Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 649

Published at 27th of December 2020 05:00:03 AM

Chapter 649: 649
"The Federation is incompetent . The heroes are shameless . "

This was not the first time the words had appeared . More accurately, it was the third time .

Apart from the time when Ice Elemental Sprite Queen was defeated, there was also a Mythical dimensional creature that challenged Orochi, only to end in defeat . After that victory, Orochi similarly spat out the words .

Now that the Golden Giant was defeated again, the entire Federation seemed to explode . Public opinion turned to question the abilities of the six hero families .

If they couldn't even deal with a single Orochi, how could they uphold the Federation's peace?

There were even some relatively biting media outlets that directly used headlines like "Are the descendants of the heroes still heroes?" to criticize the six families' inaction .

This was especially so for the West District's media . They bombarded the Family Clan of Gods and Cape family with various opinions .

As the Zhang, Xia, and Dugu families hadn't taken action to date, they weren't as miserable as the other three families even though they were constantly questioned .

After all, they hadn't been defeated . In theory, they still had the ability to win . They were different from the Cape family and the Family Clan of Gods who had been defeated one after another .

The six families also knew that their various schemes and arrangements were made to win the final championship . Now, an Orochi had stirred up the situation, disrupting their plans .

If they revealed their trump cards, it wouldn't be difficult to kill Orochi . However, if that happened, they would lose the chance to vie for first place with the other families . Therefore, they could only send inferior Mythical Companion Beasts to fight, but the outcome was defeat .

The Zhang, Xia, and Dugu families were even more depressed . Of all times, the core forces of their three families had gone to the Southern Wilderness's dimensional zones . Although there were others who could fight, the Companion Beasts were still in their plans . If they were exposed ahead of time, it would trigger a series of chain reactions and disrupt their plans .

As such, the Federation's situation became very delicate .

None of the six families were willing to expose their top Mythical Companion Beasts, but they ended up being defeated by Orochi three times in a row . It left the entire Federation's citizens ashamed .

"From the looks of it, we can only expose some things ahead of time . Those few families are shameless, but our Xia family can't be shameless . " Xia Dongyue was still hesitating as to which Mythical Companion Beast his family was to assign .

Why did Liuchuan have to go to the Southern Wilderness at such a time? Xia Dongyue thought gloomily . If Xia Liuchuan was here, his Companion Beast would be best at restraining a Companion Beast like Orochi . If the enemy wasn't prepared, it wouldn't be impossible to kill it in one strike .

Unfortunately, Xia Liuchuan wasn't around, causing Xia Dongyue to have a headache .

The Xia family wasn't the only one with a headache . The other five families were also having a headache . At this stage, if they didn't defeat Orochi, the reputation of the six families would probably be damaged .

The few families had already planned on sending their top Companion Beasts to battle, but at that moment, the black cube lit up .

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The media had been bombarding the six families for their inaction . They hoped that they could step forward as soon as possible . Just as they were in a frenzy, they realized that the black cube had lit up . They thought that the six families had made a move .

However, they soon discovered that the entity who appeared on the cube was Tyrant Behemoth who had previously given up .

"Eh, why is Tyrant Behemoth out again? Didn't it not dare to accept the battle previously?"

"It should be challenging other Companion Beasts, right?"

"Giving up without a fight means it already knew it was no match for its opponent . Now that it's back again, it's definitely not challenging Orochi . "

"Anyone can tell that a Companion Beast like Orochi is the nemesis of Tyrant Behemoth . No matter how strong its physique and strength is, it can't withstand the indomitable tail of Orochi . "

Everyone believed that Tyrant Behemoth wanted to challenge the other Companion Beasts and board the rankings again, but to their surprise, when the name of the challenger lit up, it was Orochi .

"What's going on? Didn't it give up earlier? Why is it making the challenge now?"

"What kind of show is this? Despite knowing that the Companion Beast's characteristics are restrained, they are still forcefully challenging Orochi?"

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"Could it be that our Federation really doesn't have any stronger Companion Beasts? We can only let the restrained Tyrant Behemoth fight?"

Instantly, voices of doubt and speculation arose . People were discussing why Tyrant Behemoth wanted to challenge Orochi at this moment .

Zhou Wen didn't think too much about it . He was also a member of the Federation, so he felt uncomfortable being insulted like this .

Of course, it was mainly because Zhou Wen had the intention to get high on the rankings . Furthermore, he could take down Orochi, who had gotten to its position by kicking Tyrant Behemoth out .

After watching the battle between Orochi and the Golden Giant, Zhou Wen now knew the strength of Orochi . It wouldn't be difficult for Tyrant Behemoth to defeat Orochi .

It was a piece of cake . Not only could he get a high ranking, but it could also frighten everyone . It could also attack the evil ones overseas . It was killing three birds with one stone . Why not?

Therefore, Zhou Wen summoned Tyrant Behemoth and allowed it to ascend the cube to challenge Orochi .

"Are you finally coming out?" Uesugi Nao looked at Tyrant Behemoth on the cube's screen and chose to accept the challenge without any hesitation .

She knew that Tyrant Behemoth's owner must have studied Orochi for a long time . However, she was confident that with Orochi's characteristics, it could definitely restrain Tyrant Behemoth . Under her command, it definitely wouldn't lose .

The entire world's media saw that Orochi had accepted the challenge . Instantly, all the major channels and online platforms were livestreaming the cube's screen .

A little boy held his mother's hand and stood in front of the big screen on the street . He asked worriedly, "Can Tyrant Behemoth win?"

"He will definitely win," his mother consoled him gently .

"But we've already lost twice . " The boy was still somewhat worried .

"Don't worry . No matter how many times we lose, there will always be heroes in the Federation who can step forward to save the world . Perhaps that hero is Tyrant Behemoth," said his mother .

The boy didn't say anything . He only clenched his fist and looked at the big screen nervously .

Boom! Orochi landed in the arena . Its huge body was ferocious and terrifying . The eight snakeheads raised together as its eerie snake eyes stared intently at Tyrant Behemoth .

Tyrant Behemoth maintained a height of a few meters and didn't gigantify . Compared to the massive Orochi, it appeared somewhat weak . However, everyone knew that Tyrant Behemoth could still gigantify . Its body wouldn't be smaller than Orochi .

To everyone's surprise, Tyrant Behemoth didn't transform . Instead, it leaped up and punched one of Orochi's heads .