Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 661

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Chapter 661: 661
With the augmentation of the Life Soul, the battle scene Li Xuan saw slowed down significantly .

"Amazing . One doesn't need to be afraid of potent strength or ruthless skill, but one needs to be afraid of such a highly-intelligent Companion Beast . For a Companion Beast to have such high intelligence, it's impossible for a Mythical Companion Beast of the same level to win against them . It's similar to a bug-like existence in games," Li Xuan said .

"That's right . Intelligence is indeed a hidden attribute of a Companion Beast . A Companion Beast with high intelligence is indeed at an advantage in battle . " Zhou Wen nodded in agreement .

He also liked to use highly-intelligent Companion Beasts like Banana Fairy, Demonic Neonate, and Doctor Darkness . Even if Zhou Wen didn't give them orders, they knew when and what to do .

Sometimes, their decisions exceeded Zhou Wen's expectations .

As for the brainless representatives, like Tyrant Behemoth, Six-Winged, and Golden Battle God Halberd, they relied on their instincts to fight . Their intelligence was much lower .

It couldn't be said that this was bad . If one's strength was strong enough, such combat instinct could push their strength to the limit and erupt with 120% of their combat strength .

However, if one were to encounter an evenly matched opponent, such brainless Companion Beasts would be at a disadvantage .

However, Zhou Wen's mind wasn't on these Companion Beasts . He was even more interested in Primordial Sword Immortal's sword techniques and Count of the Wind's movement techniques . He was completely immersed in them as he sensed the two completely different approaches .

One was about claiming supremacy, while the other was about being calm and composed . The two were extremes .

And these two extremes were similar to the one Zhou Wen had when he first understood the divine Transcendent Flying Immortal .

Count of the Wind and Primordial Sword Immortal were evenly matched . Neither of them had the upper hand, but up to now, they had yet to use their Wheel of Destiny .

Ordinary citizens were fidgeting in anxiety because they could only see the glow . They couldn't see the details of the battle . Only a few Epic experts with visual abilities could see the battle clearly .

Thankfully, modern filming equipment was already very advanced . There would be slow-motion replays in the future . Coupled with the commentary, most people would be able to understand it clearly .

Zhou Wen was engrossed in watching when Count of the Wind suddenly retreated from the battle . Without any warning, he admitted defeat and left the battlefield .

As Zhou Wen had been taking in their sword techniques and movement techniques, he had a deeper understanding of them than Li Xuan . He shook his head and said, "Count of the Wind and Primordial Sword Immortal are very close in every aspect . If they continue fighting, they can only use their Wheels of Destiny . The Xia family clearly doesn't want to go all out yet . It's just a probe, so they have chosen to give up . "

"What a pity . Such a divine-level battle is much more interesting than watching those Strength-type Companion Beasts fight," Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen also felt that he hadn't had enough . He got up and said, "Let's go to the training grounds . I gained some insight from watching their battle . I liked to experiment to see if I'm right or wrong . "

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Upon hearing Zhou Wen's words, Li Xuan agreed immediately . The two of them went to the training grounds and found an independent training room .

"I will try to imitate Primordial Sword Immortal's sword techniques . Help me check to see if it's correct . " Zhou Wen picked up a practice sword and recalled Primordial Sword Immortal's sword intent as he slashed at Li Xuan .

"Interesting, but it's not domineering enough . You still have some reservations about this strike . You should be more resolute . " Li Xuan didn't take out his weapon as he used his carapace to block the practice sword .

"Is this enough?" Zhou Wen slashed out again . At the same time, he tried his best to fuse his emotions into the Primordial Sword Immortal's sword intent realm .

"Not enough… Not enough… It's still not enough…" Li Xuan constantly fought Zhou Wen . As Zhou Wen's sword techniques became faster and faster, he no longer had the time to say that it was inadequate . Every time Zhou Wen attacked, Li Xuan would only say no .

Zhou Wen gradually became one with the will, as his intent fused with the sword . The feeling of using the sword grew stronger and stronger . He gradually realized that the dominance of Primordial Sword Immortal wasn't because his sword techniques were fast and ruthless, but because it attacked the key spots . It prevented the opponent from counterattacking, so there was no need for defense .


Zhou Wen's practice sword slashed at Li Xuan . Although he had only used a practice sword, he had actually left a sword mark on Li Xuan's carapace because the sword beam was too powerful .

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"Interesting . Again . " Li Xuan was very excited .

Zhou Wen was also feeling excited as he brandished his sword without any hesitation to slash at Li Xuan . The more he fought, the more he reveled in the feeling of this sword technique .

Defense? What the hell was that? I'll slash out with my sword . Those who follow me will live, those who oppose me will die . There was no need for defense . With one sword in hand, I'm the best in the world .

The more Zhou Wen fought, the more arrogant he became . He wasn't usually an arrogant person, but under the influence of the sword intent, his attacks became more and more violent .

Crack! Crack!

Li Xuan wasn't able to completely block Zhou Wen's sword technique . Sword marks appeared over his carapace, but the armor was immediately restored to its original state upon cracking . Its self-healing speed was unbelievably fast .


Zhou Wen slashed at Li Xuan again . The practice sword made of special rubber couldn't withstand the domineering sword beam and shattered .

"My turn . " Li Xuan leaped up and drew a practice sword from the weapon rack . He slashed at Zhou Wen, using an identical sword technique that Zhou Wen had just used .

Zhou Wen was alarmed . He knew that Li Xuan's Life Soul could sense the enemy's techniques and gain experience from suffering injuries, but he never expected that he could learn the techniques that humans used .

Li Xuan's strike wasn't much worse than the one he had used .

However, this made Zhou Wen even more excited . "Don't worry about me . Use all your strength . "

Zhou Wen didn't have a carapace protecting him . Although Li Xuan's sword technique was right, it didn't have that domineering aura . That was why Zhou Wen felt confident .

"Alright . " Li Xuan didn't hold back any further . He used all the experience he had just absorbed from his injuries in battle . A domineering sword beam immediately filled the sword .

Zhou Wen recalled Count of the Wind's movement technique and concept and began mimicking his movement technique to circle around Li Xuan .

Movement techniques were Zhou Wen's forte . They were easier to use than sword techniques, so he got into the groove faster than with the sword technique .

Gulli and Sadie had just finished watching the battle between Count of the Wind and Primordial Sword Immortal . Sadie's Eye of Odin had seen more things . She wanted to study the battle between Count of the Wind and Primordial Sword Immortal with Gulli, so they had come to the training grounds .

They also wanted to find a private training room, but they realized that there were already people inside . Just as they were feeling depressed, they suddenly heard the whistling sound of sword aura coming from the training room beside them .