when the game could be downloaded . If the download took more than a day, Zhou Wen might just be waiting for death if he didn’t do anything .

Therefore, Zhou Wen decided to do his best with what he had . If his phone didn’t work, he might still have a chance of survival .

After walking on about seven or eight stone slabs, Zhou Wen suddenly had a bad feeling the moment he stepped onto the next slab . It was as though something was different .

This time, not only did the stone slab show a number, but there were also words .

Cause of death: Death by blades .

Zhou Wen stood motionless as his body tensed up, ready to release his strength at any moment .

Liu Yun also felt that something was amiss . He stopped in front of Zhou Wen and asked him, “What happened?”

Before Zhou Wen could answer, he heard a bang . Not far in front of him, a warrior wrapped in armor appeared with a blade in hand .

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After appearing, he slashed at Zhou Wen without a word . The black saber beam instantly appeared in front of him, as fast as an illusion .

Clang! Zhou Wen drew his Bamboo Blade and slashed at the black-armored warrior .

The black-armored warrior’s strength was much weaker than Zhou Wen’s . He was sent flying, but he wasn’t injured . Zhou Wen could tell that he was an Epic dimensional creature, not a human .

Zhou Wen couldn’t move, but the black-armored warrior didn’t have such restrictions . He rapidly moved and slashed from all directions, hoping to slay Zhou Wen by his blade .

Zhou Wen brandished his saber in response to the battle, but he could only stand where he was .

All this while, Zhou Wen had focused on practicing his movement techniques . But now, he couldn’t move at all . He was a little unused to it . However, his realm, reaction, consciousness, and technique remained ever-present . It wasn’t difficult for him to block the black-armored warrior’s attacks .

Liu Yun was too close to Zhou Wen and was also affected by the black-armored warrior . The black-armored warrior even slashed at him . Liu Yun could only take two steps back to prevent himself from being injured in the battle .

However, with his retreat, his number also decreased . He couldn’t help but feel depressed .

It’s clearly a stone slab that I’ve already reached, but the number still gets reduced when I return to it . Damn it . Liu Yun cursed inwardly .

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However, when he saw Zhou Wen being constantly attacked by the black-armored warrior, he gloated in delight . “Junior Brother, your saber techniques aren’t bad . If you could move, ten black-armored warriors wouldn’t even make you break a sweat . What a pity . ”

“Even if I can’t move, killing him isn’t difficult . However, if I kill him, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next,” Zhou Wen said .

Liu Yun nodded when he heard that . “This black-armored warrior should be considered one of the top existences at the Epic stage . His movement techniques and saber techniques are very powerful . His strength is slightly lacking, but he’s first-rate . The first appearance might be at the Epic stage, but if the second one is at the Mythical stage, we would definitely die considering how we can’t use our Companion Beasts or move as we please . ”

“That’s not what I’m referring to . I’m thinking if this black-armored warrior is considered a human? If I kill him, wouldn’t that breach the first rule?” Zhou Wen added .

After Liu Yun heard that, his expression turned serious . “If he’s considered a human, then we really don’t have a way out . Killing him means death . If we don’t kill him, we’ll be constantly attacked . Once our stamina is exhausted, we’ll die . ”

After a moment of silence, Liu Yun continued, “I don’t think that he comes under the ironclad rules . Otherwise, there’s no way for us to live . ”

“From the looks of it, Netherworld City doesn’t plan on giving us a way out,” Zhou Wen said coldly .

Zhou Wen’s mind raced . The black-armored warrior definitely had to be killed . It was impossible for him to continue fighting him like this . However, he couldn’t kill him casually . He needed to be prepared .

The black-armored warrior appeared behind Zhou Wen like a ghost . He was already very close to him, but Zhou Wen suddenly turned around and slashed out with his Bamboo Blade .

Before the black-armored warrior’s saber could land, his saber had already sliced the black-armored warrior in half .