Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 638

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Chapter 638: 638
If Zhou Wen were to die just like that, he would likely suffer the same fate . He naturally didn't wish for Zhou Wen to die .

"I'm fine . " Zhou Wen sheathed his Bamboo Blade and shook his head .

At the instant he struck out to kill the black-armored warrior, Zhou Wen switched to Gods Retreat before killing it .

The jade infant absorbed a large amount of taboo power and nearly exploded . However, it was about the same as before . There were no abnormal fluctuations . From the looks of it, killing the black-armored warrior wasn't considered murder .

Of course, this was only Zhou Wen's guess . Perhaps the taboo power fluctuations from murder wasn't obvious .

Zhou Wen looked down at the black-armored warrior's corpse . His corpse was rapidly disintegrating as a crystal dropped . It was an Essence Energy Skill Crystal .

Zhou Wen extended his palm and sucked it over . The crystal reached Zhou Wen's hand and he used his phone to snap a picture . It was indeed an Epic Essence Energy Skill Crystal .

Blade Executioner Crystal: Epic

With the Blade Executioner dead, the words on the stone slab beneath Zhou Wen's feet vanished .

"Do you still want to continue walking? If we encounter a Mythical creature, we will probably be doomed," said Liu Yun with a heavy expression .

Zhou Wen knew that it was a viable possibility . He wouldn't believe that there were no Mythical creatures in such a strange dimensional zone .

He looked at his phone . The game was still downloading, and there wasn't any indication of the progress . He didn't know when it would finish downloading .

"Let's continue," Zhou Wen said as he bit his lip . A day was very short . If they couldn't untie the dead knot caused by the three ironclad rules, they would probably die .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen still had Truth Listener and Demonic Neonate to use . Even if he encountered Mythical creatures, he wasn't powerless against them .

However, Zhou Wen was still somewhat worried . He didn't know if Companion Beasts would be affected by the ironclad rules of Netherworld City . If they were affected as well, they would die if they weren't summoned with their feet touching the ground . That would be tragic .

But now that things had come to this, he had to fight for his survival . All he could do was walk forward .

"Junior Brother, go ahead . I'll follow behind you . Since you wish to scout the way, I can help you from behind if you encounter danger," said Liu Yun .

There was nothing wrong with what Liu Yun said . Furthermore, Zhou Wen hadn't pinned his hopes on him at all, so he continued walking forward . However, this time, Zhou Wen walked even slower and was even more careful .

The only thing that worried Liu Yun was if the black-armored warrior that Zhou Wen had killed would appear when he stepped onto the same stone slab .

Although he was worried, Liu Yun was still prepared to take the same path . He wanted to see if the black-armored warrior would appear again . That would give him a better idea for the remaining journey .

However, before Liu Yun reached the black-armored warrior's stone slab, something went wrong .

He stepped on a stone slab that Zhou Wen had stepped on before . The stone slab lit up as a few words appeared .

Cause of death: Horror

"F*ck, what the hell is this? You clearly stepped on it just now . Wasn't it fine?" Liu Yun tightened his nerves and looked around .

He didn't know what horror was . The slab that Zhou Wen had stepped on previously clearly wrote 'Death by blades . '

Zhou Wen turned his head and saw the words beneath Liu Yun's feet . He said with a heavy expression, "From the looks of it, the problematic stone slabs aren't in fixed spots . They randomly appear or someone is controlling them . Even if there's a pattern, we don't know what it is . "

"Junior Brother, I think it's best if we don't meet again in the future . Before meeting you, I lived a happy life . However, ever since I met you, I haven't had a good day . I might even lose my life here . Promise me, if we can survive this time, we won't meet again, alright?" Liu Yun said with a bitter face .

"When you take me to the Endless Sea of Stars, we won't meet again," Zhou Wen said .

"You still want to go to the Endless Sea of Stars when we are already in this situation… Ah…" As Liu Yun spoke, he suddenly felt a chill run down his neck .

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A dagger seemed to have appeared out of thin air and stuck to his neck . The blade had already touched his skin .

Liu Yun turned pale with fright, but his reaction was really fast . Almost at the same time the blade appeared, he quickly leaned back, but his feet seemed to be nailed to the ground . He remained motionless .

The dagger slashed across Liu Yun's face, slicing off a portion of his hair . Liu Yun broke out into a cold sweat .

However, the dagger vanished after the slash . If not for the fact that half of Liu Yun's hair had been cut off and there was a faint bloody mark on his neck, he would have thought that it was just an illusion .

Liu Yun listened attentively, but he couldn't hear the sound of the dagger at all . There was no wind in the air .

This is indeed horrifying . I would rather meet the black-armored warrior… Liu Yun felt depressed, but he focused his mind and didn't dare relax .

Suddenly, the dagger appeared at Liu Yun's waist and stabbed at his waist .

Liu Yun immediately dodged to the side . His clothes were pierced, but he still managed to dodge .

Zhou Wen watched from the side as the dagger constantly appeared . It was like a ghost whose trajectory he couldn't figure out . Every time it appeared, it was as though it had teleported .

When it vanished, Truth Listener couldn't hear its location .

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Liu Yun's skills were extraordinary . He managed to dodge the various attacks of the dagger time and time again . His body made all sorts of unimaginable poses . At most, he would lift one foot from the ground, never two at the same time . There were certain poses that even a professional acrobat might not be able to do .

"Senior Brother, your movement technique is pretty good . Where did you learn it?" Zhou Wen asked with a smile .

"You're still gloating at me despite the situation . Hurry up and help me think of a way to deal with this fellow," Liu Yun said gloomily .

"Since you have the ability to dodge, find an opportunity to slash it . Perhaps you can slice it apart with one strike," Zhou Wen said .

"You make it sound simple . How would I know that I would enter such a crappy place? I usually use Companion Beasts, so I don't have any ordinary weapons," said Liu Yun .

"You should have said so earlier . I have a weapon . I can rent it out to you," Zhou Wen said with a smile .

"Cut the crap . Give it to me quickly . " Liu Yun dodged the dagger's attack and shouted at Zhou Wen .

"How much will you be paying for rent?" Zhou Wen said in a relaxed manner when he saw that he wasn't in much danger .

"You can charge however much you want . Junior Brother, can't you be a little more humane in times like this?" Liu Yun felt like crying .

"Tell me first, what movement technique is that?" Zhou Wen was especially interested in movement techniques . Liu Yun's movement technique wasn't as fast as Zhou Wen's, but his body could make all sorts of strange poses . It was something that ordinary humans couldn't accomplish . It was definitely a special Essence Energy Skill .