Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 663

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Chapter 663: 663
"No, it's the opposite . I think the Chu He who went to Zhuolu is a fake," An Sheng said with certainty . "From the information I obtained, everything about the Chu He that went to Zhuolu is perfect . However, this ends up making me feel that something is amiss . "

After a pause, An Sheng continued, "According to my investigations, Professor Chu He studied the Taklamakan desert in the past . In the beginning, he indeed rejected the invitation from the expedition team, but for some reason, he later agreed . He then went to Zhuolu . However, during his time in Zhuolu, he never contacted his family . This makes me find it a little abnormal . "

"In other words, someone really did some tampering?" Zhou Wen asked .

"We can't be sure yet . If someone really is behind this, their force is definitely extraordinary . The other party has done it so cleanly that we can't find any problems . If you hadn't encountered Chu He, who had already died, in Netherworld City, I'm afraid no one would have expected that Chu He, who went to Zhuolu, would be a fake," An Sheng said .

"How's Chu He's wife and daughter?" Zhou Wen asked .

"Their situation will become very dangerous after our investigations . To ensure their safety, I've already brought them back," An Sheng said .

From An Sheng's tone, Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng had definitely used some extreme means .

"If it's possible, take good care of them . As long as it's not an unreasonable request, try your best to satisfy them . I'll be in charge of all expenses," Zhou Wen said .

"Don't worry . They have already been brought into the manor by Madam . Madam values them very much," An Sheng said .

"That's good . " Zhou Wen knew that Ouyang Lan was as concerned about the former principal as he was . Since Chu He's wife and daughter had gone to her, Ouyang Lan definitely wouldn't let anything happen to them .

After ending the call with An Sheng, Zhou Wen was considering what he could do .

I'm far inferior to An Sheng when it comes to investigating such matters . It's useless even if I go . If someone really is doing something behind our backs, they are definitely a powerful force to do it so seamlessly . Even if we find out the truth, we will need a powerful force to resolve the problem . It's better for me to raise my strength first . Zhou Wen felt that what he needed to do now was to become stronger .

Ding! Just as he cleared the Metalwork Temple dungeon, another Golden Battle God Halberd dropped .

How easily does this thing drop? It's already the fourth one . Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless .

Just as he was about to continue grinding, his phone rang . He opened it and saw that it was from The Thearch .

"I'll make a deal with you . Are you interested?"

"What deal?" Zhou Wen replied .

"I can let you obtain a Companion Beast . That Companion Beast can help you defeat Primordial Sword Immortal and Companion Beast, but in exchange, you have to give me the divine fruit after obtaining it . " The Thearch sent another message .

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"What benefits do I have if I give you the divine fruit?" Zhou Wen asked .

"Isn't it enough for you to obtain a Companion Beast that can help you defeat Primordial Sword Immortal?" The Thearch asked .

"What kind of Companion Beast is that?" Zhou Wen asked .

"Come to Chess Mountain . You will know when you get it," said The Thearch .

"Don't tell me you want me to enter Deer Terrace Pavilion again?" Zhou Wen deliberately sent a message in an unwilling tone .

In fact, Zhou Wen did want to enter Deer Terrace Pavilion . In-game, he could only enter the ancient building in Deer Terrace Pavilion, but he couldn't enter the platform below .

Now, Zhou Wen really wanted to find another way to enter Deer Terrace Pavilion other than the gap in reality .

"How can you obtain benefits without entering Deer Terrace Pavilion?" The Thearch asked .

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"It's too disgusting to enter Deer Terrace Pavilion underwater . Is there no other way of entry?" Zhou Wen wanted to find out other ways to enter Deer Terrace Pavilion so that there was no need for him to trade with The Thearch .

To his surprise, The Thearch was tight-lipped . She only replied, "Don't worry . I'll let you enter Deer Terrace Pavilion easily this time . "

Zhou Wen asked a few more questions, but The Thearch didn't say a word . She only said that he would know when the time came .

Zhou Wen was somewhat hesitant . He naturally wanted a Companion Beast that could defeat Primordial Sword Immortal, but he wasn't willing to take the risk at Deer Terrace Pavilion in reality .

The Thearch was just too mysterious . Zhou Wen wasn't willing to have too much contact with her .

Forget it . I won't go . Even without The Thearch's Companion Beast, I have a chance of defeating Primordial Sword Immortal . Zhou Wen had carefully studied the battle between Count of the Wind and Primordial Sword Immortal .

Tyrant Behemoth still had a chance of defeating Primordial Sword Immortal, but that was under the premise that Primordial Sword Immortal's Wheel couldn't kill Tyrant Behemoth .

As he was pondering, he suddenly felt fluctuations in the chaos space .

Could it be that Explosive Fiend Man's evolution has completed? Zhou Wen hurriedly checked the chaos space .

However, he realized that Explosive Fiend Man hadn't evolved . It was still in its egg form .

That fluctuation was actually coming from the metal walnut .

The tiny beast had been nibbling at the metal walnut all this time . After so long, it had left a deep bite mark on the metal walnut . From where it was nibbling, it seemed to have been bitten through . A crack as thin as a strand of hair appeared on the surface of the crack, revealing a white color .

As for the fluctuations Zhou Wen felt, they were actually emitted from the metal walnut . The fluctuations seemed to be felt through his consciousness, but Zhou Wen actually felt as though it was asking for his help .

Could it be that there's a dimensional creature in this metal walnut? Zhou Wen took it out from the chaos space .

The little beast continued to bite at the metal walnut . It looked like it wouldn't stop until it bit right through .

Zhou Wen used his hand to pull it, but its claws gripped the metal walnut tightly, unwilling to let go .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to knock it out . After the beast fainted, its paws continued holding on tightly . Zhou Wen had to let it hold the metal walnut as he reached out to touch the crack that the beast had bitten open .

White matter emerged from the crack . Zhou Wen touched it and immediately felt his Essence Energy flow into the metal walnut . The feeling was similar to incubating a Companion Egg .

The thing inside the metal walnut is actually a Companion Egg? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he allowed the metal walnut to absorb his Essence Energy .