Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 654

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Chapter 654: 654
"A little," Zhou Wen said .

"How much is a little bit?" Liu Yun continued asking .

There was no way he could figure it out without having a physique that was compatible with the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument . Therefore, Liu Yun didn't believe Zhou Wen's words .

This had nothing to do with whether he was a genius or not . It didn't even have much to do with his perceptivity . Without the Heavenly Star Veins, it was impossible to figure it out . This was the foundation, just like how one couldn't build a skyscraper without a foundation . Zhou Wen had no chance of figuring out the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting .

"Just a little," Zhou Wen said with a smile .

Liu Yun curled his lips and didn't ask any more . Zhou Wen kept staring at the Endless Sea of Stars, hoping to see what else there was in the sea of stars other than the Planet Devourer .

Unfortunately, apart from the Planet Devourer, there were no other dimensional creatures .

"Besides this Planet Devourer, is there no other dimensional creature in the Endless Sea of Stars?" Zhou Wen asked .

"There are Astral Beasts on those small planets, but they are only active on the planets and are unable to leave them . Outside the small planets, there's only one Planet Devourer . It's the king here . It pops a planet with each bite, devouring even the dimensional creatures on it . It's an invincible existence . I am good at deception, so I managed to escape . If it were another person—even if the six heroes were revived—they wouldn't be able to escape its devouring," Liu Yun said smugly .

Zhou Wen watched for a while and felt bored . He took out his phone and gamed, grinding Mythical creatures and rare dimensional creatures .

"If you are done watching, let's go back . Although we won't encounter danger if we do not enter the Endless Sea of Stars, who knows when something might happen in a place like a desert . The two of us have been unlucky recently . It's best we return soon," said Liu Yun .

"I want to go underwater to take a look at the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument during the day . Perhaps I might discover something," Zhou Wen said half-truthfully .

Liu Yun curled his lips and said, "Junior Brother, don't blame me for being blunt . If you can't figure it out at night, what would you figure out in the day? There will not be any starlight chart in the day, it'll be a bare and dilapidated monolith . "

"I came all the way here . I'm not willing to give up if I don't take a look," Zhou Wen said, unmoved .

"Alright, let's wait until you are done looking at it in the morning . I'll sleep for a while . Wake me up later . " Liu Yun lay down and fell asleep . He was asleep in less than three seconds .

After taking a closer look, he realized that Liu Yun's sleeping posture was extraordinary . No matter which direction he was attacked from, his posture allowed him to easily react to it .

To be able to develop such a sleeping posture, Liu Yun must have experienced many things in the past . How could a normal person be so wary when sleeping?

Zhou Wen's senses were very sharp, but he wouldn't maintain a combat-ready sleeping posture while sleeping because he didn't have such a realization .

Of course, with Truth Listener around, it was impossible for ordinary people to get close to him without being discovered .

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Although he had obtained quite a number of Companion Eggs after gaming the entire night, Zhou Wen didn't get any he wanted . Medusa, Qiongqi, Torch Dragon, and company hadn't dropped Companion Eggs .

That shouldn't be the case . Every time I kill them, I bring the baby tiger with me . After killing them so many times, logically speaking, there should be one dropping? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed .

The night quickly passed . In the morning, the starlight in the lake surged into the sky like a stream and vanished into the void . The lake returned to normal .

It looked like an ordinary lake . It was unimaginable that it would turn into a starry sky at night .

Liu Yun didn't lie to him . The Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument was still in the lake . Zhou Wen woke Liu Yun up and asked if there was anything to take note of when entering the lake .

"There's nothing . As long as you aren't going into the lake at night, this lake isn't much different from ordinary lakes . " Liu Yun shook his head .

Zhou Wen tried going into the water . Indeed, it wasn't as miraculous as last night . He stepped into the lake, and the water only reached his waist .

Zhou Wen had learned the Nine Dragons Art from the black dragon . He dived into the water and quickly arrived at the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Monument .

Just as Liu Yun had said, in the day, this was a worn stone monument that was covered in moss . There were only scratches on it, and there was no starlight pattern . If it wasn't for the tiny palm symbol engraved on it, it wouldn't be eye-catching at all .

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At a close distance, the mysterious phone vibrated . Zhou Wen picked up his phone and snapped a picture of the stone monument . The phone immediately entered the download interface .

After putting away his phone, Zhou Wen touched the stone monument again . It felt cold like it was made of metal .

Not daring to do anything excessive, he turned around and swam back to the shore .

"How is it, Junior Brother? Did you figure out anything?" Liu Yun asked Zhou Wen with a smile .

"A little," Zhou Wen said with a nod .

"You figured out a little yesterday, and you figured out a little today . Added together, it will be impressive . You should have gained basic mastery, right?" Liu Yun teased Zhou Wen .

"Yes, I've gotten basic mastery," Zhou Wen answered .

Liu Yun, who was drinking water, nearly choked . He looked at Zhou Wen in disbelief and asked, "Are you for real? You really gained basic mastery?"

"It's just basic mastery . What's so difficult about it? Haven't you long obtained basic mastery?" Zhou Wen said casually .

Liu Yun refused to believe him . He reached out and grabbed a handful of sand from the ground . With a squeeze, the sand condensed into a ball that looked like a huge grain of sand .

Liu Yun's hand relaxed again . The huge sand scattered and turned into yellow sand .

"If you really gained basic mastery, you should be able to do this, right?" Liu Yun said to Zhou Wen .

"I'll give it a try . " Zhou Wen also grabbed a handful of sand from the ground . He circulated the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art and pinched the sand . The sand stuck together like magnets, turning into a ball . However, it wasn't as round as Liu Yun's .

"Holy sh*t… You've really gained basic mastery of the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art?" Liu Yun widened his eyes as he looked at Zhou Wen as though he had seen a ghost .

"Why would I lie to you?" Zhou Wen released his hand and the sand scattered .

"Alright, I've already achieved my goal . Let's head back . After we leave the desert, I'll return the autograph to you," Zhou Wen said .

"Junior Brother, you're really a genius in cultivation, but how did you do it? According to what I know, cultivating the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Art requires a special physique . You don't look like you have a special physique . " Liu Yun was puzzled . He had the Heavenly Star Veins himself, so he naturally knew what characteristics one needed to have . Zhou Wen didn't have those characteristics .

"Do I need a special physique? I don't know about that . I just casually practiced it and attained basic mastery . I didn't find it difficult," Zhou Wen said .

Liu Yun felt something stuck in his throat and couldn't say another word .