Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 667

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Chapter 667: 667
"Yes, Chancellor . He's our Young Master Wen . What do you think of him?" An Sheng said respectfully .

"He's a slippery one . He actually wanted to pick up freebies on the battlefield . He's really greedy," Leng Zongzheng said .

"Young Master Wen only wants to help . He didn't mean to snatch anything from you," An Sheng hurriedly explained .

Leng Zongzheng didn't say anything else . It was impossible to tell if he was angry or not .

Zhou Wen faced the golden bull-headed creature head-on and didn't dare be careless . This was a battlefield . If he died, that would be it . Therefore, he didn't charge at the golden bull-headed creature himself . Instead, he got Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to charge forward first .

Six-Winged Guardian Dragon didn't fear death as it transformed into a black bolt of lightning and charged over . The six dragon wings slashed at the golden bull like blades .

The golden bull was massive, about the same size as a mammoth . It wasn't at a disadvantage facing the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . When it saw Six-Winged Guardian Dragon charge at it, it roared and lowered its head to slam into it .


Due to the terrifying collision, a huge crater formed on the ground . The golden bull and Six-Winged Guardian Dragon were evenly matched and neither of them retreated .

Six-Winged's front claws grabbed the horns on the golden bull's head as the two monsters locked themselves in a stalemate .

Golden flames constantly spewed out from the golden bull's nose . The dragon wings on Six-Winged's back flapped wildly, but neither was able to gain the upper hand . It looked like their strength was about the same .

Zhou Wen held the Golden Overlord Sword and was about to lop off the golden bull's head .

To his surprise, the golden bull's head suddenly shook . A golden bell hanging around its neck rang the moment it shook its head .

Zhou Wen immediately felt his mind go blank when he heard the sound . He was momentarily dazed .

Six-Winged Guardian Dragon looked as though it was drunk . It staggered and involuntarily dispersed all the strength it exerted .

The golden bull roared as a pair of thick and huge golden horns slammed into Six-Winged Guardian Dragon's chest, piercing through its dragon scales and deeply impaling it .

Six-Winged… Zhou Wen was alarmed as he hurriedly summoned Six-Winged back .

Although Six-Winged's combat strength was only considered average among Mythical creatures, its Life Protection was a rare protective Wheel of Destiny . Having it for so long, Zhou Wen wasn't willing to see it die .

Now, Zhou Wen didn't have time to think too much . The golden bull was now targeting him . Zhou Wen hurriedly retreated and threw the Golden Overlord Sword in his hand .

The ringing of the golden bull's bell had actually caused him and Six-Winged to suffer a mental blow, causing them to instantly feel dizzy . If he had been the one charging forward to fight the golden bull, he would probably have been killed .

Before figuring out the meaning of the bell, Zhou Wen didn't dare approach the golden bull .

Although releasing Torch Dragon or Tyrant Behemoth was likely enough to finish it off, Zhou Wen didn't wish to expose his two trump cards .

When the golden bull saw Zhou Wen retreat, it immediately charged forward . It looked like it hated Zhou Wen who had ambushed it .

The Golden Overlord Sword slashed at the golden bull autonomously . The golden sword beam was extremely sharp, but the golden bull managed to block the Golden Overlord Sword's attack with its horns . The beams only left a shallow mark on the horns .

Zhou Wen was somewhat dumbfounded when he saw this . The Golden Overlord Sword was augmented by Ever-Victorious and Unstoppable; yet, it only left a very shallow sword mark on the horns . The toughness of the horns was rather shocking .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

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The Golden Overlord Sword and the horns constantly clashed . The shockwave produced by the collision shattered everything around them . Even Zhou Wen could only retreat a second time .

The golden bull wanted to catch up to Zhou Wen, but it couldn't escape the Golden Overlord Sword's entanglement . Therefore, it shook its neck again, ringing the bell once more .

Zhou Wen was already dozens of meters away from the battlefield . When he heard the bell, his mind jolted as he felt momentary dizziness . Thankfully, the dizziness was short-lived . Zhou Wen reacted and staggered two steps on the ground without falling .

As for a brainless Companion Beast like the Golden Overlord Sword, it actually showed signs of dizziness . Unguarded, it was sent flying by the golden bull's horn .

The Golden Overlord Sword flew out like a meteor and slammed into the Dragon Gate Grotto's stone wall . The sword immediately embedded itself into the stone wall .

What the hell is that bell? Does it actually have such a strange power? I used the Gods Retreat, but it was useless . From the looks of it, it isn't a nomological force . Could it be a pure aural power? As Zhou Wen retreated, he summoned the Golden Overlord Sword back . He saw that there were many cracks on the Golden Overlord Sword's blade .

Without the Gold Overlord Sword's entanglement, the golden bull roared as it charged at Zhou Wen like a golden train that had gone amok .

An Sheng wanted to render his assistance, but he was stopped by Leng Zongzheng . "Don't worry . That punk hasn't done his best . Let's wait and see . "

An Sheng also knew that Zhou Wen hadn't used his full strength . After all, Tyrant Behemoth hadn't appeared . However, it was best if he didn't expose Tyrant Behemoth .

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With Leng Zongzheng's extraordinary status, An Sheng couldn't refute him . All he could do was stand by the side and continue watching .

Must I summon Torch Dragon to deal with it? Zhou Wen rushed out, but he couldn't think of a way to deal with the bell on its neck .

In terms of combat abilities, the golden bull, Six-Winged, and Golden Overlord Sword were about equal . However, the bell on its neck was too bizarre, preventing Truth Listener and Gods Retreat from showing any effect .

If it's only an aural power, Truth Listener should have reacted . Why isn't even Truth Listener reacting? Zhou Wen was depressed .

After some thought, Zhou Wen led the golden bull closer to Dragon Gate Grotto to prevent any further human casualties .

When the golden bull saw that it couldn't catch up to Zhou Wen, it shook its head again . The bell rang again .

This time, Zhou Wen was already prepared . He charged into the sky and switched to the Godfiend Era Essence Energy Art .

His head spun again, but due to the Godfiend Era's spatial powers, Zhou Wen remained suspended in midair and didn't fall .

When the golden bull saw that Zhou Wen didn't fall, it leaped up and charged at him like a gigantic golden cannonball .