Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 656

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Chapter 656: 656
If this skill really has something to do with the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions, could it be that I have to gather all the skills of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions before I can use it? Or could it be that I can use it just by gathering the Azure Dragon's seven palaces? Zhou Wen was just guessing . Up to now, there was no way to prove the relationship between the two .

As he had nothing to lose, Zhou Wen paid special attention to the Essence Energy Skill Crystal drops when grinding .

After grinding for half the day, he didn't see any similar Mortal-stage Essence Energy Skills drop .

After respawning the dungeon, Zhou Wen went to the place where he discovered the Heart Lunar Fox, but he didn't see it again .

Having had the experience of grinding the baby tiger, Zhou Wen knew that such matters couldn't be forced . Therefore, he didn't deliberately search for it . He only paid a little attention when grinding low-level monsters, with his main focus on finding Astral Combat Beasts .

After another day, Zhou Wen surprisingly discovered that he had obtained another Azure Dragon Heart Crystal . After absorbing it, he obtained the Room Solar Rabbit Essence Energy Skill .

However, just like the Heart Lunar Fox, the Room Solar Rabbit skill was useless .

It looks like there's no mistake about the Heart Lunar Fox and the Room Solar Rabbit . It's really related to the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions, but why are the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions such low-level dimensional creatures? Zhou Wen couldn't figure out the reason, but he paid more attention when grinding .

By the time he returned to the town inside the Funiu Mountain Range, Zhou Wen had obtained some skill crystals related to the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions .

Among them, the number of Heart Lunar Foxes and Room Solar Rabbits were the highest . He had three of each, but they couldn't be taken out, so they were useless .

Furthermore, these skills had no rank . There was no discernment between the same skills in terms of levels .

Zhou Wen had also obtained the skill crystals of the Horn Wood Scaly Dragon, Root Earth Raccoon Dog, Tail Fire Tiger, and Winnowing-basket Water Leopard . These Mortal-stage dimensional creatures were also strange . There were very few of them, but as long as he found them, they would definitely drop skill crystals . Nothing else would drop .

The skill crystals that Zhou Wen had obtained were all from the Azure Dragon seven Lunar Mansions . He had already learned six skills and was only short of the Azure Dragon's Neck Gold Dragon .

After reaching the small town, Zhou Wen looked at the ranking again and realized that no one had challenged Tyrant Behemoth . It was still ranked fourth .

Why is no one challenging Primordial Sword Immortal? There should be less than a month left in the three-month deadline, right? Zhou Wen didn't wish to be the trailblazer . He planned on returning to school first . It wouldn't be too late for him to come again after someone challenged the Primordial Sword Immortal .

When he reached the town's entrance, he suddenly heard a sound coming from outside . Using Truth Listener to investigate, he realized that a few people were heading for the town .

Eh… What are they doing here? Zhou Wen realized that Qiao Siyuan and Liz were among the people who had come .

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Although they weren't wearing the Special Inspector Bureau uniform, Zhou Wen had a deep impression of them, so he recognized them at a glance .

The others looked like they were from the bureau as well . Zhou Wen didn't know why he had such a judgment, but he had a feeling that the people from the bureau seemed to have a special aura . This aura was very rare to find on ordinary people .

It was just like how soldiers could easily be identified . It was the same for the people from the bureau . However, their auras were different from ordinary soldiers .

This was originally a good opportunity to take revenge, but Zhou Wen wanted to figure out their reason for coming here . Therefore, he retreated into the forest and used Truth Listener to monitor their every move .

"Clear the area . " After entering the valley, Qiao Siyuan gave the order . Immediately, people took out various instruments and summoned their Companion Beasts . They began to busy themselves .

Zhou Wen recognized a few Companion Beasts that were probably reconnaissance types . From the looks of it, they wanted to ensure that there were no outsiders here .

With a thought, Zhou Wen sneaked into the lake and hid in the water . Then, he used the Dao Body to converge his aura and blend with the surrounding natural environment .

Qiao Siyuan and company busied themselves for a few hours, taking control of the entire valley . Only when they seemingly confirmed that there was no one else here did they transport quite a number of things from outside the town .

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Zhou Wen saw Companion Beasts carrying buckets into the town . He didn't know what was inside .

"Minister, we have finished counting the items," Liz reported to Qiao Siyuan .

"Set up a sentry post and split into three shifts to monitor the situation outside . Everyone else, rest immediately," Qiao Siyuan ordered .

"Yes . " Liz accepted the order and began dividing the group .

When Liz returned to Qiao Siyuan's side, he had already sat down in a small building .

"Minister, is the Blood Oxypetalum really as magical as the legends say?" Liz poured a cup of tea for Qiao Siyuan and asked curiously .

Qiao Siyuan took a sip of tea and said indifferently, "You should have heard of how instantaneous an oxypetalum blooming is, right?"

"I've heard of it, but I heard that it's just an exaggerated metaphor from the people of the East District . In fact, oxypetalum will bloom for a few hours . It's not as exaggerated as if it only bloomed for an instant," Liz said .

Qiao Siyuan nodded . "It's true that a normal oxypetalum blooming isn't as exaggerated as being instantaneous, but it's different if it's a Blood Oxypetalum . "

After a pause, Qiao Siyuan continued, "To get a Blood Oxypetalum to bloom, one has to pour a large amount of blood . Typical blood isn't enough . It has to be the blood essence of dimensional creatures . The more blood the Blood Oxypetalum absorbs, the purer it becomes . The flower that blooms will also become more beautiful . Furthermore, it can give birth to a Blood Oxypetalum seed . "

When Zhou Wen heard that, he recalled the ruby he had obtained .

Previously, many white deer had been sacrificed by the mountain god . Only then did a blood flower bloom in the lake, giving birth to a ruby . It sounded like the seed that Qiao Siyuan had mentioned .

If the flower in the lake is really a Blood Oxypetalum, then why did Qiao Siyuan and company come here? Are they planning to offer a blood sacrifice to obtain the Blood Oxypetalum seed? What's its use? As Zhou Wen was thinking, Liz had already given him an answer .

"Minister, can a Blood Oxypetalum seed really change a person's bloodline and talent?" Liz asked .

"That's not something I know . I've never used a Blood Oxypetalum seed before, so I can't make any judgment . However, since the director-general wants to do this, he must have his reasons," Qiao Siyuan said indifferently .

"Minister, you're right . The Director-General has put in so much effort this time to specially prepare this blood . If it really succeeds, the seed produced by the Blood Oxypetalum will definitely be extraordinary," Liz said enviously .