Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 664

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Chapter 664: 664
As the Essence Energy was absorbed, the outer shell of the metal walnut split into two along the crack . A white ball-shaped object rolled out and transformed into a stream of light that shot at Zhou Wen's body, turning into a white, circular tattoo .

When he summoned the Companion Beast, it was about the size of a football . He held it in his hand and pinched it . It was soft and bouncy, similar to the feeling of a bouncy ball . Maybe even softer .

Zhou Wen casually pinched the Companion Beast into various strange shapes . Once he released his grip, it would return to its original state .

This Companion Beast is rather fun . I wonder what use it has? Zhou Wen didn't receive any information regarding the Companion Beast, so he felt somewhat puzzled .

Typically, after contracting a Companion Beast, one would receive some vague information, such as the name, level, etc .

However, this one didn't give any of that . Zhou Wen could only take out his phone to read its information . He was still thinking, Such a special Companion Beast must have a very special ability, right? However, it absorbed rather little Essence Energy . Its level shouldn't be high .

After placing the white Companion Beast in the viewfinder, Zhou Wen clicked on its information and ended up petrified .

Tai Sui: Mortal (Evolvable)

Strength: 11

Speed: 11

Constitution: 11

Essence Energy: 11

Talent Skill: Earth Escape

Companion Form: Mimicry

Holy sh*t, this darn thing is Tai Sui… Zhou Wen regretted it so much that he felt a kick in his guts . If he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have asked for trouble . He would have let the little beast eat it .

Thankfully, it's only at the Mortal stage . It doesn't seem to have any Life Providence or skills like a Jinxes Master or Misfortune . Zhou Wen carefully looked at the introduction and realized that it wasn't as bad as he imagined .

However, Tai Sui could actually evolve . This was basically the specialty of a Mythical Companion Beast . If he continued evolving it, it was unknown if it would have abilities like a Jinxes Master or Misfortune .

I read online that Tai Sui has a Life Providence like Misfortune and Bad Luck . However, it seems like the photos taken online of those Tai Sui are a little different from this one . Zhou Wen searched the pictures online and compared them to the Tai Sui in front of him . They were indeed different .

Those Tai Suis looked ugly and were either black or yellow . They weren't as smooth and white as Zhou Wen's—it looked like white jade .

It's also possible that my Tai Sui is different from theirs . Mine doesn't bring misfortune, Zhou Wen thought .

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Tai Sui bounced around on the ground like a white bouncy ball . Its fleshy look made it very interesting .

However, when it realized that there was nothing inside, it was stunned . It turned its head and saw Tai Sui in front of Zhou Wen and immediately pounced over .

Tai Sui seemed a little afraid of it as it immediately jumped behind Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen reached out to grab the fur on the tiny beast's back and lifted it up . The little beast desperately brandished its tiny claws as though it wanted to fight Zhou Wen to the death .

However, its claws were just too short . No matter how hard it tried, it couldn't touch Zhou Wen .

"Come, be good . This is for you to eat… You're not eating it? What about this?" Zhou Wen took out something to coax the little beast .

Finally, when Zhou Wen gave it an Epic Companion Egg, the little beast angrily sprawled on it and ate it . As it chewed, it glared at Zhou Wen and Tai Sui as though it was indignant .

Zhou Wen fed some Companion Eggs to Tai Sui . Tai Sui didn't seem picky at all, but its eating speed was very slow .

Its body wrapped around the Companion Egg like liquid . It didn't manage to digest it even after a long time .

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After trying out Tai Sui's Earth Escape skill, he realized that it was very useful . As long as it touched the ground, it could instantly move anywhere .

However, because Tai Sui's level was too low, it couldn't escape too far .

As for its companion form, it was somewhat magical . It could simulate the companion form of other Companion Beasts . It could transform into armor, weapons, and other forms . It could even simulate the appearance of a Companion Beast .

However, it only simulated its appearance, its essence didn't change . It didn't possess the ability of other Companion Beasts . It looked like a plasticine toy .

Although Tai Sui doesn't have the legendary Misfortune, it doesn't seem to be of any use . Realizing that Tai Sui was useless, Zhou Wen let it slowly eat and evolve . He wanted to see if it would be of any use in the future .

"Young Master Wen, are you at school?" An Sheng called .

"Yes," Zhou Wen answered .

"It's best you don't leave the school for the next few days," An Sheng said .

"What happened?" Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled .

"Recently, Dragon Gate Grotto has been a little abnormal . According to Chancellor Leng's judgment, Dragon Gate Grotto might encounter a large-scale breakout of creatures . When the time comes, we will do our best to prevent the breakout creatures from entering the city . As we don't know how many breakout creatures will appear, we might need your help as a last resort," An Sheng said .

"Alright, I'll stay in school for the next few days . " After a pause, Zhou Wen asked, "Does this mean that the other dimensional zones will also experience a large-scale breakout?"

"We are closely monitoring them . From the looks of it, we haven't discovered anything similar . The situation in Dragon Gate Grotto has changed . Perhaps something special is affecting them," An Sheng said . "According to Chancellor Leng, some of the break-out creatures outside also came to Dragon Gate Grotto . It's still a mystery what's attracting them . "

When Zhou Wen heard that, he immediately thought of the giant golden bird above Dragon Gate Grotto . Back then, it was only when Chancellor Leng personally appeared that the giant golden bird retreated .

Not long after Zhou Wen received the news, Dragon Gate Grotto was sealed off by the military . In the next two days, the school had organized a mobilization meeting . The students had also been assigned some logistic work to assist the military in preventing the large-scale breakout .

The entire school's atmosphere became abnormally tense . Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, and company were assigned work . In such a situation, no one could stay out of it .

That night, a roar that sounded like a cow's moo came from Dragon Gate Grotto . The sound was soul-stirring . The ground near Dragon Gate Grotto shook as though there was a slight earthquake . The roar lasted the entire night, but nothing came out .

However, this cast a shadow on everyone's hearts . This was because they were certain that something had really happened to Dragon Gate Grotto .

"Old Zhou, if all of these dimensional zones suffer a breakout, do you think our Luoyang will still hold?" Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen as he moved the supplies .

"I'm afraid it can't be defended . " Zhou Wen knew very well that humans were much weaker than dimensional creatures .

There appeared to be a hundred Mythical Companion Beasts on the ranking, but the number of Mythical creatures in the dimensional zones was far more than that . It might be a hundred or a thousand times more .

Zhou Wen even suspected that there were even more terrifying existences above the Mythical stage . Otherwise, Torch Dragon's stats wouldn't have the evolvable attribute .