Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 645

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Chapter 645: 645
Chu He shook his head firmly and said, "There's no other way . Only by being tortured in the torture chamber can one obtain more steps . "

Zhou Wen turned his head and looked at the long street . Apart from them, the others had entered the torture chambers to be punished .

It was a pity that he couldn't hear anything beyond ten steps . Otherwise, he would definitely be able to hear the undulating screams .

"Junior Brother, do you want to give punishment by a thousand cuts a try as well? Perhaps you can last longer than me?" Liu Yun encouraged him . He wanted to see how long Zhou Wen could last under such torture .

"I think I'll forget about it . " Zhou Wen shook his head and looked around . He planned on attempting a less severe punishment .

Although they could enter the torture chamber directly without needing to walk over, they needed to be within ten steps of one . If the torture chamber was too far from them, they wouldn't be able to undergo the punishment .

Now, there was only one torture chamber to their left and right that were within ten steps away On the left was the punishment by a thousand cuts which Liu Yun had attempted .

On the right was punishment by whipping . On it stated a step per lash .

It was similar to punishment by a thousand cuts . One was hoisted up for the punishment . However, it wasn't the slicing of flesh but lashing with a whip .

Liu Yun was also looking at the whip . Seeing that it was a vine whip, he said, "Then let me try the punishment . My body is quite tough . I should be able to withstand it a few more times . "

With that said, Liu Yun shouted at the whipping torture chamber, "I want to undertake punishment by whipping . "

Just like the last time, Liu Yun's body vanished . He was hung in the whipping torture chamber . Then, a white ghost-like figure appeared and picked up the vine whip .

The vine whip was lashed out by the white figure . Sharp spikes appeared on the originally smooth whip, making it appear like a thorny vine .

Pa! With a crisp sound, a bloody whip mark appeared on Liu Yun's body .

After a few whips, Liu Yun's body was reduced to a bloody mess . It was even more terrifying than punishment by a thousand cuts .

This time, Liu Yun only held on for about ten whips before giving up . After being released, he looked a little shriveled .

"F*ck, this isn't giving us a way out . How can humans withstand such punishment? Death by punishment, death also by not undergoing punishment . Why should we be punished!?" Liu Yun cursed .

The moment he finished his sentence, Zhou Wen felt his vision blur . His body seemed to be teleported by some force . By the time he reacted, he was already hung up in the whipping chamber .

A white ghost appeared in front of him . It had already gripped the vine whip .

"Junior Brother, scream loudly if you are in pain . Don't endure it . The more you endure, the more painful it will be . It will be much better if you shout out loud . The louder you shout, the better," Liu Yun said gloatingly .

He was actually just trying to find pleasure amidst the suffering, hoping to reduce his stress . He didn't really want to hear Zhou Wen scream .

"Alright," Zhou Wen replied as he switched his Essence Energy Art to Dao Body and Gods Retreat before closing his eyes .

However, the Gods Retreat Life Providence didn't affect the white ghost . Clearly, the punishment in the torture chamber wasn't a taboo power .

Seeing that Gods Retreat was useless, Zhou Wen hurriedly switched to Small Perfection of Wisdom . At the same time, he activated the Hell King Life Soul . Under the effects of the Hell King Life Soul, Zhou Wen's control over his body was extremely strong . Not only did his physique strengthen, but he could also eliminate the pain .

No matter how serious his injuries were, Zhou Wen wouldn't feel any pain . It was as though his pain nerves had been removed .

Zhou Wen didn't plan on constantly being punished . All he wanted to do was try out the force of the whipping punishment .

However, just as Zhou Wen used the Hell King Life Soul, the white specter that had already lashed out suddenly retracted its whip without striking .

"Junior Brother, what's going on? Don't tell me you can't even withstand a whip and are giving up?" Liu Yun said when he saw the scene before him, imagining that Zhou Wen had given up .

However, what happened next left Liu Yun's mouth agape .

The white ghost with the whip actually plopped to the ground and kowtowed . It lay prone, trembling .


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The shackles that bound Zhou Wen's hands automatically opened, allowing him to land .

However, Zhou Wen hadn't given up on being tortured, so he didn't return to the long street . Instead, he landed in the whipping chamber .

His feet landed on the ground, but there were no numbers on the floor . Perhaps it was because the steps didn't count in the torture chambers .

"Junior Brother… What's going on…" Liu Yun stared at Zhou Wen with his mouth agape as he looked at the trembling white ghost in front of Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen never expected his Hell King Life Soul to have such an effect .

Looking at the white ghost sprawled on the ground, Zhou Wen pondered for a moment before saying to it, "Stand up . "

The white ghost was very obedient . It obediently stood up, but its body was still trembling . It looked extremely frightened .

"Don't be afraid . Come, whip me," Zhou Wen said gently to the white ghost .

The white ghost trembled again as it collapsed to the ground and kowtowed to Zhou Wen .

"Stand up . I order you to whip me," Zhou Wen said coldly to the white ghost .

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The white ghost crawled up trembling as it held the whip in its hand, but it didn't dare to whip Zhou Wen .

"It's fine . I'm giving you permission to whip me, but you have to whip me gently . Just gently touch me," Zhou Wen instructed the white ghost .

The white ghost held the whip, but it didn't dare attack . Zhou Wen glared at it before it finally flung the whip and struck Zhou Wen's body .

The whip whistled through the air, but it only touched Zhou Wen's clothes and immediately retracted . Zhou Wen felt his skin being touched by his clothes . There was no pain at all .

The white ghost was terrified . It sprawled on the ground and kowtowed again .

"You did well . That's right . Do it again . Lash me a few more times," Zhou Wen encouraged .

Only then did the white ghost stand up shakily and lashed at Zhou Wen's body again . Just like before, it retracted once the whip touched his clothes .

Zhou Wen found a spot to sit down . As he took out his phone, he got the white ghost to torture him .

"This spot… A little heavier here… My shoulders are a little sore… Strike this side… Use more strength…" Zhou Wen kept directing the white ghost to attack the various parts of his body .

"Seriously?" Liu Yun and Chu He were dumbfounded .

The originally terrifying atmosphere was now gone . The white ghost held the vine whip and served Zhou Wen like it was a masseur at a massage parlor .