Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 647

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Chapter 647: 647
Liu Yun was abnormally bold . He reached out and pulled Chu He's face . He said in disbelief, "He's clearly a normal person . How can he be a dead person?"

Zhou Wen couldn't tell in what way Chu He was a dead person . His body, heart rate, and temperature were all normal . Apart from appearing a little slow in thought, he couldn't tell how he looked like a dead person .

However, if Chu He hadn't died, it was difficult to explain how he entered Netherworld City so long ago only to claim that he had only entered today .

"If you aren't afraid that his soul will dissipate and vanish forever, take him out of the city," said City Lord Netherworld as he made way .

"Can we really leave?" Liu Yun looked at City Lord Netherworld with distrust .

In the years he had spent in society, he naturally understood the principle that human words couldn't be trusted . Also, it was a dimensional creature who said those words . Furthermore, it was the owner of the netherworld . It sounded like true nonsense .

"As long as he isn't afraid of his soul dissipating, just walk out of Netherworld City," City Lord Netherworld said indifferently .

"Professor Chu, what do you think? Do you want to go out with us?" Liu Yun asked Chu He .

"I want to go out . I'm not a dead person," Chu He hurriedly said .

Zhou Wen looked at City Lord Netherworld and asked, "We also entered Netherworld City . Why are we not dead, but Professor Chu He is?"

City Lord Netherworld seemed to be very patient . He glanced at Zhou Wen and answered, "Didn't the ghost gates make it clear when you entered the city? None of the three ironclad rules of Netherworld City can be violated . Since he didn't walk out the city alive on the day he entered, he's naturally dead . "

"I'm not dead… I'm really not dead… Don't believe him… Take me away…" Chu He's eyes were bloodshot and his mental state was very unstable .

It wasn't Chu He's fault . Anyone who suddenly heard, in such a straightforward manner, that they were dead would be as nervous as Chu He .

"Professor Chu, don't worry . I believe you . Leave the city with us," Liu Yun said as he patted Chu He's shoulder .

Although Zhou Wen was suspicious, he couldn't confirm that Chu He was really a dead person . After some hesitation, he looked at Chu He and said, "Professor Chu, you can choose whether you want to leave this place . "

"I'll go with you . I'm really not a dead person," Chu He said immediately .

"Alright, let's go then . " Zhou Wen stared at City Lord Netherworld and moved his feet towards the entrance formed by the Netherworld Divine Throne .

However, City Lord Netherworld only watched from the side without any intention of stopping them .

Outside, in the desert, the sun was high in the sky . Beyond the Netherworld Divine Throne, there was bright sunlight . However, inside the Netherworld Divine Throne, it appeared eerie and dark .

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Liu Yun walked in front and stepped out first, standing under the sun in the desert .

Zhou Wen walked at the back, constantly wary of City Lord Netherworld who didn't move at all . All he did was look at them coldly .

Chu He stood in the shadows, one step away from the desert and the sun .

However, Chu He was somewhat hesitant . Although he was certain he wasn't dead, City Lord Netherworld had said it with such certainty . Furthermore, Zhou Wen and Liu Yun had said that he had been in Netherworld City for a long time, making him somewhat afraid .

"I'm definitely not a dead person… I'm definitely not a dead person…" Chu He gritted his teeth and extended his palm towards the sun .

Just as his fingertip touched the sunlight, a blue light suddenly appeared . The tip of his finger that had extended out actually disintegrated and disappeared in the blue light .

"Ah… How is this happening…" Chu He screamed as he retracted his palm . His face was filled with disbelief and despair .

Zhou Wen's expression changed slightly as he extended his hand and extended it into the sunlight . There wasn't any problem . All he felt was that the temperature outside was very high and the sunlight was a little scorching, but it was still acceptable .

"Professor Chu, try extending your hand again," Zhou Wen said to Chu He as he stood in the shadow of the Netherworld Divine Throne, maintaining his hand in the sunlight .

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Chu He hurriedly extended his hand, but when his fingertip touched the sunlight, it immediately disintegrated .

"Impossible… I can't be a dead person… Impossible… I still have to return to see my family… My wife and daughter are waiting for me…" Chu He slumped to the ground as his voice sounded disconsolate . Tears flowed down his face .

Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss as to what to do . He couldn't bear to see Chu He's present state as he looked at City Lord Netherworld and asked, "If he doesn't leave, what will happen in the future?"

City Lord Netherworld calmly said, "He will receive punishment day after day, dying day after day . In the future, every day will be his first day . It will also be his last day until his soul reaches absolute purity . "

Zhou Wen thought of the others on the long street . Those people were in much worse condition than Chu He . From the looks of it, what City Lord Netherworld said was true .

"What happens in the future?" Zhou Wen asked again .

"Who knows? If you are interested, you can stay and give it a try," City Lord Netherworld said with a faint smile .

Zhou Wen looked at Chu He, unsure of what to say .

"Zhou Wen, can you do me a favor?" Chu He wiped his tears and asked Zhou Wen .

"Tell me . I'll do it if I can," Zhou Wen said .

"Help me pay my family a visit . If possible, help me take care of my wife and daughter . When they are in trouble, help them as much as you can . I don't have anything to repay you now . My research on the Niya civilization is all that I have . If you don't mind, treat it as payment . " Chu He handed the documents in his backpack to Zhou Wen . Many of them were handwritten notes .

"Don't worry . I'll take care of them . " Zhou Wen took the documents and nodded seriously .

Even without Chu He's request, Zhou Wen would have made a trip to Chu He's place . He still needed to figure out the matter regarding Chu He .

"Don't tell them that I'm here . They've already been saddened once . Don't let them be sad again," Chu He said to Zhou Wen again .

"I know what to do . " Zhou Wen nodded .

"Go . Don't look back," Chu He said, somewhat disheartened .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to turn around and walk out of the Netherworld Divine Throne .

"If you have the chance to come again, next time you can try to withstand all the punishments . Then, you will see the real Netherworld City . " The moment Zhou Wen walked out of the Netherworld Divine Throne, he heard the voice of City Lord Netherworld .

However, he had already walked out . When he looked back, he saw endless yellow sand behind him . There was no sign of the Netherworld Divine Throne or Netherworld City . It was as though everything that had happened was just a dream .