Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 659

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Chapter 659: 659
"That's not what I meant . Based on the information we currently have, the Family Clan of Gods has the highest chance of possessing the Golden Battle God Halberd," Qiao Siyuan said .

Shen Yuchi looked at Qiao Siyuan for a while before saying meaningfully, "Your intelligence is timely . "

Qiao Siyuan's expression didn't change as he said, "It's my job . Director-General, you handed such an important mission to me, but I screwed it up . I deserve death . Please mete out your punishment . "

Shen Yuchi looked at Qiao Siyuan and said with a smile, "Then go to the Cape family and explain this matter clearly . "

"Yes, I screwed up . I will definitely explain it to Senator Cape . It has nothing to do with our Special Inspector Bureau . " After bowing, Qiao Siyuan left Shen Yuchi's office .

After Qiao Siyuan left, a person walked out of an inner room .

It was a woman in a suit and she looked very capable . However, she was wearing a hat that was pulled very low . With large sunglasses covering half of her face, it was almost impossible to tell her looks . However, her full, fair chin and red lips left a deep impression .

"Button, what do you think of this person?" Shen Yuchi asked the woman .

The woman called Button said calmly, "Do you mean the person in the video or Minister Qiao?"

"Both . " Shen Yuchi tapped his fingers rhythmically on the table as though he was thinking about something .

"The person in the video wears an unknown type of armor . The weapon is just as Minister Qiao said; it's the Golden Battle God Halberd . The Metalwork Temple is a reserved area of the Family Clan of Gods . Their family does have a Golden Battle God Halberd, but that doesn't mean anything . As for Minister Qiao, he's very smart . He gave himself a chance to live and has given the Cape family an excuse . The Cape family probably won't make things difficult for him when he goes to them," said Button .

Shen Yuchi nodded . "Among the many ministers, Qiao Siyuan is the most capable . Furthermore, he keeps a low profile and doesn't fight for fame or fortune . At the same time, he doesn't even have many hobbies . "

"Do you think there's something wrong with him?" Button asked .

"The operation this time was highly confidential . Very few people knew about it . Only Cai Jin, Qiao Siyuan, and Liz knew the details . Cai Jin was an extremely careful person . Under such circumstances, he was actually ambushed and had the Blood Oxypetalum seed snatched from him . There's a high chance that there's a traitor in our midst," Shen Yuchi said after some thought .

"Do you want me to investigate?" Button asked .

"You don't have to worry about that . Help me make a trip to the Family Clan of Gods and send a copy of the video to them," Shen Yuchi said .

With one of the Azure Dragon seven palaces missing, the other six were useless .

In the boundless Endless Sea of Stars, he also failed to find the Astral Combat Beasts . This dungeon was just too huge . Zhou Wen guessed that it would take him a month or two to clear it .

However, he could do nothing else if he continued grinding like this . It would take up all his time . Most of the dimensional creatures in the Endless Sea of Stars were useless . This left Zhou Wen vexed .

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Wait a minute . There are actually twenty-eight Lunar Mansions in the Endless Sea of Stars . Then, is the distribution of the planets here related to the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions? Zhou Wen decided to check .

The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions was the ancient way of dividing the cosmos . They divided the area around the celestial sphere's ecliptic plane and celestial equator into twenty-eight regions .

If the Endless Sea of Stars was really arranged in such a pattern, one could determine the location of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions .

However, Zhou Wen's understanding of such knowledge was very limited . He only knew the name, but he knew nothing about the distribution .

He went online to search for some information, but there were many contradictory points on the Internet . Furthermore, they explained things unclearly . After reading for a long time, Zhou Wen roughly figured out the approximate distribution and locations of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions .

After comparing it with the Endless Sea of Stars dungeon, he realized that some of the star charts in the Endless Sea were indeed similar to the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions . And the place where he had obtained the skills like the Room Solar Rabbit and Heart Lunar Fox was none other than the region of the Azure Dragon's seven palaces .

This region was extremely huge . After grinding for so long, Zhou Wen still failed to leave the range of the Azure Dragon's seven palaces .

It's indeed so . It's no wonder I only managed to obtain the Azure Dragon's seven palaces' skills . Zhou Wen roughly analyzed the situation and rushed to the stellar domain where the Neck Gold Dragon was . He planned on farming the Neck Gold Dragon to see what use those skills had .

However, the Neck Gold Dragon didn't appear that easily . He swept the entire area but saw nothing of the Neck Gold Dragon .

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Don't tell me this is as difficult to farm as Poison Dragon Palm 3! He felt that things weren't looking good . He had six but was still lacking one . If it was really that difficult to farm for it, he didn't know when he would be able to have it drop .

How can I find Liu Yun? I have to ask which small planet the so-called Astral Combat Beast is on . Zhou Wen was extremely vexed . His knowledge of Liu Yun was very limited . He didn't have his phone number or address, so he didn't know how to find him .

After grinding for a few days, Zhou Wen was on the brink of giving up . It was indeed difficult to farm for Neck Gold Dragons .


The evolving Explosive Fiend Man finally broke out of its shell . The evolved Explosive Fiend Man was still like a Tesla Trooper . It wore heavy armor, and even the pipes were black . There was also a crystal cylinder on its back . One could see something red inside, making it look very strange .

Zhou Wen looked at the Explosive Fiend Man's stats .

Explosive Fiend Man: Legendary (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Unlawful

Strength: 21

Speed: 21

Constitution: 21

Essence Energy: 21

Talent Skill: Death List, Time-Blast

Companion Form: Self-detonation Device

His stats didn't change much just as Zhou Wen had expected . Zhou Wen focused on studying the Explosive Fiend Man's Life Providence .

Unlawful: Unrestricted by laws for a period of time .

Zhou Wen couldn't help but be alarmed . This Life Providence wasn't restricted by rules or laws . This annotation implied that he was rather powerful, but Zhou Wen didn't know what the actual effects were .

Before Zhou Wen could experiment with the Explosive Fiend Man's Life Providence, the Explosive Fiend Man began evolving again, turning into an egg once more .

From the looks of it, the power of the Blood Oxypetalum seed is a little too potent . It actually allowed Explosive Fiend Man to continuously evolve . I wonder where the bureau's blood came from . Zhou Wen also wanted to get one himself when he saw how effective the Blood Oxypetalum seed was .

Just as he was thinking, his phone suddenly rang . It was Li Xuan .

"Old Zhou, quickly go online and watch the battle . A Companion Beast is challenging Primordial Sword Immortal . It's the Xia family's Companion Beast," Li Xuan said excitedly .