Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 668

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Chapter 668: 668

The golden bull's leap lost its momentum as its body fell to the ground heavily, smashing a huge crater on the ground .

This fellow can't fly? Zhou Wen was overjoyed . He pulled out his Bamboo Blade and slashed at the golden bull beneath him with Demonic Astral Wheel .

The golden bull defended with its horn, slamming into the Demonic Astral Wheel and shattering it . With a roar, it leaped up and lunged at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen hurriedly flew higher, preventing the golden bull from touching him before it landed on the ground .

Zhou Wen knew the principle of kiting in gaming terms—retreating when the enemy advanced and chasing when the enemy retreated . The moment the golden bull landed, he swooped down and slashed out Demonic Astral Wheel with his Bamboo Blade .

The golden bull was infuriated . After landing on the ground, it leaped up once again and began to ring the bell in midair . However, Zhou Wen had already flown to a high altitude . Although his head was dizzy, he didn't fall . The golden bull couldn't jump high enough, so it couldn't touch him .

Zhou Wen's heart stirred as he engaged in guerilla warfare with the golden bull . At the same time, he lured the enraged golden bull towards Dragon Gate Grotto's dimensional creatures .

When the infuriated golden bull landed, it immediately squashed many dimensional creatures . When it rang the bell, the dimensional creatures that were more than a hundred meters nearby were affected and became momentarily dizzy .

As such, the dimensional creatures' offensive slowed down significantly, greatly reducing the pressure on the frontline soldiers .

Zhou Wen lured the golden bull as it charged through the monster horde, causing great chaos .

A large number of Fairies flew towards Zhou Wen . Zhou Wen held the Bamboo Blade in one hand and the Overlord Sword in the other . Wherever the saber beams and sword beams went, blood splattered everywhere, unleashing pandemonium on the dimensional creatures at the rear .

The soldiers who were engaged in an intense battle saw that someone had stormed into the dimensional creatures' horde alone . It was as though he had entered no man's land . The blood in them pumped with zeal as they unleashed greater firepower .

Many Epic officers and tutors, who were in the midst of killing, felt their spirits lift . The pressure they felt seemed to lessen significantly .

Zhou Wen lured the golden bull and constantly stormed through the dimensional creatures, but he failed to find a way to nullify the bell's ringing .

Thankfully, the golden bull couldn't fly, so it couldn't threaten Zhou Wen's safety .

Even if he didn't wake up in time, with the Golden Overlord Sword by his side, no matter how many Fairies came, they would all be killed with a single strike .

It's definitely not an aural power . Otherwise, there's no reason for me to be unable to withstand it at all . Even if it's a spatial-type power, it's impossible for me to have zero resistance . Could it be that the bell's power is actually directly attacking the soul? Zhou Wen thought to himself as the golden bull went crazy from Zhou Wen's teasing .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The golden bull leaped up and repeatedly vibrated the bell in midair . Zhou Wen immediately felt as though his brain was about to explode as he hugged his head and moaned in pain .

Thankfully, the bell's range was huge . The surrounding Fairies were also affected in worse ways than Zhou Wen . They screamed and fell from the sky .

After the golden bull landed, it took a few steps back and pawed its hoof on the ground a few times . With a sudden run, it leaped up and reached a record-breaking height . The thick horns on its head slammed into Zhou Wen, who was hugging his head in midair . The bell kept ringing .

Zhou Wen felt as though his brain had been struck by a hammer . The pain left his mind blank .

However, Zhou Wen also knew that the golden bull would definitely deliver a fatal strike at this moment . His willpower was much stronger than that of the average person . Furthermore, when he cultivated the Lost Immortal Sutra in the early days, the Lost Immortal Sutra kept chanting incantations into his ears all day, making his mind more resilient .

Under such circumstances, Zhou Wen could persist by sheer willpower alone and use Lost Country's teleportation ability .

Almost at the instant Zhou Wen teleported out, two bodies rushed to where he was .

One figure was naturally the golden bull, and the other figure was Li Xuan, who was wearing his carapace . He had insect wings on his back .

"Holy sh*t, what's going on?" Li Xuan had originally rushed over to save Zhou Wen, but to his surprise, Zhou Wen had vanished . The raging golden bull charged at Li Xuan .

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The insect wings on Li Xuan's back flapped as he narrowly avoided the golden bull's horns . He somersaulted and ended up landing on the golden bull's back . He hugged the ox head and cried out, "Old Zhou, I'm in deep shit because of you . Why didn't you run earlier when you could?"

After Zhou Wen teleported into the distance, he used Ghost Steps to widen the distance again . When he heard Li Xuan, he turned his head and saw Li Xuan sprawled on the golden bull, shouting .

The golden bull angrily jumped around, trying to shake Li Xuan off, but Li Xuan seemed to be stuck to its back . It couldn't shake him off .

What was strange was that the golden bull's bell was useless against him .

"Li Xuan, are you immune to the bull's bell?" Zhou Wen asked in surprise .

"I just find it a little noisy . Nothing else . I say, quickly think of a way to get me down…" Li Xuan shouted .

"I heard that insects don't have brains . Could it be that the bell's strength is really a mental attack? That's why it's useless against the brainless Li Xuan?" Zhou Wen muttered to himself .

Of course, Zhou Wen didn't really think that Li Xuan was brainless, but that his Life Soul was problematic . After all, he had absorbed the Evil King Gu's Life Soul . It could be said that it was a fusion of two Life Souls . It was indeed stronger than the mental strength of an average person's Life Soul, so it was very likely the reason it could withstand the bell's soul-stirring chimes .

"Hold on a little longer . I'll soon think of a way to resolve the golden bull . " Zhou Wen didn't immediately rush back when he saw that Li Xuan's life wasn't in danger .

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It was mainly because it was useless for him to rush back now unless he summoned his Companion Beasts like Truth Listener, Torch Dragon, and Tyrant .

"Bro, can you hurry up? I'm getting a little cowsick…" Li Xuan cried out with a long face . He didn't dare get off the bull's back, afraid that he would be killed by it the moment he got off .

Zhou Wen saw that the golden bull was extremely irritated and didn't chase after him . It wanted to throw Li Xuan down and kill him . Immediately, his heart stirred as he gripped the Golden Overlord Sword tightly and secretly changed his direction .

The Golden Overlord Sword and Bamboo Blade constantly slew the nearby dimensional creatures, reducing them to rivers of blood .

"Li Xuan, agitate it a little," Zhou Wen shouted .

Li Xuan steeled his mind and reached out his hands to grab the bull's ears, yanking at them ruthlessly .

The golden bull flew into a rage as it raised its hind legs and twisted its body in midair, hoping to throw Li Xuan off .

Zhou Wen finally saw an opportunity and threw the Golden Overlord Sword like a javelin .

The Golden Overlord Sword transformed into a golden bolt of lightning . At the moment the golden bull raised its hind legs to shake Li Xuan off, the sword pierced through it, slicing something off .

"Ow!" The golden bull's eyes widened to the limit, but its pupils shrank into needle-like slits . It opened its mouth and let out a strange cry .