Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Invitation

“Okay,” Zhou Wen said with a nod .

Since he hadn’t suffered any losses the last time, as they were borne by Gao Yang and Su Mei, there was naturally nothing that was irreconcilable .

Gao Yang was very happy when he heard that . He pushed the door open and entered the yard, speaking as he walked . “I came here today for one other matter . Let me do the introduction . These three are students at our school . They are also your seniors . This is Hui Haifeng . You just matriculated, so you might not have heard his name . However, you’ll definitely learn of his name once you familiarize yourself with the campus . ”

“Zhou Wen, hello there . ” Hui Haifeng reached out his palm in a friendly manner .

“Hello . I’m gaming, so just get straight to the point . ” Zhou Wen was controlling the blood-colored avatar to battle in the Ant Nest . There were Vigor Ants everywhere swarming around him . He couldn’t divert his attention to shake hands with Hui Haifeng, so it wasn’t because of any disrespect .

Gao Yang and the other two showed their displeasure, but Hui Haifeng thought nothing of it . He said with a smile, “I’ve watched the video of you and Li Xuan fighting the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . It was truly impressive, your judgment and commanding left me surprised . It’s like you could predict the future . The only thing that’s a pity was that one of your teammates was problematic, preventing you from slaying the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . ”

With Zhou Wen not having the intention to answer him, Hui Haifeng continued, “I came here hoping to invite you to our team to kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . ”

“Not interested . ” Zhou Wen was already rather familiar with the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . He believed that it wouldn’t take long for him to slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus in-game, so there was no need for him to take any risks .

Gao Yang tried persuading him . “Zhou Wen, consider it . Hui Haifeng is a lot stronger than Li Xuan . These two are Legendary experts that rank in the top twenty in school . Killing the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus with them is almost guaranteed . There won’t be many risks and it can be said that there are only benefits to it . ”

“Sorry, I’m really not interested . ” Zhou Wen shook his head again .

He was doing his best grinding the Ant Nest dungeon, hoping to drop Companion Eggs to feed the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . For this reason, he wasn’t even visiting the lotus pond and chose to head to the Ant Nest where there were more dimensional creatures . He didn’t have the time to kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus with Hui Haifeng .

However, on second thought, Zhou Wen felt that what Xu Miantu said previously was right . In a place like Sunset College, showcasing one’s strength allowed one to gain more opportunities .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t need the opportunities as they would affect his gaming and become a distraction .

Gao Yang was slightly displeased . He thought differently of Zhou Wen only because Hui Haifeng appreciated Zhou Wen . He himself didn’t think Zhou Wen was that strong .

Hui Haifeng patted Gao Yang on the back, indicating him to swallow his words back . Then, he said to Zhou Wen, “Let’s do this . I’ll hire you to help us slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . If you have any requests, raise it . ”

Zhou Wen was just about to reject him and send them off so that he could game in peace when a thought flashed in his mind . He looked up and asked Hui Haifeng, “Any condition?”

“That will depend on whether it’s worth it,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile .

“You can hire me . But I want a Legendary Companion Egg . ” Zhou Wen gave his condition immediately .

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He had grinded an entire day at Ant Nest, killing countless Vigor Ants and only with good luck could a Companion Egg drop . Otherwise, nothing would drop, making it difficult for him to rear a Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

If he used a Legendary Companion Egg to feed the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, perhaps it could grow faster and no longer suffer from hunger that quickly .

Gao Yang wasn’t willing when he heard that . “Zhou Wen, aren’t you being exorbitant? We are killing a blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, so the chances of a Companion Egg dropping isn’t high . By wanting a Legendary Companion Egg, aren’t you being difficult?”

“That’s my price . If you want it cheaper, you are free to hire others,” Zhou Wen continued gaming as he said without looking up .

Gao Yang wasn’t done, but Hui Haifeng cut him off . “A Legendary Companion Egg, no problem . What kind do you want?”

“Any kind will do . ” Since Zhou Wen was only using it as food, he didn’t have any special requests .

“Alright . I can give it to you tonight . Shall we head to the lotus pond tomorrow?” Hui Haifeng said without hesitation .

Zhou Wen finally looked up at Hui Haifeng and said, “Sure, I still have another request . ”

“Zhou Wen, don’t push it,” Gao Yang said unhappily .

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“No worries . Go ahead . ” However, Hui Haifeng was unperturbed as though he didn’t care about it .

“If I am to go, everyone has to follow my commands . Before taking action, I also need to understand all the Companion Beasts you will use in detail . If you are also participating in the battle, I’ll also need to know your combat standards and Primordial Energy Skills”

“No problem,” Hui Haifeng replied immediately .

“Also, I will not join the battle myself like the last time . I’m only in charge of giving commands,” Zhou Wen added .

“It’s your commanding ability that caught my eye . I don’t need you to take risks,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile .

“Deal . When will you send my Legendary Companion Egg to me?” Zhou Wen lowered his head and continued gaming .

Hui Haifeng thought for a moment before giving a time . “Eight in the evening . ”

After discussing the specifics, Hui Haifeng and Gao Yang left . On the way, Gao Yang said unhappily, “Haifeng, I really can’t tell how Zhou Wen is as important as you describe him to be? I’ve watched the video of his battle with the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus numerous times . We are already very clear about what needs to be done . With our strength, we should be able to kill it by ourselves . Why must we spend so much to hire him?”

Hui Haifeng shook his head slightly . “Seeing and doing are two completely different matters . Besides, we only saw a portion . We still have no idea what other capabilities the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus has . ”

“We might not know, but neither will Zhou Wen . What use is he?” Gao Yang still couldn’t get his mind around it .

“I have a nagging feeling that Zhou Wen is somewhat different . Just treat it as buying some insurance,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile .

At eight that evening, someone sent a Legendary Companion Egg over . At the same time, a contract was included . Zhou Wen read through it and signed it after checking that it was fine . He then accepted the Legendary Companion Egg

Closing the door and returning to his cultivation room, Zhou Wen took out the Legendary Companion Egg from the box . At the same time, he summoned the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, hoping to see how it would eat a Companion Egg in real life .

Once the Silver-Winged Flying Ant saw the Companion Egg, it flew over and opened its huge mouth, biting onto the Egg and sucking at it . Soon, all that was left of the Companion Egg was its outer skin .

The next second, Zhou Wen saw a silver swirl around the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s body with a red hue within .