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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 669

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:38 PM

Chapter 669: 669
"Get out of the way!" Zhou Wen roared as he cleaved down the Bamboo Blade at the golden bull's neck .

Li Xuan ducked to the side . The golden bull seemed to be in so much pain that it forgot how to dodge . When Zhou Wen's Bamboo Blade slashed at its neck, a metallic clang sounded . A long gash appeared on its neck as blood immediately gushed out .

Zhou Wen's other hand had already grabbed the Golden Overlord Sword and slashed . The golden bull was completely at Zhou Wen's mercy . It didn't resist as Zhou Wen's cleaved through more than half its neck .

"No good . Retreat quickly!" Zhou Wen felt a sense of danger when he saw a strange aura emit from the golden bull . As he shouted, he flew backward .

Li Xuan wasn't slow either, but before the duo could run far, the golden bull's body exploded like a nuclear bomb . The terrifying power destroyed everything in a radius of two to three hundred meters .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were sent flying by the shockwave . They tumbled far away before stopping . The armor on their bodies was in shambles, and blood stained their backs .

Zhou Wen got up and looked in the direction of the golden bull's self-detonation . He saw a crystal and a Companion Egg drop on the ground . He couldn't help but be delighted .

Ignoring the injuries on his body, Zhou Wen quickly rushed towards the crystal and Companion Egg . The golden bull was so awesome that it had dropped two items at once . It was the best .

Furthermore, its bell had a strange power . If he could hatch such a golden bull and make it his pet, it would be quite useful .

However, before Zhou Wen could reach the Companion Egg, he saw a white figure flash past . Then, the golden bull Companion Egg on the ground vanished .

Zhou Wen hurriedly turned his head and saw a white parrot hold the Companion Egg in its claws as it flew through the air . Its speed was shockingly fast, and in an instant, it had already flown to the top of a skyscraper and landed on Leng Zongzheng's shoulder . The Companion Egg in its claw had landed in Leng Zongzheng's hand .

Leng Zongzheng held the Companion Egg in his hand as he looked at Zhou Wen with a faint smile . It was as though he was saying: 'Since you snatched from me once, I'll snatch from you too . '

What kind of chancellor is this? Is he that petty? Zhou Wen muttered inwardly as he rushed over to pick up the dimensional crystal .

The dimensional crystal was like a golden crystal . Inside was the shadow of a bull . It was clearly an Essence Energy Skill Crystal .

Although he didn't obtain the Companion Egg, obtaining an Essence Energy Skill Crystal was a form of consolation .

As no new dimensional creatures rushed out, the terrifying dimensional creatures were finally suppressed . All the dimensional creatures that charged out of Dragon Gate Grotto were killed .

Although they had obtained victory, there was very little joy on their faces . Many soldiers and officers had sacrificed themselves, so most wore solemn expressions .

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The soldiers began clearing the battlefield . Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, and Feng Qiuyan retreated and returned to their temporary encampment to rest . They still needed to continue delivering the supplies in a while .

Li Xuan's injuries had already healed, but Zhou Wen couldn't recover that quickly . Although the wounds on his back weren't bleeding, they had a burning sensation . All he could do was lie in the tent and rest .

Feng Qiuyan was so tired that he fell asleep the moment he collapsed onto the blanket . He had killed so many dimensional creatures that his stamina and Essence Energy were severely drained .

"It's already so terrifying with Dragon Gate Grotto suffering a breakout . If all the dimensional zones in Luoyang were to encounter a breakout, it would be unimaginable . There's no way humans can survive," Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen shared the same thoughts . Up to now, the difference between humans and dimensional zones was still huge .

"Old Zhou, do you think another dimensional creature will rush out of Dragon Gate Grotto?" Li Xuan asked again .

"It's hard to say so, but this matter definitely isn't over . The giant golden bird on the mountaintop, as well as the monsters in the water, and the skeleton in monk robes in the temple haven't moved yet," Zhou Wen said as he used his phone to snap a picture of the Essence Energy Skill Crystal he had just obtained .

Great Might Vajra Bull Crystal: Mythical

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Absorption Requirement: Constitution 41, Essence Energy 41, Buddhist Essence Energy Art

Zhou Wen looked at the requirement . Although it didn't have any special stat requirements, he couldn't meet the two 41 stat requirements . All he could do was put the Essence Energy Crystal away .

After the battle, Dragon Gate Grotto temporarily calmed down . Without any dimensional creatures rushing out, Zhou Wen and company could rest .

"Young Master Wen, how are your injuries? I've brought you some medicine . " An Sheng walked in with a smile, holding a small bottle in his hand .

"There's no need . I've almost recovered . I'll be fine after some rest . " Zhou Wen was wearing Runic Heavy-Armor during the battle, so his injuries weren't serious . He just needed some time to recover .

After all, he wasn't Li Xuan . He didn't have such potent self-recovery abilities .

"This medicine is good . It'll heal you quickly once it's applied . I'll apply some for you . " An Sheng opened the medicine bottle and dripped the liquid on Zhou Wen's wound . Zhou Wen immediately felt a refreshing feeling envelop his wound, making him feel much better .

An Sheng applied the medicine evenly on his wound and said, "Today, the three of you were amazing . Many of the men are talking about the three of you . All of you are considered famous now . If any of you wish to enter the Sunset Army in the future, you will definitely be protected by the soldiers . "

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Zhou Wen didn't say a word as Li Xuan said with a smile, "That's for sure . When I was young, a fortune-teller told me that I had the life of a general . I'll definitely become a senior official in the future . "

"Third Young Master, if you wish to join the Sunset Army, I guarantee that I'll leave a good position for you," An Sheng said .

"We'll see when the time comes . There are still two to three years before graduation," Li Xuan said .

An Sheng naturally understood that Li Xuan was only making small talk . The Li family might not be willing to let him enter the Sunset Army .

An Sheng was about to say something when a soldier hurriedly came over and said, "Adjutant An, there's something happening at Dragon Gate Grotto . Deputy Governor Qin requests your presence . "

"Do you want us to go with you?" Zhou Wen asked .

"There's no need . All of you can rest . If something really happened, Deputy Governor Qin wouldn't be so at ease to get someone to invite me over," An Sheng said as he left Zhou Wen's tent .

Although Zhou Wen and company didn't go, they soon learned what had happened . A strange scene appeared in Dragon Gate Grotto's Alchemy Cave . A black smoke surged out and enveloped the entire entrance of the Alchemy Cave . Furthermore, they could hear the screams of wraiths and resentful ghosts in the black smoke .

However, that was all . No dimensional creatures rushed out .