Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 662

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Chapter 662: 662
However, through the crack in the door, she could see the situation inside .

Sadie approached the door crack and looked inside . She was immediately alarmed .

"Sis, what are you doing? This isn't good, right?" Gulli looked at Sadie strangely .

"Come and take a look . " Sadie pulled Gulli over and got him to stand in front of the door crack . He looked inside and saw two people sparring .

"Why does this sword technique look so familiar…" Gulli muttered when he saw Li Xuan's sword technique .

"What's with that brain of yours? That sword technique is the sword technique of Primordial Sword Immortal . And the movement technique Zhou Wen uses is Count of the Wind's movement technique . Have you forgotten them after just watching them?" Sadie said .

"Ah, it's true . That's the Primordial Sword Immortal's sword technique . But how could that person use Primordial Sword Immortal's sword technique? Could he be the owner of Primordial Sword Immortal?" Gulli said in surprise .

"My dear brother, you are really hopelessly stupid . Zhou Wen is using Count of the Wind's movement technique . Does that make him Count of the Wind's master?" Sadie said helplessly .

"That's right . Isn't Count of the Wind from the Xia family? How did he become Zhou Wen's?" Gulli was puzzled .

Sadie was immediately rendered speechless . All she could do was say to Gulli, "Zhou Wen isn't Count of the Wind's master . The other person isn't the owner of Primordial Sword Immortal either . They are the same as us . They watched the battle between Primordial Sword Immortal and Count of the Wind and learned Primordial Sword Immortal's sword technique and Count of the Wind's movement technique . "

"They learned the sword technique and movement technique from simply watching the battle? How is this possible? Even you have to do plenty of analysis and simulation to learn a portion of it despite having the Eye of Odin . How long has it been? Yet, they have already learned the sword technique and movement technique . Isn't this too unbelievable?" Gulli widened his eyes in disbelief .

"It's indeed hard to believe, but they've done it . " Sadie looked at Zhou Wen and Li Xuan with a complicated expression .

Before coming to Sunset College, she was confident that she could defeat Zhou Wen and avenge Lance .

However, after coming here, Sadie realized that she was far from Zhou Wen's match . Not only was she no match for him, but she couldn't even defeat Feng Qiuyan, who claimed to be learning from him .

The person who was fighting Zhou Wen inside was similarly no weaker than her, and the person was clearly not Feng Qiuyan .

Although Li Xuan's sword technique and Zhou Wen's movement technique weren't at the level of Primordial Sword Immortal and Count of the Wind, they already possessed the charm of the two . They had truly understood the meaning behind the sword technique and movement technique . It wasn't just a simple imitation .


The practice sword in Li Xuan's hand failed to withstand the powerful explosion of the sword aura . The two of them could only stop .

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"Old Zhou, are you going to continue training?" Li Xuan retracted his Life Soul and revealed his true body .

Gulli and Sadie widened their eyes . They never expected that the person who used such a sword technique was actually the frivolous-looking, foppish Li Xuan .

"Forget it . It's pointless . I'm not continuing," Zhou Wen said as he shook his head .

Zhou Wen had already understood the profundity of the movement technique and sword technique . However, just imitating them was useless . He needed to fuse the movement technique and sword technique into his system . This wasn't something that could be done in a short period of time . He needed time to think .

Sadie and Gulli clearly misunderstood Zhou Wen's intentions . They believed that Zhou Wen was saying that this sword technique and movement technique were too simple that they were boring him .

If anyone else had said that, Sadie and Gulli would think that they were arrogant and ignorant .

Zhou Wen had only just watched the battle between Count of the Wind and Primordial Sword Immortal . Yet, in such a short period of time, he had already comprehended the charm of Count of the Wind's movement technique . Such a genius could say anything without going overboard .

Seeing that the two of them were about to come out, Sadie and Gulli hurriedly hid to the side . After the two of them walked out of the training grounds, Sadie said, "Sunset College is really filled with all kinds of hidden talent, especially the Xuanwen Club . I never expected that the usually frivolous Li Xuan would have such strength and talent . In the past, when we were in the North District, we were like frogs in a well, looking down on young people who weren't from the six families . However, Zhou Wen, Feng Qiuyan, and Li Xuan aren't any worse than the top geniuses of the six families . I wonder how many geniuses there are in Sunset College . "

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"They're really too strong . We made no mistake coming . With such opponents, I think we can improve faster," Gulli said excitedly .

Sadie nodded with a heavy expression . In the past, the Federation's geniuses came from the six families . However, with the development of the times, more and more geniuses emerged from the ordinary families . The influence of the six families was gradually declining .

After this battle, all the major media outlets gave a slow-motion video of the battle . Furthermore, there were explanations and professional analyses . It left everyone watching with relish .

The popularity of Tyrant Behemoth and Orochi's battle was completely overshadowed .

Although Tyrant Behemoth was strong, its intelligence was lacking . Its battle with Orochi was too simple and crude . It was far inferior to the battle between Primordial Sword Immortal and Count of the Wind .

People were discussing who would have been stronger if they had fought to the end—Count of the Wind or Primordial Sword Immortal .

Some people supported Uncle Feng, but more people believed that Primordial Sword Immortal was the strongest . Otherwise, why would Count of the Wind admit defeat?

The other families understood the Xia family's intent . The Xia family had already probed the strength of Primordial Sword Immortal . They probably wouldn't make a move for the time being . It was up to them now .

Including the overseas demons and the six families, the various factions were analyzing the abilities of Primordial Sword Immortal and Count of the Wind . They were already eager to try .

Now, other than not knowing what Primordial Sword Immortal's Wheel of Destiny was, Primordial Sword Immortal's abilities were mostly analyzed .

Furthermore, based on all sorts of evidence, its Wheel of Destiny was very likely an offensive miracle .

On this basis, the various families came up with a strategy to deal with the situation . It was only a matter of time before they challenged Primordial Sword Immortal's number one spot .

Zhou Wen wasn't idle either . When he returned, he informed An Sheng of his encounter with Chu He in Netherworld City and got him to help investigate Chu He and his family .

An Sheng placed a lot of importance on this matter and personally went to Chu He's hometown . Now, An Sheng had finally sent the news back .

According to An Sheng's investigations, Chu He's wife and daughter had always believed that Chu He had gone to Zhuolu . They had no idea that Chu He had gone to the desert .

Furthermore, ever since Chu He had left home and gone to Zhuolu, he had never contacted them again . He hadn't communicated with them, nor had he written any letters .

After various investigations, An Sheng came to the conclusion that Chu He had gone to Zhuolu and had never been to the desert .