Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 657

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Chapter 657: 657
They are waiting for someone . Will Shen Yuchi come personally? Zhou Wen felt that it would be perfect if Shen Yuchi really came personally .

Zhou Wen didn't dare barge into the Special Inspector Bureau's headquarters, but if Shen Yuchi dared to come, Zhou Wen could try his best to see if he could retain him .

As there were many surveillance Companion Beasts and instruments placed by the lakeside, Zhou Wen hid in the water and didn't dare move . Any abnormalities might be discovered .

After enduring more than two days, he finally realized that someone had come to the town . What disappointed Zhou Wen was that the person who came wasn't Shen Yuchi, but a man he didn't know .

Qiao Siyuan and Liz addressed him as Censor Cai very respectfully . Zhou Wen immediately realized the person was Cai Jin, one of the four Censors .

Cai Jin held a metal alloy box in his hand . There was a metal alloy chain on the box that connected to Cai Jin's wrist .

The last time the Essence Crystal mine was robbed, the bureau suffered huge losses . Shen Yuchi had only punished Cai Jin lightly, making Cai Jin extremely grateful .

This time, he had been ordered to secretly come to Funiu Mountain . Cai Jin had also made sufficient preparations . No matter what, he couldn't screw up this work trip .

"Minister Qiao, how's the defense set up here?" Cai Jin asked .

"We already have a whole range of defenses in place . We didn't find any outsiders," Qiao Siyuan replied .

"Very good . Let's begin tomorrow," Cai Jin said .

Liz asked curiously, "Censor, why aren't you taking action tonight?"

"I've traveled a distance . I need to rest for the night to maintain my optimal condition . So it's better to take action tomorrow," Cai Jin explained .

However, after Cai Jin left Qiao Siyuan's temporary office, he didn't rest . Instead, he summoned numerous bee-like Companion Beasts that flew in all directions .

Clearly, Cai Jin wasn't at ease with their defense . He had to do it again .

The people from the bureau are really very cautious . Zhou Wen saw Cai Jin circling the valley . He paid special attention to the woods and lake . He even summoned a water snake-like Companion Beast to search underwater .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen was prepared . He had dug a hole in the lake ahead of time and hid inside like a loach . It wasn't easy for him to escape Cai Jin's search .

Liz was very displeased with Cai Jin's actions . "Censor Cai is doubting our abilities?"

However, Qiao Siyuan said indifferently, "It's a serious matter . Better be safe than sorry . "

The inspectors and various Companion Beasts had already surrounded the lake .

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Zhou Wen suddenly thought of something . Their blood sacrifice would only last for a short period of time . That would mean that they would have to bring a lot of blood into the lake? Just the thought of the pool of blood made Zhou Wen feel uncomfortable .

However, there were inspectors and Companion Beasts surrounding the lake . It was too late for Zhou Wen to leave .

"Minister Qiao, let's begin," Cai Jin said to Qiao Siyuan after arriving by the lake and summoning his Companion Beasts to search the area again .

"Liz . " Qiao Siyuan gestured at Liz .

Liz immediately got the inspectors to take action . The inspectors opened the buckets and poured the blood into the lake from different spots .

The buckets of blood quickly dyed the lake water red . Each bucket weighed five kilograms . They brought more than three hundred buckets of blood . If so much blood were to be poured in, the surroundings would be filled with a pungent smell of blood .

Zhou Wen felt terrible hiding in the water, but he could only endure it .

Thankfully, not long after, Zhou Wen saw the blood surge towards the center of the lake as though it was attracted by something .


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The Blood Oxypetalum surfaced out of the water . It greedily absorbed the blood in the water, and the snow-white petals quickly turned into the color of blood .

The blood in the lake was completely drained in less than an hour, restoring the lake to its former clarity .

However, the petals of the Blood Oxypetalum didn't open, but there was a red glow in the flower bud .

Only then did Cai Jin open the box in his hand . Inside the huge box was a small bottle the size of a palm .

Cai Jin picked up the bottle and carefully opened it . A pair of eagle wings unfurled behind him as he flew to the sky above the Blood Oxypetalum . He aimed the blood in the bottle at the Blood Oxypetalum and poured it down .

There was only a drop of blood in the palm-sized metal alloy bottle . The drop of crystalline blood landed on the Blood Oxypetalum and quickly seeped in . Instantly, the blood-red color of the Blood Oxypetalum completely faded . The petals turned back to snow-white and it began to bloom .

The Blood Oxypetalum had already become as pure as a snow lotus without any tinge of blood . And within its petals, a sanguine light shot up into the sky carrying with it a rich sanguine aura .

Why is this different from the Mountain God's blood sacrifice? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised when he saw this .

"Success . " Cai Jin, Qiao Siyuan, and Liz were overjoyed .

Cai Jin flapped his wings and flew towards the Blood Oxypetalum . He wanted to snatch the seed produced by it .

Thorny flower vines shot out of the water and swept towards Cai Jin in the air . Cai Jin was truly capable, living up to his reputation as one of the four Censors .

His body circled around like an eagle as a sword of light flashed in his hand, severing the flower vines one by one .

What sword is that? Zhou Wen sized up the sword in Cai Jin's hand curiously .

The sword didn't have a corporeal blade—it was completely condensed from light . It looked a little like the legendary lightsaber, but a lightsaber would have a device that beamed out the laser . However, the sword was completely condensed from light without any equipment .

The flower vines had been sliced off, and Cai Jin successfully approached the petals . The Blood Oxypetalum was no longer able to resist, and Cai Jin was on the cusp of success .

Just as Cai Jin was about to remove the seed from the Blood Oxypetalum, the lake beside him suddenly exploded . A blurry figure tore out of the water and reached out into the Blood Oxypetalum ahead of him, snatching away the ruby-like seed .

Cai Jin, Qiao Siyuan, and the other's expressions changed drastically . Cai Jin roared angrily as the blade beam in his hand transformed into a shooting star that he thrust at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen wore the Jade Crystal Spirit Armor and held the Golden Battle God Halberd in his hand as he faced the sword of light .


The sword of light was shattered by the Golden Battle God Halberd . The Golden Battle God Halberd's Golden Divine Light tore through the void and stabbed Cai Jin in the chest .