Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 653

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:59 PM

Chapter 653: 653
"Eldest Senior Brother, be careful," Zhou Wen said .

"I wouldn't be so unlucky without you by my side," Liu Yun said as he went into the water .

Zhou Wen watched as Liu Yun entered the lake . The lake appeared shallow, but when Liu Yun stepped into the water, his body kept sinking as though the bottom was nowhere in sight .

Furthermore, his body shrank as he descended . Finally, he floated towards the orbs like a speck of dust, disappearing in the blink of an eye .

What a magical dimensional zone . When it's daytime, I'll go down to the lake to take a picture of the tiny palm symbol . After downloading the Endless Star Sea dungeon, I'll be able to farm it as I wish . Zhou Wen sat down by the lake and carefully observed the star chart on the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument .

After looking at it for a while, the Lost Immortal Sutra showed its effects . The circulation of Essence Energy became slower and slower before completely stopping .

After that, his Essence Energy suddenly surged and circulated in Zhou Wen's body in a new way .

The Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art was different from the Essence Energy Arts Zhou Wen had cultivated in the past . It was a very magical feeling . It felt as though the Essence Energy in his body had transformed into countless stars that circulated in his body . Furthermore, when it circulated, it wasn't a linear movement . Instead, it was like a true celestial body's trajectory that formed a galaxy .

It didn't take long for Zhou Wen to gain a basic mastery of the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art . However, it wasn't that simple to level it up .

Zhou Wen wasn't in a rush to cultivate . It was useless to be anxious . This wasn't something that could be mastered in a day or two .

He found a rock by the lake and sat down . He took out his phone and started to grind . He would head down to the lake to take a picture of the tiny palm symbol during the day .

There was still plenty of time until daybreak after Zhou Wen cleared one dungeon . Liu Yun hadn't returned .

He stood up and stretched his body . He looked at the Endless Sea of Stars and realized that there was something strange in it .

During the day, Zhou Wen had observed it very carefully . The lake was somewhat odd . There were no creatures inside . There were no worms or water plants, much less fish or shrimp . The entire lake was as clean as pure water .

But now, Zhou Wen saw a creature that resembled a jellyfish in the lake . Its body was transparent like crystal, and it emitted light like a light bulb .

Although the jellyfish wasn't big and was only one size bigger than an adult's clenched fist, if the celestial bodies were considered planets, then the size of the jellyfish was somewhat terrifying .

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This thing can actually devour planets? Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss . This was because he realized that the jellyfish was very close to the region where Liu Yun was .

If the orb where Liu Yun is gets swallowed by the jellyfish, would Liu Yun die? Zhou Wen looked at the jellyfish moving in the water . Although it was very slow, it was moving closer and closer to Liu Yun .

Could Eldest Senior Brother end up dying just like that? Zhou Wen was somewhat worried, but there was nothing he could do .

There are just too many orbs in the lake; it's like a sea of stars . I only know the general direction Liu Yun took, but I don't know which orb he's on . It's too late even if I head in now .

After some thought, Zhou Wen summoned the Golden Overlord Sword and slashed out a sword beam at the jellyfish in the lake .

However, the moment the sword beam entered the lake, it became smaller and smaller . In the end, it was as tiny as a needle tip . It vanished when it was still a distance away from the jellyfish .

Furthermore, the sword beam had become so tiny . Even if it struck the jellyfish, it wouldn't be of much use .

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Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother… It's not that I don't want to save you, but I really can't . Zhou Wen slashed a few more times, but to no avail . All he could do was watch helplessly as the jellyfish approached the area where Liu Yun was .

It's over! The jellyfish soon arrived at the area where Liu Yun was and swallowed the nearby orbs .

When the orbs entered its body, they were like glowing jelly beans that spun around its body before slowly melting until they vanished .

"Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother, I didn't expect you to die like this . You didn't even leave any clothes behind . I can't even make a cenotaph for you…"

Just as Zhou Wen was sighing, he suddenly heard a whoosh . Liu Yun emerged from the lake, looking extremely disheveled . His clothes looked as though they were made of paper, turning into paste when touching the water .

"Junior Brother, are you messing with me again? Are you trying to burn bridges and make me die down there?" Liu Yun jumped onto the shore and questioned Zhou Wen angrily .

"Eldest Senior Brother, what do you mean? I saw the monster in the water devouring the orbs and wanted to save you, but all the attacks that hit the water became insignificant . I had no choice," Zhou Wen said .

"If you weren't behind this, why would I be so unlucky to encounter a Planet Devourer? That thing doesn't usually appear," Liu Yun said with widened eyes .

"Eldest Senior Brother, you've really misunderstood me . I'm not familiar with this area . I still need you to take me out of this desert . Even if I wanted to do something to you, I wouldn't choose this moment . Besides, if I wanted to mess with you, I don't need to secretly do it, right? I knew it . It's not auspicious after seeing an ominous phenomenon," Zhou Wen said .

Liu Yun found that what he said made sense and couldn't help but say gloomily, "Why am I so unlucky at the moment? I clearly didn't see the Planet Devourer before I went down . Thankfully, I have deceptive skills . Otherwise, I would have died even if I had ten lives . "

"What is that Planet Devourer? It should be a Mythical creature, right? Can it really devour a planet?" Zhou Wen was rather curious about the jellyfish-like Planet Devourer .

"I don't know if it can devour a planet in real life, but in the Endless Sea of Stars, that fellow is an overlord . No matter what kind of Astral Beast it is, it can devour them in one mouthful . Even the celestial bodies inside the Endless Sea of Stars are no exception . However, the celestial bodies in the Endless Sea of Stars are much smaller than real planets . I reckon that the Planet Devourer can only devour mountains outside the Endless Sea of Stars," said Liu Yun .

"Do you think my Tyrant Behemoth can kill it?" Zhou Wen pondered .

"Probably not . Tyrant Behemoth isn't good at aquatic warfare, right?" Liu Yun looked at the Planet Devourer in the lake and said .

"I really don't know . " Zhou Wen planned on letting Tyrant Behemoth try after he downloaded the dungeon .

As there was a Planet Devourer, Liu Yun didn't dare enter the Endless Sea of Stars again . All he could do was stay by the lakeside with Zhou Wen .