Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 655

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Chapter 655: 655
After leaving the desert, Zhou Wen returned the autograph to Liu Yun.

"Junior Brother, I'm afraid the entire world is looking for Tyrant Behemoth's master. Aren't you afraid that I will leak your secret?" Liu Yun looked at Zhou Wen with a complicated expression after confirming that it was his signature.

"Although we haven't spent much time together and I don't know you well, I believe you aren't the type of person to do such things." Although Zhou Wen said that, he was thinking, It doesn't matter if it's really exposed. I don't only have one trump card in my hand. Since I've placed it on the rankings, I'm already mentally prepared to expose myself.

"I like hearing what you said. Don't worry. After all, you are my junior brother. As a senior brother, I won't harm you. I will help you keep the secret," said Liu Yun with a smile. It was unknown if he was telling the truth.

"Alright, let's go our separate ways here. I should return as well." Zhou Wen planned on going separate ways with Liu Yun and returning to the town as soon as possible.

The ranking battle hadn't ended. Tyrant Behemoth was only ranked fourth, so it should still have a chance to make further challenges.

Liu Yun clearly didn't wish to continue being with Zhou Wen. Ever since he met Zhou Wen, his luck had been terrible. He seriously suspected that it was a result of the two blades on Zhou Wen.

"Junior Brother, I don't know when we will meet again after today. Here's a farewell song…" Liu Yun said generously.

"Alright." Zhou Wen nodded. He never expected Liu Yun to actually know how to sing.

"Beautiful ladies… Ladies… Ladies have walked into[1]…" Liu Yun sat on the turtle's back and sang loudly. The turtle ran quickly and soon vanished from sight. Only his delicate voice echoed in Zhou Wen's ears.

Zhou Wen was rendered speechless. He originally imagined what kind of song it was, but it turned out to be such a folk song.

Needless to say, Liu Yun's singing was really charming. It made one have the urge to beat him up.

After Liu Yun's voice could no longer be heard, Zhou Wen summoned Six-Winged and rode it back. Although it was uncomfortable, he had to make do with it.

As he traveled, Zhou Wen launched the downloaded Endless Sea of Stars dungeon.

In fact, the dungeon had long been downloaded. However, with Liu Yun around, Zhou Wen didn't dare launch it.

After opening the Endless Sea of Stars dungeon, the blood-colored avatar appeared in a starry sky. There were planets around it, but they didn't look as huge as real planets.

If it was a real planet, it wouldn't be too obvious because of a planet's immense size.

On such a small planet, the visual impact of seeing a group of mutated beasts standing upside down was extremely strong.

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar and flew towards the planet. At the same time, he summoned Six-Winged and other Companion Beasts before charging at the mutated beasts.

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The mutated beasts looked like humanoid mantises. After seeing the blood-colored avatar, they charged forward, but they were mostly killed by Six-Winged and Torch Dragon.

'Killed Legendary Fiend Star Mantis… Killed Legendary Fiend Star Mantis…'

The notifications kept coming in. Many dimensional crystals dropped, including a few Companion Eggs.

However, such dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs weren't of much use to Zhou Wen.

He went to a few nearby small planets and realized that there were quite a number of Astral Beasts here, but most of them were at the Mortal and Legendary stage. Even Epic creatures were rare.

I forgot to ask Eldest Senior Brother Liu Yun which planet has the so-called Astral Combat Beast. There are thousands of planets here. I wonder how long it'll take me to go through them one by one. Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed. This was different from what he had imagined. He imagined that there were Mythical creatures everywhere in the Endless Sea of Stars.

There was no choice. It was impossible to find Liu Yun now. Zhou Wen could only slowly search each planet.

Thankfully, his Companion Beasts were very powerful. Killing a tiny planet's Astral Beasts wasn't difficult.

He didn't find the Mythical Astral Combat Beast, but he discovered a strange Astral Beast.

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It was a fox with crescent-shaped starlight shimmering on its chest. After Zhou Wen killed it, according to the notification, it was said to be a Mortal-stage Heart Lunar Fox.

Even if a Mortal dimensional creature dropped something, Zhou Wen usually didn't think much of it.

The chances of a Mortal Companion Egg dropping were extremely low. It was almost the same as winning the lottery. Furthermore, it was useless for Zhou Wen to get a Mortal Companion Beast.

The Heart Lunar Fox didn't drop a Companion Egg either. All it dropped was an Essence Energy Skill Crystal, but it was also very rare to drop one at the Mortal stage.

Zhou Wen hadn't paid attention to the Mortal stage Essence Energy Skill, but when he saw its name, he was somewhat surprised.

The Essence Energy Skill Crystal dropped by the Heart Lunar Fox wasn't a Heart Lunar Fox Crystal, but an Azure Dragon Heart Crystal.

Heart Lunar Fox… I think I've heard of this name somewhere… Zhou Wen checked online and couldn't help but be alarmed.

Few modern people knew the name of the Heart Lunar Fox, but in ancient times, it was one of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions.

The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were split equally amongst the Eastern Azure Dragon, the Northern Black Tortoise, the Southern Vermilion Bird, and the Western White Tiger—each having seven palaces.

The Heart Lunar Fox was one of the seven palaces of the Eastern Azure Dragon. It represented the heart.

This Heart Lunar Fox is only at the Mortal stage. Logically speaking, it shouldn't be related to the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions. They are extremely powerful existences in myths and legends. They should at least be at the Mythical stage. Even if they aren't at the Mythical stage, they shouldn't be at the Mortal stage, right? However, the Essence Energy Skill Crystal dropped by the Heart Lunar Fox is actually called the Azure Dragon Heart Crystal. It doesn't seem right if it's unrelated.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and let the blood-colored avatar absorb the Azure Dragon Heart Crystal to see what Essence Energy Skill he would learn.

Typically, Mortal-stage Essence Energy Skill Crystals could be absorbed easily, but when Zhou Wen absorbed them, he realized that the Essence Energy Art wasn't compatible.

A Mortal stage Essence Energy Skill actually requires an Essence Energy Art to match? This was the first time Zhou Wen had encountered something like this. He couldn't help but feel intrigued.

After some thought, he changed his Essence Energy Art to Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting and absorbed the Azure Dragon Heart Crystal. This time, he successfully absorbed it.

This Essence Energy Skill was somewhat odd. Typical Essence Energy Skills opened up an Essence Energy circulation path in one's body.

However, after the Azure Dragon Heart was absorbed, it condensed into a point in his body. It was motionless like a nail.

'Absorbed the Azure Dragon Heart Crystal. Attained Essence Energy Skill: Heart Lunar Fox.'