Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 666

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Chapter 666: 666
Bullets and artillery fire blasted him, but to no avail . With a wave of the monster-subduing phurba in his hand, a laser-like beam blasted a huge hole in the defensive fortification . Several soldiers died on the spot .

An Epic expert summoned his Companion Beasts to face it in battle . The Vajra fought four of them alone but managed to force all four Epic Companion Beasts into a retreat .

Boom! Boom!

Amidst the flood of stone beasts, multiple three-headed, six-armed Vajras rushed out of Dragon Gate Grotto . Groups of Fairies also flew out into the sky . They were true Fairies, not Fairy Beasts .

There were also the black-clothed, white-haired Mutated Fairies . Furthermore, there were more than two of them .

Epic officers, tutors, and people from Luoyang's major families took part in the battle . There were war cries and explosions everywhere on the battlefield as soldiers constantly fell .

"Are you interested in warming up?" An Sheng wore a smile, but his eyes were extremely cold .

"More than happy . " Feng Qiuyan summoned his saber .

"I've been waiting . " Li Xuan summoned out his carapace .

Zhou Wen gripped his Bamboo Blade tightly and nodded slightly . He knew that this was really just a warm-up . The truly terrifying creatures had yet to come out .

An Sheng led them to the leftmost side of the defense line . The defense there was the weakest and had been repeatedly breached by the Fairies .

"Guard this place until the retreat order is given, you can't retreat even in death," An Sheng said to Zhou Wen and company before leaving .

The soldiers were crazily fending off the dimensional creatures' attacks, but there were still three-headed, six-armed Vajras charging at them . It was something ordinary soldiers couldn't deal with . The bullets that were imbued with Essence Gold couldn't penetrate the Vajras' bodies, nor could they hit the Fairies .

"Leave the sky to me . I'll leave the ground to you . " Zhou Wen looked at the Fairies in the sky as they constantly charged down to cull the soldiers' lives .

"Alright . " Feng Qiuyan and Li Xuan responded loudly at the same time before rushing out . Each of them faced a three-headed, six-armed Blackiron Vajra .

When the soldiers saw the two students rush out to fend off the Vajras, they were both surprised and delighted . They hurriedly opened fire to provide them cover, clearing the ordinary Vajras and stone beasts .

A few Fairies descended from the sky and flew over . The machine guns on the sentry post fired at them, but they failed to hit their bodies .

Zhou Wen soared into the sky as he unsheathed his Bamboo Blade and slashed out the Demonic Astral Wheel .

The nearby soldiers were first taken aback before they cheered . At the very least, they saw a temporary hope . There were still humans who could fight these terrifying dimensional creatures .

Gunfire, the roars of dimensional creatures, the roars of Companion Beasts, the screams of death—the collision of blood and fire were everywhere .

Zhou Wen kept killing Fairies . He lost count of the number he killed, but he was already beginning to feel numb . He usually couldn't find so many Fairies, but now, there were as many as crows in the sky .

Zhou Wen even killed two Mutated Fairies .

Feng Qiuyan, Li Xuan, and company were already covered in blood . It was impossible to distinguish the blood on their bodies—theirs or the dimensional creatures' .

Boom! Boom!

In the direction of Dragon Gate Grotto, it was as though a mountain had exploded . A thousand-hand Buddha that was more than ten meters tall on the stone wall emitted a resplendent golden glow . It came to life and walked out of the mountain wall .

The thousand-hand Buddha looked extremely strange . Zhou Wen had never seen it before .

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His body was shimmering with golden light . He had an ox head and a human body . He had eight arms and countless arms that resembled wheels on his back . He looked extremely demonic .

An Epic Companion Beast went forward to fight it off, only to see the thousand-handed, bull-headed beast shoot out a golden beam of light that blasted the Epic Companion Beast to pieces .

Then, the arms behind its back raised up and transformed into different spells . Golden light crisscrossed and instantly killed the nearby Companion Beasts and humans .

Mythical creature! Zhou Wen's eyes narrowed . A Mythical creature had appeared so quickly, and one that was especially terrifying .

The dense bombardment of bullets and attacks struck the thousand-handed, bull-headed beast, but they were nothing but a tickle . They failed to hurt it at all .

It even blocked an Epic Companion Beast's attack . As the thousand hands changed in form, the ground was sliced apart by the crisscrossing golden light . Amidst the golden light, a tank was sliced into two like paper .

Instantly, everyone was horrified . Such an invincible dimensional creature made it impossible for anyone to think of putting up a resistance .

Just as Zhou Wen was about to summon the Golden Overlord Sword to slay the thousand-handed, bull-headed beast, he saw a figure tear through the air . It was a flying sword that resembled a blue rainbow .

The flying sword circled the creature as it attempted to grab it with its thousand hands . However, it failed . Instead, the sword beam slashed out by the flying sword cleaved down on its numerous arms .

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Zhou Wen turned his head to look at the spot where the flying sword had come from and saw a figure standing on the roof . It was none other than Sunset College's chancellor, Leng Zongzheng .

Zhou Wen couldn't help but have a thought when he saw that the flying sword didn't manage to slice through the thousand-handed, bull-headed creature despite having the advantage . He summoned the Golden Overlord Sword and sneaked behind the creature .

Taking advantage of the fact that it was attracted by the flying sword, he leaped above its head . The Golden Overlord Sword slashed down at the ox head with a resplendent sword beam .


The thousand-handed, bull-headed creature collapsed to the ground . At the same time it died, the stone beasts, Fairies, and Vajras attacked even more crazily .

Leng Zongzheng glanced at Zhou Wen and summoned his sword back before turning to sit on a chair . He had no intention of coming down to clean up the battlefield .

Zhou Wen naturally didn't stand on ceremony . He went to the thousand-handed, bull-headed creature's corpse to see if it had left anything good .

However, before he could reach the corpse, its body exploded . A terrifying blast instantly rushed towards Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to block him . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon roared as it spewed out dragon breath to block the terrifying blast .

And at the spot where the thousand-handed, bull-headed corpse was, a huge golden bull appeared . Its golden eyes were staring straight at him, and golden flames spewed out from its nostrils .