Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 66

Published at 9th of March 2020 09:24:13 PM

Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Charging into Small Buddha Temple

Zhou Wen took a look at the blood-colored avatar’s stats and saw that the Heart Meditation in the Primordial Energy Skill slot had vanished . Replacing it was Blood Meditation .

Zhou Wen attempted activating Blood Meditation and immediately a cool aura emerged from his heart . That aura went to every part of his body by coursing through his veins, making Zhou Wen feel an indescribable comfort .

As for his skin, it suffused an abnormal ruddiness that made him look a little odd .

It felt a little different from Heart Meditation . Furthermore, the Primordial Energy expenditure was much slower . One point of Primordial Energy lasted almost three minutes . With 10 Primordial Energy, Zhou Wen could use Blood Meditation for almost half an hour .

If Blood Meditation is like Heart Meditation, half an hour should be enough to counter the Small Buddha Temple’s mysterious force . It’s enough for me to make a few trips to the stone staircase in front of the temple . Zhou Wen didn’t waste any time and immediately got the blood-colored avatar to ride the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and fly for Small Buddha Temple .

As he expected, Blood Meditation and Heart Meditation had the same effect . After activating Heart Meditation, the blood-colored avatar ran all the way up the stone stairs until it arrived in front of Small Buddha Temple without any accidents .

Small Buddha Temple was dilapidated . The sign on the door had already faded and the walls surrounding the temple were crumbling in many places .

Pushing open the dust-covered door, Zhou Wen saw the interior laden with dust . However, he was slightly taken aback .

He was prepared to battle a powerful dimensional creature, but he didn’t see any dimensional creature in the yard . There was only a stone monument in the middle of the yard .

Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra? Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be somewhat perplexed when he identified the biggest words on the stone monument .

Large Perfection of Wisdom Sutra was well-known to many . It was a theoretical foundation of the Great Vehicle Buddhism . After the dimensional storms, a Buddhist figured out a Primordial Energy Art from it . Along with the Agama, it was ranked as the two greatest Primordial Energy Art in Buddhism . They were Primordial Energy Arts capable of the Epic stage, in no way inferior to the Li family’s Invincible Connate Divine Art .

However, Zhou Wen had never heard of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . This name sounded like a joke .

After getting the blood-colored avatar to approach it and carefully look at its contents, he immediately felt his mind groggy, with his head almost exploding .

This sutra is odd! Zhou Wen was alarmed . Just as he was about to cast his gaze away, he suddenly felt the Primordial Energy in his body slow down .

Ever since Zhou Wen cultivated the Lost Immortal Sutra, it would constantly flow without him needing to deliberately cultivate

it .

Now, the sudden slowdown of the Lost Immortal Sutra’s automatic circulation speed was unprecedented . However, after it slowed down, Zhou Wen felt his splitting headache seem to alleviate .

When Zhou Wen looked at the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra again, he no longer felt the discomfort .

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He was surprised as he continued reading the sutra . He realized that the more of it he read, the slower the Lost Immortal Sutra’s circulation became .

There was just too much text on the monument, so before Zhou Wen could finish reading it, the screen went black—the blood-colored avatar had died .

Ah! Only then did Zhou Wen recall that he had Blood Meditation activated the entire time . By reading the sutra for an extended period of time, Blood Meditation had expended all his Primordial Energy and stopped circulating .

From the looks of it, Small Buddha Temple is just like the stairs . It has an odd force blanketing it . Without Blood Meditation to protect me, means death . If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have read the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, Zhou Wen thought .

Dripping a drop of blood and entering the Underground Buddha City dungeon again, Zhou Wen first headed for the lotus pond, planning to kill the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus . It was best if a Companion Egg dropped and even if none dropped, a Primordial Energy Crystal was appreciated .

However, to his dismay, after spending plenty of effort, all that dropped was a 14-valued Strength Crystal when he finally killed the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus .

When the blood-colored avatar picked up the Strength Crystal and absorbed it, its Strength stat didn’t grow . It remained at 10 .

From the looks of it, even if I cultivate the Lost Immortal Sutra, the bottleneck of my realm remains . I’m unable to exceed the limitations of 10 points at the Mortal stage . Zhou Wen felt somewhat disappointed .

After killing all the Buddha Heart Lotuses and finally replenishing ten points of Primordial Energy, Zhou Wen headed for the Small Buddha Temple .

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This time, Zhou Wen didn’t waste time at the stone monument . After entering the temple, he headed straight for the grand hall’s entrance .

The grand hall was already in a shambles . Its roof had mostly collapsed and its door was slanted, about to topple at any moment . There wasn’t any sign above the door, so the name of the hall was unknown .

The blood-colored avatar pushed the door, causing it to creak and fall into the hall . With a thud, it sent dust flying into the air .

Looking at the dust-laden hall, his eyes first noticed a Buddha statue .

Although the game had a cartoon version of a Buddha statue, it still shocked Zhou Wen . Buddha statues typically had genial looks and stately bearing . Only a few guardians had furious glares .

However, those kinds of deities would never be consecrated in the middle of the main hall . Yet, this Buddha statue wore a devil’s expression . Although it didn’t have a furious expression, it made Zhou Wen shudder . It seemed to be staring at him coldly .

Boom! Zhou Wen only managed to take one look because the blood-colored avatar exploded the moment it took a step into the hall . It reduced to a pool of blood and the game screen went black .

Zhou Wen broke out into a cold sweat . Small Buddha Temple sure is odd . Just one look can kill . Thankfully, I didn’t head there with my real body; otherwise, no amount of lives could keep me alive . I wonder how those predecessors explored dimensional zones . Perhaps plenty of lives were sacrificed to attain what we have today .

Although Zhou Wen knew of stories of the tragic sacrifices when soldiers explored dimensional zones while in school, it was nowhere as shocking as experiencing it himself .

Zhou Wen then had another thought . After entering the hall, even Blood Meditation is useless . However, the temple has a stone monument with the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . Perhaps it might be of some use . However, there’s clearly a Primordial Energy Art and I’ve already cultivated Lost Immortal Sutra . I can’t change my Primordial Energy Art and this Small Buddha Temple is so odd . Who knows if that Primordial Energy Art has any problems .

After some hesitation, Zhou Wen decided to first memorize the sutra when entering the Small Buddha Temple .

As for taking pictures, that could be struck off . Ordinary phones couldn’t take pictures of the screen of the mysterious phone, so all Zhou Wen could do was memorize it himself .

The sutra was very long, but thankfully, it wasn’t like the Lost Immortal Sutra which made memorizing untenable . Zhou Wen memorized a few paragraphs each time and left Small Buddha Temple whenever the time was almost up . He would then head back in once he recovered his Primordial Energy .

After he had memorized the entire sutra, he realized that the sky had lit up . He had stayed up the entire night again .

Just as Zhou Wen remembered the last line of the sutra, Lost Immortal Sutra, which had nearly stopped circulating, suddenly circulated crazily .