Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 650

Published at 27th of December 2020 04:55:03 AM

Chapter 650: 650
"Roar!" A roar shook the world . A crown appeared on Tyrant Behemoth's head . Although it didn't expand, its entire body was bathed in bloody red light as though it had been enhanced by some magical power .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tyrant Behemoth constantly threw out its fists like a storm . The Essence Energy projectiles that Orochi spewed out were blasted apart by Tyrant Behemoth's fists akin to exploding fireworks .

When the seven snake tails touched its fist, they emitted a terrifying metallic clang as they were sent flying . The scales on its tail shattered .


Tyrant Behemoth rushed in front of Orochi and punched its head, sending its entire body flying .

Orochi tumbled far away before stopping . As for the snakehead which had been hit, it was mostly crushed by the terrifying augmentation of the crown .

"Impressive, it's even stronger than the Golden Giant . As expected of Behemoth!"

"Such strength is really amazing . I'm afraid no Companion Beast can match it in terms of strength . "

The boy pulled his mother's hand and exclaimed excitedly, "Mommy… Tyrant Behemoth is amazing… It's really powerful…"

"That's right . It's really very powerful . " His mother smiled and nodded, but she was still somewhat worried .

This was because she knew very well that Orochi's true trump card had yet to be used . And the snake tail with a terrifying sword beam was the nemesis of Strength-type Companion Beasts like Tyrant Behemoth .

Many people were equally worried . Orochi's tail sword beam was just too powerful . Up to now, no Companion Beast had been able to withstand a strike from that tail .

Although Tyrant Behemoth displayed overwhelming strength, it was difficult to say if one could withstand the attack of the snake tail .

Uesugi Nao didn't keep them hanging in suspense . At the instant Tyrant Behemoth charged over again, that snake tail suddenly raised . It tore through the void with a cold sword beam, slashing at Tyrant Behemoth's body .

Everyone knew that the moment to decide victory was coming . If Tyrant Behemoth couldn't withstand the snake tail's slash, it would definitely lose .

Everyone wanted to know if Tyrant Behemoth, who could swallow Chimera, could swallow the terrifying sword beam .

When the boy saw the sword beam formed by the snake's tail, he nervously grabbed the corner of his mother's clothes . He had already seen the same scene once . The Golden Giant was defeated by the snake tail's sword beam despite holding the advantage . All it could do was escape with its tail in between its legs and admit defeat .

At that instant, Tyrant Behemoth's body seemed to shrink again . The strange red glow on its body also turned black-red . Tyrant Behemoth's entire body seemed to turn into a black hole . The light couldn't escape when it landed on its body .

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Tyrant Behemoth collided with the sword beam and the sword beam immediately shattered . The fist directly collided with the snake's tail .

The indestructible snake tail wasn't able to cleave apart Tyrant Behemoth's fist . It only left a sword mark .

"Heavens, ladies and gentlemen, did you see that? Orochi's killer blow wasn't able to cleave apart Tyrant Behemoth's fist! The terrifying killing technique that nearly killed the Golden Giant only left a sword mark on Tyrant Behemoth's fist . Such injuries can't affect Tyrant Behemoth's combat strength at all…" Some of the more emotional commentators shouted .

"Mommy, it blocked it! It blocked the huge snake's tail!" The boy cried out excitedly .

Before his mother could reply, Tyrant Behemoth had already grabbed the snake's tail and used all its strength to fling Orochi away .


Orochi was slammed to the ground . Before Orochi could react, Tyrant Behemoth slammed it left and right using its tail, smashing Orochi's body to the ground like a sandbag .

In a few moves, it shattered most of its bones, as though it had turned into a pool of soft flesh . The snake heads went limp .

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"It's too violent and too bloody . Orochi isn't a match for Tyrant Behemoth at all . It's constantly being ravaged . "

"Oh my God, I can't believe my eyes . Is that still the terrifying Orochi? In front of Tyrant Behemoth, it's nothing . "

"Yes, that's right . Kill it and let those overseas fellows know our Federation's true strength . "

"It's too tragic . After this battle, I don't think those reptiles will be able to open their mouths and spit out words again . I can't tell how many heads it has left or if they have all been smashed by Tyrant Behemoth . "

All the media's announcers began to cheer up . One by one, they began to tease each other . They no longer had the stern expression they had during their previous criticism . Their choice of words also began to become humorous as all sorts of coquettish comments flew around .

In comparison, there were more people in the audience . Many people who were watching online posted a large number of comments .

"Orochi is considering which head to use to call for help . Oh, I'm sorry . I forgot that it has no hands . What should it do?"

"Daddy, stop beating me . I know I'm wrong . "

"Mommy, love me again . "

"Please make way . I don't want to just watch the bullet comments . Give me some screen estate . I want to see if Orochi is dead . "

Everything happened too quickly . Uesugi Nao never expected that the power of Orochi's Wheel of Destiny could not even slice apart Tyrant Behemoth's fist .

She wanted to admit defeat and retrieve Orochi, but she felt as though it was being sucked in by a terrifying force . She was unable to summon it back .


Another heavy blow was delivered as Orochi's body slammed into the arena . Orochi already seemed completely boneless as it collapsed to the ground .

Tyrant Behemoth roared as its body instantly expanded to the size of a small mountain . It was even taller and more majestic than Orochi . It raised Orochi's tail and threw it into its mouth .

A strange spirit body appeared over Uesugi Nao . Her entire body emitted a demonic glow as she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood . Her face instantly turned pale, but she finally retracted Orochi .

In the arena, Tyrant Behemoth's fangs bit into nothing . Orochi's body vanished, but this no longer affected the Federation's citizens' revelry .

"Dear viewers, thank you for witnessing this great moment with me . Tyrant Behemoth lives up to its name as a tyrant . It is deserving of its title as the king of Companion Beasts, the nightmare of all enemies . What others think of a tyrant, I think of as a king . Your Majesty, Tyrant Behemoth, thank you for bringing us such an exciting battle…"