Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 652

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Chapter 652: 652
What was strange was that the seemingly blazing-fast meteor rushed into the lake without causing any ripples on the water .

Before Zhou Wen could clearly see what was happening underwater, he saw stars fall from the sky . A meteor shower ensued as the meteors headed for the tiny lake, forming a magnificent scene .

"Are those really meteors?" Zhou Wen couldn't be sure . The starlight fell into the lake, but the surface of the lake was calm . It was like a boundless starry sky that could envelop everything .

"Aren't you going to make a wish? Isn't it said that if you can tie a knot in the corner of your clothes before the meteor disappears, the wish you make will come true? Junior Brother, you can give it a try," said Liu Yun .

Zhou Wen shook his head and said, "In our hometown, there's no such thing as making wishes under a shooting star . Furthermore, there are taboos that shooting stars are jinxes . It's inauspicious to see them . It might be unlucky . "

"Pui, pui, pui . Can't you say something auspicious?" Liu Yun said gloomily .

Zhou Wen shrugged and didn't say another word as he looked at the lake .

The starlight that resembled a river of stars cascaded down and fell into the lake, forming points of light in the lake . It was as though countless stars were inside the lake . It was really like a sea of stars .

As Zhou Wen focused on the points of light, he was surprised to discover that they were tiny orbs that resembled planets—miniature planets . The entire lake was like a starry universe with countless celestial bodies .

What was even stranger was that the planet-like orbs were still revolving according to a certain pattern .

It's no wonder this place is called the Endless Sea of Stars! Looking at the starlight that kept falling into the lake, Zhou Wen finally knew the reason behind this tiny lake's name .

Liu Yun said with a smile, "Don't underestimate such a lake . There are countless stars inside . If you enter the lake now, you will be sucked into the sea of stars . It's very likely that you will forever be lost in it and never come out again . "

Zhou Wen looked around, but he didn't see the tiny palm symbol . Therefore, he asked Liu Yun, "How are you going to enter the Endless Sea of Stars? Where is the Astral Combat Beast?"

"The Astral Combat Beasts are on those orbs . They look small, but once we enter the lake, we will discover that they are planets . There are all sorts of terrifying Astral Beasts on them, ranging from the Mortal stage to the Mythical stage . The Astral Combat Beast is one of the Mythical Astral Beasts . "

"I'll just look around outside for now then . " Zhou Wen slowly walked around the lake, hoping to see if there was a tiny palm symbol .

As the lake was very small, he circled it in half an hour, but he didn't find the tiny palm symbol . Now that the sea of stars had appeared, he might discover something .

The interior of the lake was like a starry universe, but it was still the same size outside . It felt rather enthralling .

Zhou Wen circled the lake and carefully looked at every inch of land, but he still couldn't find the tiny palm symbol .

Just as he was feeling disappointed, his gaze suddenly swept across a stone monument at the bottom of the lake . It was lying flat with many star patterns on it, like a star chart .

Zhou Wen pointed at the stone monument at the bottom of the lake and asked Liu Yun, "What's that?"

"That is the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument . As long as you can figure out the profundity of the star chart on it, you will be able to comprehend the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art . This is also the key to me comprehending Star Stealer," said Liu Yun .

Liu Yun knew that it wasn't that easy to comprehend the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument . Not only did he need extremely high perceptivity, but he also needed a special physique .

Zhou Wen didn't have a special physique that matched the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art, even if he did, he was already at the Epic stage . He probably couldn't change his Essence Energy Art and try again .

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Zhou Wen wasn't too interested in Essence Energy Arts . He couldn't finish cultivating too many Essence Energy Arts . Simulating them wasn't difficult, but it was very difficult to level them up .

However, since the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art was necessary for Star Stealer, Zhou Wen planned on giving it a try to use the Lost Immortal Sutra to simulate it .

After circulating the Lost Immortal Sutra, Zhou Wen carefully sized up the stone monument . The star chart on the stone monument kept changing, making it difficult to figure out what it meant .

Furthermore, there were no words on it . It was perplexing .

Liu Yun actually managed to figure out an Essence Energy Art from such a star chart . He's really a genius . When Zhou Wen carefully sized up the star chart, he had an unexpected discovery .

On the corner of the stone monument, there was a tiny palm symbol . The stars on the stone monument were shimmering but the palm symbol was engraved in a corner, covered in moss . With the lake water separating them, Zhou Wen wouldn't have been able to see it if it wasn't for the starlight's illumination .

"Eldest Senior Brother, can we see the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument during the day?" Zhou Wen asked Liu Yun .

"The stone monument is naturally still there during the day, but you can't see the starlight flowing on it during the day . It's just a blank stone monument . It's useless even if you see it . " Seeing that the meteor shower had ended, Liu Yun said to Zhou Wen, "Alright, let's head down now . "

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"I've thought about it . The Endless Sea of Stars is so dangerous . My luck has been very bad recently . I've seen an ominous phenomenon, so I think I won't head in . If you go down, help me see if you can obtain the Astral Combat Beast's Essence Energy Skill Crystal," Zhou Wen said .

"Junior Brother, that wasn't what you said before? Didn't you say that people shouldn't hide at home just because of bad luck… Why are you suddenly superstitious?" Liu Yun looked at Zhou Wen with a puzzled expression .

Zhou Wen thought to himself, I didn't have the tiny palm symbol previously, so I naturally had to take the risk . Now that I've found the tiny palm symbol, I can return home to comfortably grind dungeons after downloading the game . Why would I take the risk?

Of course, Zhou Wen couldn't tell Liu Yun that . Therefore, he said, "Actually, I just wanted to take a look at this Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument . Since I can see it from here, there's no need for me to enter . If you want to head in, go ahead . If you don't wish to enter, just stay around to look at the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument with me . "

Liu Yun cursed inwardly . I don't know how many thousand times I've stared at this crappy monument, so why would I continue looking at it? You don't have my Heavenly Star Veins Body, so what will you be able to figure out? Even if you were to look at it for ten thousand years, you wouldn't be able to comprehend the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art .

The reason Liu Yun was able to comprehend the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art back then was that the star chart on the stone monument had triggered his Heavenly Star Veins . Only by allowing the Heavenly Star Veins sense the trajectories of the stars could one gain insight .

Without the Heavenly Star Veins, just looking at the star chart was useless .