Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 651

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Chapter 651: 651
The entire Federation was guessing who Tyrant Behemoth's owner was . Most people guessed that Tyrant Behemoth might be from the Family Clan of Gods or the Cape family .

The people from the West District were also proud of this, indicating that they could still rely on their West District Companion Beasts at critical moments .

Upon seeing Tyrant Behemoth win, its name replacing Orochi's fourth place, the boy jumped up and cheered . He tugged his mother's hand and shouted, "Mommy, it won . It really won . "

"Yes, it won . " His mother smiled and nodded .

"Mommy, I also want to have a Tyrant Behemoth . " The little boy looked at his mother with a look of longing .

His mother rubbed the boy's head . "Strong Companion Beasts are unique . Tyrant Behemoth is such a Companion Beast . When you grow up, you will definitely have a powerful Companion Beast like Tyrant Behemoth . "

"Definitely . I can't wait to grow up . But before that, Mom, can you buy me a Tyrant Behemoth plushie?" The boy looked at his mother with anticipation .

His mother laughed . "Of course . If you can't buy it, we'll produce it ourselves . You can help with the design . "

"Really? That's great . I will definitely design the perfect Tyrant Behemoth plushie . " The boy's eyes lit up with excitement .

The major media outlets reported Tyrant Behemoth's victory using all sorts of praises . They didn't hesitate to use plenty of exaggerated words .

The titles of the strongest Companion Beast in the world, the ultimate violent battle pet, the strongest pet on the surface, and so on were bestowed to Tyrant Behemoth .

Although everyone knew that the Primordial Sword Immortal was still the strongest Companion Beast at present, most of the Federation acknowledged Tyrant Behemoth psychologically because it had won a special battle in a special period of time . This psychological recognition was related to its strength, but it wasn't absolutely equal .

Therefore, even if there were three Companion Beasts like Primordial Sword Immortal and Death of the Underworld ranked ahead of it, it didn't affect the Federation's citizens to view Tyrant Behemoth as the Federation's number one battle pet .

As for the six families, they increased their investigations, hoping to find the owner .

This battle made them see how terrifying Tyrant Behemoth was . It was a terrifying strength that could really vie for first place .

"Young Master Wen's Tyrant Behemoth is really terrifying . It looks like he has the chance to vie for first place," An Sheng said with a smile .

An Tianzuo sat there reading the documents as though he hadn't heard An Sheng .

Not long after leaving Hat City, the mysterious phone vibrated . Zhou Wen took out his phone to take a look and realized that the download of Netherworld City had been completed . The icon of Netherworld City appeared on the home screen .

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Liu Yun led the turtle forward while Zhou Wen sat at the back . Without anything to do, he launched the dungeon to see what was different between the game's Netherworld City and the real one .

The blood-colored avatar appeared at the entrance of Netherworld City . The door's ghost faces said identical words to the ones in real life . Then, the door automatically opened .

He controlled the blood-colored avatar to enter Netherworld City and stepped on the stone slabs on the long street . He saw the number "366" appear on the stone slab . It was the same as entering Netherworld City in real life .

The only difference was that in-game, the blood-colored avatar was the only one on the long street of Netherworld City . No one else existed .

Zhou Wen attempted to activate Gods Retreat . Just like in reality, a large number of taboo powers were immediately sucked into the jade infant's body, allowing its evolution .

Since he didn't have to worry about death in-game, Zhou Wen decided to give it a try and see if he would really die after using up all his steps .

It didn't disappoint Zhou Wen . After the number of steps on the stone slab dropped to zero, Gods Retreat could only keep the blood-colored avatar safe for a few seconds before it exploded and died . The power was completely unreasonable and there was no way to defend against it .

After entering Netherworld City again, the blood-colored avatar appeared at the beginning of the long street . Before the torture chamber opened, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to farm dimensional creatures .

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Although the dimensional creatures here were only at the Epic stage, their skills were rather interesting . Zhou Wen planned on grinding some Companion Eggs so that he could use them for pet fusion in the future .

Or perhaps he could grind some Essence Energy Skill Crystals . If he could use them, it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn the skills himself .

Zhou Wen's movement technique was considered top-notch among humans, but it was still lacking in other aspects . Apart from the Demonic Astral Wheel, there was no special skill that could be used .

City Lord Netherworld said that one can see the real Netherworld City after experiencing all the punishments . What does that mean? Zhou Wen was still guessing the meaning of the sentence .

An hour later, the torture chambers opened, but Zhou Wen realized a problem .

Although the white ghosts in-game were afraid of the Hell King Life Soul, they didn't have any intelligence . It was impossible for them to help Zhou Wen cheat like in reality .

After all, a game is just a game . It has its limitations . It's too rigid . Zhou Wen was somewhat helpless . There was no way to cheat . If he wanted to reach the end of Netherworld City, he could only suffer the punishment himself .

However, the blood-colored avatar shared a special relationship with him . He also felt pain when the blood-colored avatar was tortured .

After some thought, Zhou Wen gave up on his previous plan . He only treated Netherworld City as a place to grind Companion Eggs and Essence Energy Skills .

Thankfully, no accidents happened this time . Two days later, Zhou Wen finally saw the Endless Sea of Stars that Liu Yun had mentioned .

"Are you sure this is the Endless Sea of Stars?" Zhou Wen looked ahead in disbelief . He couldn't believe that this was the Endless Sea of Stars .

In front of him was a small lake . Although it looked clear, artificial lakes in parks were much bigger than it . How could such a place be called the Endless Sea of Stars?

Zhou Wen didn't see any stars here . There wasn't even a fish in the water . Furthermore, the lake was very shallow, so he could see the bottom at a glance . There was sand below, nothing else .

No matter how one looked at it, it didn't look unfathomable like Liu Yun described—a place where most people died if they entered .

Liu Yun sat by the lake and took off his shoes . He extended his feet into the lake and said with a pleasant expression, "Calm down . Wait till night time and take another look . You will then know how magical the Endless Sea of Stars is . "

At night, the stars in the sky twinkled . The sky was especially clear, and the stars looked as though they would fall at any moment .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen saw a star really fall from the sky . Furthermore, it was falling towards them .