Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 644

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Chapter 644: 644
Zhou Wen shook his head and said, "Even if we start with the first torture chamber, I'm afraid we won't be able to reach the Netherworld Divine Throne . "

"Why? Will there not be enough steps?" Liu Yun was puzzled .

"I don't know if the number of steps is enough . However, I do know that in the short span of a day, suffering 239 types of punishments might be nothing to our bodies individually, but can we take a total of 239 punishments? I doubt I can . Among the people I know, I'm afraid only one person can complete this street and survive all the punishments . Unfortunately, he's not here," Zhou Wen said .

"Although it's very difficult, we still have to give it a try . We can't just sit back and wait for death, right?" Liu Yun said .

"Then give it a try later," Zhou Wen said as he pointed at the shop beside him .

"As you wish . " Liu Yun also knew that at this stage, he had to try his best . Otherwise, there was no way out .

"Do you want to go back first?" Liu Yun looked at the path they had taken, but he quickly rejected it . "I'll first try entering the torture chamber beside me . "

There was still some time before the next hourly bell . The two of them could only stand there and wait .

Zhou Wen took out his phone to take a look, but he still hadn't finished downloading it . The dungeon map was clearly very big .

Zhou Wen took the opportunity to cultivate Gods Retreat . Every time he summoned it, he would switch it away when it was about to explode . After repeated cultivation, the jade infant's body became more transparent . Soon, it became as transparent as crystal .

Zhou Wen vaguely felt that the jade infant was about to break through .

I wonder what a Life Soul's Perfect Body would be like? Zhou Wen placed all his hopes on the jade infant . Gods Retreat wasn't enough to resist the taboo power here . If it could advance to a Perfect Body, they might still have a chance of survival .

As for entering the punishment chamber to receive punishment, Zhou Wen didn't pin much hope on it . His physique was already very strong, but he might not be able to withstand so many punishments in such a short period of time . Unless Li Xuan was here, Zhou Wen didn't even wish to give it a try .

An hour quickly passed . While the jade infant rested, Zhou Wen chatted with Chu He and deliberately asked about his past .

Chu He was already reeling in horror after being trapped here . Being able to chat with others was also a way to relieve stress . He said a lot .

Chu He remembered everything that had happened in the past very clearly . It didn't look like there was a problem with him, nor was there any memory loss .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Zhou Wen looked at the torture chamber beside him and saw that there was a strange torture device inside . It looked like a wooden horse, and on its back was a long spike that resembled a unicorn's horn . However, it wasn't growing on its head, but on its back .

Beside the torture equipment was a sign with the words "Wooden Horse Punishment Twenty Steps" written on it .

"Eldest Senior Brother, you get twenty steps each punishment . The rewards are very high . Do you want to give it a try?" Zhou Wen asked Liu Yun .

Liu Yun's face turned green when he saw the torture equipment . He immediately shook his head and said, "No way! I'll try this instead . Punishment by a thousand cuts . Every slice of meat is one step . More slices, more steps . This is a punishment that can be repeatedly undertaken . Perhaps it's a better opportunity to get more steps . "

"Can you take it?" Zhou Wen looked at the torture chamber and saw that there was an iron chain hanging on the beam . Beside it was a dagger .

With one look, he roughly understood that one was going to be cuffed by the hands and hoisted up before having the dagger slice off pieces of meat .

"As a man, anything can be done to live . I'll do it . " Liu Yun knew that if he wanted to live, he had to risk it .

Without any hesitation, Liu Yun followed Chu He's earlier instructions and shouted at the punishment by a thousand cuts chamber, "I want to undertake punishment by a thousand cuts . "

The moment he finished his sentence, his body vanished as though he had teleported . Zhou Wen looked over and saw that his hands had been cuffed and he was hanging in the torture chamber .

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The tiny blade was picked up by a white ghost-like creature before it slashed at Liu Yun's thigh .

The small blade was like a saw as it sliced back and forth, bit by bit . A piece of flesh fell from Liu Yun's thigh .

It had to be said that the white ghost's blade techniques were first-rate . The flesh that was sliced off was as thin as a cicada's wing and was almost transparent . It was comparable to a top chef .

Zhou Wen roughly understood why the flesh sliced off was so thin . It wasn't because they were afraid of the victim dying, but because if it was too thick, he wouldn't have enough flesh to cut a thousand slices . It naturally couldn't be considered a punishment by a thousand cuts .

It was only one slice, but Liu Yun's face was pale from the pain . Not much flesh had been sliced off, but the wound was nothing in comparison to the pain .

Liu Yun gritted his teeth and didn't say a word . The small blade continued to slice off another piece of flesh .

When Zhou Wen looked at Liu Yun again, his forehead was breaking out in cold sweat .

Chu He's heart trembled as he watched from the side . Such a bloody and cruel punishment made one's hair stand on end .

Liu Yun didn't even grunt as the blade sliced through his flesh . He was like a classic example of a true man . Even Zhou Wen couldn't help but be impressed . Liu Yun was truly unyielding .

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To Zhou Wen's surprise, Liu Yun's wounds didn't bleed much . Every time the tiny blade sliced off a piece of flesh, the wound would automatically contract without much bleeding .

"Eldest Senior Brother, I couldn't tell . You've also practiced such a powerful self-recovery technique," Zhou Wen exclaimed .

"Self-recovery my ass . It's the power of the torture chamber that prevents me from bleeding . It's afraid I'll die before I complete the thousand cuts," cursed Liu Yun .

He wasn't really such a hot-tempered person . All he wanted to do was to vent his pain through his cursing .

After 23 slices, the unyielding Liu Yun finally couldn't hold it in any longer . He shouted, "I give up on continuing the torture . "

With a clang, the metal cuff released and Liu Yun's body fell . However, when he landed, he returned to the stone slab he was on before the punishment .

Indeed, the number on his stone slab increased by 23 .

"See, isn't it simple? I got it to increase by 23 in no time at all . Try a few more torture chambers, and it won't be a problem for us to reach the Netherworld Divine Throne," Liu Yun said with a pale face .

Ignoring Zhou Wen, even Chu He could tell that Liu Yun was merely comforting himself .