Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 641

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Chapter 641: 641
He didn't look like he was looking at humans, but more like beasts such as pigs or dogs .

He supported his face with one hand and tilted his head to look at them . Meanwhile, the people on the street below were all ghastly pale . Their bodies involuntarily trembled as though something extremely terrifying was about to happen .

"Who is that guy? Why is he so cocky?" Liu Yun whispered .

The person, far away above the stone steps, seemed to have heard Liu Yun's words . Looking at him from afar, Liu Yun's scalp immediately went numb and cold sweat broke out on his back .

Fortunately, that person only glanced at him and didn't pay much attention to him .

Zhou Wen noticed that in front of the person was a bowl made of a skull . Unfortunately, he didn't know what was inside .

Truth Listener's ability had been restricted . He couldn't sense that far away .

Just as Zhou Wen was pondering over it, the person extended a hand and took some things from the bowl, clamping them between his fingers .

Only then did Zhou Wen see that they were dice—six of them . Each one was crystalline-like jade, but they looked more like the bones of some creature .

The dice didn't look too special . Just like ordinary dice, there were numbers from one to six engraved on each of the six sides . The colors were red, like blood .

When the person picked up the dice, Zhou Wen and Liu Yun were alarmed because the stone slab beneath their feet lit up .

However, the stone slabs were extremely bright this time . A blood-colored number actually appeared on it .

The number under Zhou Wen's feet was 19, and the number under Liu Yun's feet was 18 . Neither of them knew what this number represented .

However, Zhou Wen soon realized what the numbers meant . This was because blood-colored numbers lit up beneath the feet of the people in front of him . Everyone's numbers were different . From 1 to 33, this meant that there were a total of 33 people on the long street . These numbers were their serial numbers .

Zhou Wen had already figured out what would happen next .

That high and mighty fellow would definitely throw the dice . If the number he threw was the same as the number under someone's feet, that person would definitely be in for a rough time .

From the reactions of the people in front of him, he knew that they must have experienced the same thing, which was why they appeared to be so afraid .

"I wonder what will happen if the points under our feet match the points he throws out?" Liu Yun also noticed something and swallowed his saliva .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that he would throw the dice into the bowl, but to his surprise, the person threw the dice down .

Six dice landed on the stone steps and rolled along .

Amazingly, the six dice grew in size as they rolled . When they landed on the long street, they were more than a meter long .

Six huge rolling dice rumbled down the long street at an extremely fast speed . Wherever they passed, the people in front would dodge to the side, not daring to come into contact with the die . They looked extremely afraid .

"What should we do?" Liu Yun looked at the dice that were rolling . Two of the huge dice were likely to pass through the spot they were standing .

If they wanted to dodge, they needed to move at least three stone slabs .

"Let's dodge it first . " Zhou Wen didn't know what the dice were, so he decided to avoid them . He would wait until he figured out the situation when he went further forward .

Six dice rolled past them amidst rumbling, and their step counter was reduced by four steps .


The dice rolled all the way to the entrance and slammed into it . Then, they bounced back and landed in the open space inside the door . After rolling for a while, they stopped .

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One two, three threes, one six, and one five—a total score of 22 .

Zhou Wen and Liu Yun's eyes immediately looked at the street in front of them . The person with the red number, 22, at his feet was around the middle of the long street . He looked like an extremely muscular middle-aged man . He was tall and mighty, and his muscles looked like steel .

Everyone on the long street looked at him, and his face instantly turned pale . He looked extremely horrified as he shouted crazily, but unfortunately, his voice couldn't be heard . All they could see was his mouth open, but no one knew what he was shouting .

As he shouted, he ran crazily . However, no matter which stone slab he ran to, the stone slab would light up with the blood-red 22 .


Without any warning, the middle-aged man's body exploded like a split watermelon . Blood flowed everywhere .

However, the blood very quickly seeped into the cracks on the stone slabs, leaving not a single drop . It was as though the stone slabbed ground could suck blood .

The man on the throne spread his fingers and the six huge dice flew back into the air, shrinking amidst their flight . By the time they reached his hand, they had returned to their original size .

Holding the dice in his hand, the person looked coldly at the people on the long street . The throne slowly descended and eventually disappeared .

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"That bastard . What does he treat us as? His toys?" Liu Yun gritted his teeth .

"From the looks of it, there's nothing wrong with that . " Zhou Wen stared at the building on the stone steps . There was no longer a throne or man there .

After watching for a while, Zhou Wen said, "That fellow should be the most terrifying dimensional creature in Netherworld City . If we can kill him, we might have a chance of escaping . "

"How do we kill him? The rules of Netherworld City are set by him . We are just chess pieces on the board . How can we play chess with the chess player?" Liu Yun said with a bitter expression .

"That depends on whether he abides by the rules or not . If he abides by the rules, we still have a chance of defeating him even if he's a chess player," Zhou Wen said .

"What if he doesn't follow the rules?" Liu Yun asked .

"Then we will have to think of a way to avoid the rules . " Zhou Wen looked at the person closest to them . There was still a look of horror on the person's face . From the looks of it, he had been frightened by the scene .

"Let's go and ask them what's going on here," Zhou Wen said as he continued walking forward .

They weren't too far from that person . After killing a few Epic dimensional creatures, they finally arrived within ten steps of that person .