Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 660

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Chapter 660: 660
The scene was of the cube's screen where a white-haired man in black levitated above the cube's arena .

However, the man's lower body was a snake . The black clothes on his body flapped amidst zero wind . Even his long white hair slowly fluttered in the air .

Count of the Wind… Zhou Wen was immediately shocked when he saw the humanoid Companion Beast's name .

Count of the Wind and the Lord of the Rain were famous existences who had participated in the Zhuolu battle . He never expected the Xia family to have a terrifying Companion Beast like Count of the Wind .

That's not right . I didn't find Count of the Wind and the Lord of the Rain in Zhuolu . Where did the Xia family's Count of the Wind come from? Zhou Wen frowned in thought .

Logically speaking, Count of the Wind should be in Zhuolu, but it wasn't to be found . Furthermore, the Xia family's possession of Count of the Wind made Zhou Wen feel that something was amiss .

"Old Zhou, I'm here . Quickly open the door," Li Xuan shouted from outside .

"Why are you here now?" Zhou Wen opened the door and saw Li Xuan holding his phone, watching the live stream as well .

"It's boring to watch such a battle alone . Did you see Count of the Wind? Although I don't know his combat strength, his looks way too cool . As expected of a famous existence in the mythical battle," Li Xuan said as he looked inside . Seeing the antelope sleeping on the sofa, he carefully walked in and pulled a chair to sit down .

"It's definitely not as simple as a probe if the Xia family is taking action . " Just as Zhou Wen was speaking, he suddenly saw a flash on the combat platform . Primordial Sword Immortal had already charged over and accepted the challenge .

Primordial Sword Immortal was straightforward . After appearing, the ruby on its hilt emitted sword beams that transformed into a rain of swords that charged at Count of the Wind .

Count of the Wind floated in the air as a formless wind thrust his body . He fanned the sword rain with the peacock feathered fan in his hand .

The formless wind immediately reversed the sword rain's direction and collided with the sword beams behind it . Immediately, an explosion sounded as the sky was filled with sword flashes .

A sword hum resounded through the void as Primordial Sword Immortal automatically unsheathed its scabbard and slashed at Count of the Wind with terrifying speed .

Count of the Wind's body drifted as though he was being carried by the wind . He easily dodged Primordial Sword Immortal's attack .

However, Primordial Sword Immortal refused to give up . It slashed at Count of the Wind again and again as sword beams crisscrossed, as though they were about to tear the world apart .

Primordial Sword Immortal wasn't just slashing . Its every move was a profound sword technique .

It was a real sword technique, not an Essence Energy Skill . Zhou Wen could even sense the astonishing sword intent . Just the sword intent alone made Zhou Wen sigh at his inferiority .

Even his Transcendent Flying Immortal was inferior to that sword's realm .

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"Holy sh*t, how can this be? A sword actually has such a terrifying sword technique and sword intent . Who can beat it?" Li Xuan also noticed the uniqueness of the situation as he exclaimed in surprise .

Zhou Wen nodded with a heavy expression . Although Li Xuan appeared as carefree as usual, Zhou Wen could sense that he cared a lot about Count of the Wind .

Zhou Wen also understood why Li Xuan cared so much about it . Li Mobai had once said that the reason their talented eldest brother died so early was because of the Xia family .

Li Xuan treated the Xia family as a conjectured enemy, which was why he was so concerned .

Count of the Wind rode the wind and floated amidst the shocking barrage of sword techniques . The terrifying Primordial Sword Immortal was unable to injure him at all .

From beginning to end, Count of the Wind only dodged and didn't counterattack . He seemed to be observing the strength of Primordial Sword Immortal .

What a powerful movement technique… Zhou Wen's eyes lit up when he saw Count of the Wind's movement technique .

Count of the Wind's movement technique was different from his Transcendent Flying Immortal despite all of them being called movement techniques .

Count of the Wind's movement techniques were extremely elegant . No matter how fast Primordial Sword Immortal's sword techniques were, they were unable to even touch his clothes .

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Count of the Wind looked like a god of the wind . The sword winds brought by Primordial Sword Immortal made his body drift about with the sword wind . Therefore, no matter how fast Primordial Sword Immortal was, it couldn't touch him . Count of the Wind was simply riding the wind .

I wonder if Banana Fairy will be as strong as Count of the Wind when she evolves to the Mythical stage . Zhou Wen was somewhat looking forward to evolving Banana Fairy who was of the same type .

After failing to hit Count of the Wind, Primordial Sword Immortal suddenly stopped attacking and flew back into its scabbard .

Ever since the stone sword was unsheathed, the scabbard had been floating there without any movement . At this moment, the scabbard spewed out immortal beams .

Soon, the immortal glow condensed into a humanoid immortal figure . The immortal figure held the scabbard in one hand and the stone sword in the other . It looked at Count of the Wind from afar .

So this is the true face of Primordial Sword Immortal . The previous battles weren't enough to force out his true body . Zhou Wen stared at Primordial Sword Immortal . Although he could only see an immortal silhouette that resembled a sword spirit, the powerful sword intent on him was enough to shock anyone .

Just by standing in midair with the sword in hand, he gave off an aura of supremacy . It was as if he could slice apart the entire world with just one strike .

What domineering sword intent… Zhou Wen stared at Primordial Sword Immortal . Such domineering sword intent was very similar to Transcendent Flying Immortal's domineering aspect .

However, it was even more domineering than Transcendent Flying Immortal . It was also more natural and had a higher realm .

On the other side, Count of the Wind remained calm and composed . He seemed to be walking leisurely as though he didn't care about the terror that Primordial Sword Immortal was unleashing .

However, Zhou Wen could sense that Count of the Wind wasn't underestimating Primordial Sword Immortal . It was just that his realm was as such—a complete disregard of everything in the world .

Even if all the deities in the world were his enemies, he could still remain ever so calm even on the brink of death .

Zhou Wen looked at Primordial Sword Immortal before looking at Count of the Wind . He seemed to have figured something out, that he felt two eyes were insufficient .

Suddenly, Primordial Sword Immortal moved . The sword moved like a ray of light, as though it had sliced through half the sky . It was so fast that one could only see the sword's glow and not see his movements .

Count of the Wind also moved . He transformed into a gust of wind that could no longer be seen with the naked eye . He rushed to face off with Primordial Sword Immortal's sword glow .


A cool breeze met the sword glow as a terrifying shockwave rose up .

The fan and sword constantly clashed, but most people only saw light blasts . They couldn't see the two Companion Beasts, much less their techniques .

Zhou Wen couldn't even keep up despite his eyesight . All he could do was switch to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and use the Eight Perfections Wisdom and Hell King Life Soul to strengthen his vision . Even then he could barely make out what was happening .