Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 665

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Chapter 665: 665
A huge Buddha shed tears of blood for no reason . After careful inspection, it was discovered that there was a crack in the Buddha's eye . Red spring water surged out from it .

In the river beside Dragon Gate Grotto, there were creatures that resembled flood dragons churning . However, the back they saw was dozens of meters long . It was extremely terrifying .

Inside a Buddhist temple, a Buddhist glow bloomed . Through a pair of binoculars, one could see a skeleton dressed in monk robes sitting inside the temple hall . Every inch of its skeleton emitted a Buddhistic glow .

The entire Grotto was filled with strange sights . The military had completely sealed off the nearby area . The area near Dragon Gate Grotto on campus had been evacuated .

The matter at Dragon Gate Grotto seemed to be even more terrifying than expected . Malla and Stone Beasts had already walked out of the cave . Many of the Malla and Stone Beasts were the students' usual hunting targets—most of them were at the Mortal and Legendary stage .

However, they now had a strange halo enveloping them . Their Strength and Speed had increased greatly . The power that erupted at the Mortal stage could reach the peak of the Mortal stage . Those at the Legendary stage could produce strength at the peak Legendary stage .

There were also Flying Beasts and Fairies circling above Dragon Gate Grotto, making the originally mysterious cave even more bizarre .

Any dimensional creature that stepped out of the defense line was killed by the soldiers, but the situation kept worsening . There were more dimensional creatures that surged out with each day .

Boom! Boom!

Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, and Feng Qiuyan were responsible for transporting the ammunition to the front line . This was a mission An Sheng had specially arranged for them so that they could participate in the battle at any time .

The school's tutors were also prepared . When the battle really broke out, these Epic tutors were to be the main combat force .

Qin Wufu had already arrived at the battlefield to commandeer the troops, but An Tianzuo was nowhere to be seen .

"Young Master Wen, you have to be careful . The anomaly in Dragon Gate Grotto is too terrifying . There might be a fierce battle when the time comes . " After An Sheng arrived on the battlefield, he warned Zhou Wen and company with a heavy expression .

Zhou Wen was somewhat alarmed . An Sheng knew that he had several Mythical Companion Beasts in his possession, but even so, he had solemnly warned him to be careful . It was obvious that the situation was extremely terrifying .

Li Xuan said, "Why don't I see Overseer?"

An Sheng sighed softly and said, "Overseer has gathered all the noble families in Luoyang City for a meeting and is mobilizing them to participate in the battle . "

An Sheng said, "Sunset College is closest to Dragon Gate Grotto, but Sunset College has always been a home ground of the An family . They feel that helping this situation is helping the An family, so they are quite unwilling . "

"Don't they know that once Sunset College fails, all of Luoyang will suffer?" Zhou Wen frowned .

Even someone like him who had a bad relationship with An Tianzuo was participating in this battle . This was because he knew that this wasn't the An family's business . It concerned the survival of Luoyang .

"Some have already planned on leaving Luoyang to seek refuge," An Sheng said .

"Escape without fighting? Those people are even abandoning their homeland?" Feng Qiuyan frowned .

"That's only human nature . If we manage to hold the line, they will naturally return . If we can't, they will be able to preserve their strength and wealth . They will also be able to live free and mighty in other cities . However, ordinary citizens won't share the same fate . Only death awaits them," An Sheng said .

"How's my family's situation?" Li Xuan hadn't received any news from his family . He didn't know what was happening at home .

"Old Master Li didn't say anything, but he didn't leave Luoyang either . He seems to be taking a wait-and-see approach," An Sheng replied .

"Adjutant An, I would like to make a remark on that . " Suddenly, they heard someone speak . They turned their heads and saw Li Mobai walking over with a dozen soldiers .

"Second Young Master Li, you're finally here . We've been waiting for you for a long time . " An Sheng saw Li Mobai and the people behind him .

"All the Epic experts that the Li family can contribute are here . Including me, I'll be at the Overseer's disposal," Li Mobai said .

"If the Li family is willing to help, why is Old Master Li unwilling to speak up for the Overseer during the meeting?" An Sheng asked .

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Li Mobai smiled and said, "Our Li family is willing to fight to protect Luoyang . That's our decision, but we can't stop other families from seeking a chance to live . "

An Sheng immediately understood what he meant . All he could do was shake his head and sigh helplessly .

From this, one could tell that very few people from the major families in Luoyang were willing to participate .

"Second Young Master, please follow me . After registration, Governor Du will deploy you centrally," An Sheng said as he prepared to lead them to the register .

"Second Brother…" Li Xuan called out with a strange expression when he saw Li Mobai looking at him .

Li Mobai said indifferently, "You don't have to speak to me with such an attitude . I've never placed you in my heart . Among the Li brothers . I, Li Mobai, only acknowledge one elder brother . I only gave you the Evil King Gu as a tool for revenge . Since you can't even be a tool, there's no value in using you . You can do whatever you want . "

With that said, Li Mobai left with An Sheng .

Li Xuan gritted his teeth and didn't say a word . All he did was clench his fists .

Zhou Wen patted Li Xuan on the shoulder . Li Xuan relaxed and shook his head . "Don't worry . I know what I should do . I won't lose myself because of his words . "

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Over the next two days, some rich Luoyang families sent people to participate in the battle . However, most of them only sent one or two Epic experts . Apart from the Li family, there were only two other families who sent a formidable force .

On this day, just as Zhou Wen and company were loading the supplies, they suddenly heard an ear-piercing alarm . All the soldiers quickly rushed to their posts before they heard the rumbling sounds of cannons and gunshots .

Zhou Wen and company pushed the resources to the front lines and saw that in the direction of Dragon Gate Grotto, a large number of stone beasts and Malla were rushing out . There were also a number of flying beasts dancing in the air .

The tide of dimensional creatures charged at the defensive fortifications . The soldiers followed the commands and kept firing . The dimensional creatures fell, but more dimensional creatures took their fallen brethren and charged over .


A cannonball exploded in front of a Vajra Malla, but it failed to kill him . He charged over with the fragments of the cannonball still embedded in him and pounced ferociously at a soldier in the trench .

The soldier didn't retreat . He summoned a Companion Beast saber and struck the Vajra Malla, forcing it to take two steps back .

The soldiers beside him shot at the Vajra Malla . They peppered it with a rain of bullets, blasting apart his head .

A Fairy swooped down from the sky . On the battlefield that was filled with flames of war, the beautiful figure turned into a killing machine . She gracefully charged into the soldiers and blood immediately dyed the trench red .