Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 658

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Chapter 658: 658
Unfortunately, he was still too slow . The Golden Battle God Halberd pierced through the Companion Beast's body and continually slammed into Cai Jin's chest, piercing through it and impaling in the air .

"Who are you? Why are you antagonizing the Special Inspector Bureau?" Cai Jin glared at Zhou Wen as he coughed out blood .

Zhou Wen didn't answer . With a flick of the Golden Battle God Halberd, Cai Jin's body was instantly torn apart like a rag . He died and fell into the lake .

Liz turned pale with fright . She was dumbfounded . Cai Jin, one of the four Censors, had been killed in one strike . He didn't even have the ability to resist, making her feel immense horror .

"Minister…" Liz turned her head and realized that Qiao Siyuan had disappeared . She had no idea when he had escaped .

Liz was instantly alarmed as she turned and ran .

The other inspectors also reacted . Seeing that Qiao Siyuan had run out of sight, they scrambled to escape .

Zhou Wen didn't chase after the inspectors . He didn't like killing, but this wasn't why he didn't chase after them .

The Special Inspector Bureau was a department . Even if he killed the inspectors, they could still recruit new inspectors . Killing them was meaningless .

Zhou Wen's body moved and instantly appeared in front of Liz, blocking her path . The Golden Battle God Halberd pointed at her chest as the Golden Divine Light flickered, illuminating her pale face .

"I'm Liz from the Cape family . Let me go . You can receive anything you want," Liz said in horror, not daring to move .

Zhou Wen looked at Liz and said indifferently, "Your red convertible sports car isn't bad . It can still be driven, even after such a heavy collision . "

Liz's pupils immediately constricted when she heard that . She looked at Zhou Wen in disbelief and shouted, "You are…"

Before she could finish her sentence, the Golden Battle God Halberd had pierced through her chest, causing blood to gush out of her mouth . She couldn't finish her sentence .

Liz glared at Zhou Wen as though she couldn't believe that she was about to die .

"Rest in peace . I'll get the Cape family to accompany you soon . " Zhou Wen raised the Golden Battle God Halberd in his hand and Liz's body was ripped apart .

Zhou Wen used Truth Listener to search his surroundings, but he didn't find Qiao Siyuan . He did not know how he had escaped .

Knowing that he couldn't stay here any longer, Zhou Wen ignored the ordinary inspectors and quickly left the Funiu Mountain Range .

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After taking a detour out of Funiu Mountain Range, Zhou Wen secretly returned to campus .

After placating the two of them, Zhou Wen returned to his room and took out the two ruby-like Blood Oxypetalum seeds to compare them .

The two seeds looked about the same, but their sizes were different . The one he had just obtained was slightly bigger, and the color was deeper .

The color of the first one was relatively light, making it crystal clear .

Banana Fairy's eyes lit up when she saw the two seeds . She flew to Zhou Wen's side and looked at him pitifully .

"You want this?" Zhou Wen moved one of the seeds in his hand in front of Banana Fairy .

Banana Fairy shook her head and pointed at the Blood Oxypetalum seed in Zhou Wen's other hand .

"Aren't these two seeds the same?" Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . The one Banana Fairy wanted was from Mountain God's blood sacrifice .

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After handing the seed to Banana Fairy, Banana Fairy immediately hugged it happily .

After she hugged the seed, the Blood Oxypetalum seed turned into red beams of light that surged towards Banana Fairy's body . Soon, it completely enveloped Banana Fairy and formed a red cocoon .

Is this an evolution? Zhou Wen was delighted . After Banana Fairy's evolution, she would advance to the Mythical stage .

Zhou Wen had a lot of feelings for Banana Fairy who had been following him for a long time . To be able to advance to the Mythical stage, no matter how much her combat strength improved, was a good thing for Zhou Wen .

It's the same Blood Oxypetalum seed . Why does Banana Fairy only want the one that Mountain God obtained from its sacrifice and not the other? Zhou Wen looked at the remaining Blood Oxypetalum seed in his hand and couldn't guess the reason .

He summoned the other Companion Beasts that hadn't evolved to see if they were interested in the Blood Oxypetalum seed . However, Demonic Neonate and Doctor Darkness weren't interested in the Blood Oxypetalum seed either .

Doctor Darkness didn't have an Evolvable attribute, but Zhou Wen felt that Doctor Darkness was very useful . He had always wanted him to evolve, but he couldn't find a way .

Instead, it was an Explosive Fiend Man . He was very interested in the Blood Oxypetalum seed and was eager to try it out .

"It's your lucky day . " Zhou Wen threw the remaining Blood Oxypetalum seed at the Explosive Fiend Man .

Without any hesitation, the Explosive Fiend Man swallowed the Blood Oxypetalum seed . Not long after, his body underwent a strange change . It looked like he was about to begin evolving .

Explosive Fiend Man's level was too low . Typically, it should be able to complete its evolution very quickly, but who knew that the Explosive Fiend Man had actually transformed into a Companion Egg? It looked like it would take some time before it completed its evolution .

Is it a problem with Explosive Fiend Man, or is there something wrong with the Blood Oxypetalum seed that the bureau produced? Zhou Wen was momentarily unsure as he could only store Explosive Fiend Man and Banana Fairy into the chaos space .

"The Blood Oxypetalum seed was snatched away . Cai Jin died in battle, and Liz's fate is unknown? Qiao Siyuan, you still have the audacity to return?" Shen Yuchi looked at Qiao Siyuan with a sullen expression . He was livid .

The Special Inspector Bureau's present situation wasn't good to begin with . He had spent immense effort to obtain the blood essence of dimensional creatures, especially that one drop of divine blood . It was impossible for him to obtain a second drop . Not only was it gone, but Cai Jin and Liz's lives were also lost .

Cai Jin's death was fine, but Liz was a member of the Cape family . It would be troublesome to explain this matter to them .

"Director-General, I deserve death . However, if I didn't bring back the enemy's information, my death would be of zero value," Qiao Siyuan said as he played a video . It was the video of Zhou Wen snatching the Blood Oxypetalum and killing Cai Jin .

"A Mythical weapon? It looks like something from the West District," Shen Yuchi said as he looked at the Golden Battle God Halberd in Zhou Wen's hand .

"I've already investigated it . This is the Mythical creature, Golden Battle God Halberd of the Metalwork Temple in the Peninsula of Gods . The members of the Family Clan of Gods had previously killed the Golden Battle God Halberd," Qiao Siyuan said .