Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 671

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Chapter 671: 671
Strength: 0

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Essence Energy: 1

Talent Skill: Parasitizing

Companion Form: None

These stats are so weak, aren't they? Zhou Wen had never seen a Companion Beast with such weak stats . However, although they were very weak, they had their own advantages . Even Epic experts would be in great pain and trouble if they got parasitized by not being careful .

Tai Sui had already rolled out and jumped around excitedly, devouring all the Parasite Spores it could see .

Zhou Wen didn't continue killing the spores . Firstly, there were too many . Ordinary skills couldn't kill them all . Secondly, there were still many soldiers and officers in the encampment, so it wasn't appropriate for him to use large-scale skills to kill the spores .

I can still remove the Parasite Spores outside, but how can I deal with the Parasite Spores that have already parasitized people? Zhou Wen pushed Truth Listener's powers to the limits as he wanted to observe if all the spores were the same .

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that most of the spores were transparent and slightly white . These were identical to the Companion Egg which dropped .

A small portion of the Parasite Spores was light red in color . There were very few of them . Zhou Wen tried killing some of them, but the dimensional crystals that dropped were all at the Legendary stage and their stats were very low .

It was very rare for Mortal spores to drop Companion Eggs . Zhou Wen had killed many, but no Companion Eggs dropped . The Mortal Companion Egg from before could only be attributed to luck .

Zhou Wen walked behind Tai Sui . Wherever Tai Sui passed, the spores dodged it as though they were avoiding the plague . Most of them failed to dodge in time and were swallowed by Tai Sui .

As he walked, Zhou Wen discovered another golden spore but killing it was as simple as the others . A tiny fireball killed the golden spore .

There were extremely few golden spores . Among the countless spores, it was probably a one in a billion existence . Zhou Wen found a few and after killing them, a Companion Egg dropped .

Golden Parasite Spore: Epic

Life Providence: Microbe

Life Soul: Parasitizing Spirit

Strength: 18

Speed: 20

Constitution: 17

Essence Energy: 20

Talent Skill: Parasitizing

Companion Form: None

This Epic Companion Beast has also broken the record for the lower limits of an Epic Companion Beast . I originally imagined that the weakest one would be the baby tiger, but I never expected there to be an Epic Companion Beast weaker than it . Furthermore, it's much weaker . Zhou Wen realized that the spores were indeed weak . They could survive simply because of their microscopic bodies .

The higher the level of the spores, the smaller their sizes . Even Truth Listener's ability could barely see the Golden Parasite Spore .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen discovered a tiny purple dot floating around . It appeared and disappeared at times . Even with Truth Listener's ability, it nearly failed to detect its existence . It was just too small .

Could it be a Mythical spore? Zhou Wen's heart stirred as he hurriedly got Tai Sui to roll over .

Even the Mythical spore was afraid of the Mortal Tai Sui . Just as it was about to run, it was burned by Zhou Wen's fireball .

However, this time, the purple spore wasn't burned to death . It continued floating far away . Zhou Wen pulled out the Golden Overlord Sword and slashed with a powerful sword beam .

Although it was very small, the sword beam's area was large enough, so it still managed to strike the tiny creature .

To Zhou Wen's surprise, the Golden Sword Aura failed to kill it .

This spore is interesting . Zhou Wen used a few more skills and realized that he couldn't kill the purple spore .

At that moment, Tai Sui had already rolled over . It leaped up and pounced at the purple spore .

The purple spore that couldn't even be killed by weapons trembled as though it had encountered a nemesis . It was sucked up by Tai Sui .

Seeing that the purple spore had been sucked into Tai Sui's body, Zhou Wen couldn't help but sigh . It's true that one object bests another . For a Mortal-stage Tai Sui to be able to restrain a Mythical spore, this guy is quite useful . In the future, with Tai Sui by my side, I won't be afraid of being ambushed by microbial Companion Beasts and dimensional creatures .

"I say, Tai Sui, don't just focus on eating . Did it leave behind any Companion Eggs or dimensional crystals?" Zhou Wen didn't hold much hope as he asked casually .

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To his surprise, Tai Sui really understood him . It reluctantly spat out a microscopic purple object .

Even with Truth Listener's ability, he nearly missed it . After falling to the ground, he searched for quite a while before finding the tiny point .

He hurriedly pulled out his phone and took a picture of the purple point .

Primordial Spore: Mythical

Life Providence: Eternal Immortality

Life Soul: Parasitizing Spirit

Wheel of Destiny: Soul Parasitizing

Strength: 41

Speed: 41

Constitution: 41

Essence Energy: 41

Talent Skill: Parasitizing

Companion Form: None

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Without a doubt, this was the weakest Mythical Companion Beast that Zhou Wen had ever seen . There was nothing worse . Its extreme weakness could be seen just by looking at its stats .

However, such Companion Beasts weren't meant for combat . Their effects might be even more terrifying than combat-type Companion Beasts .

He directly hatched the Primordial Spore and expended very little Essence Energy . It was about the same as the Essence Energy needed for Epic Companion Beasts .

Thankfully, as its owner, Zhou Wen could sense its location . Otherwise, he wouldn't have known where his tiny Companion Beast was if he only looked at it with his eyes .

After testing it out, he used the Primordial Spore to kill the ordinary spores . Although it was feasible, the combat ability of the Primordial Spore wasn't high . It wasn't killing as fast as Zhou Wen's fireballs, much less competing with Tai Sui's devouring .

Tai Sui jumped around in the encampment and swallowed countless spores . Its body clearly became bigger, and the spores in the encampment decreased significantly .

Zhou Wen used Truth Listener to search the entire time, hoping to find another Primordial Spore . However, he was somewhat disappointed and didn't discover a second one .

"Young Master Wen, why did you come out? The situation outside is terrible . You shouldn't have come out . " An Sheng arrived in front of the clearing . Qin Wufu, Leng Zongzheng, as well as the military's generals and tutors, were with him .

However, despite there being so many people, other than An Sheng and Leng Zongzheng, there were mushrooms on everyone's faces . They looked extremely terrifying .

Even Deputy Governor Qin succumbed to it? Zhou Wen saw a golden mushroom on Qin Wufu's face . It was likely an Epic Golden Spore that parasitized his face .

Although Ah Sheng's body was covered in spores, the spores didn't drill into his body for some reason .

Leng Zongzheng didn't have any spores on him . His body seemed to be protected by an invisible force, preventing the spores from approaching him .

"It's not difficult to remove the spores in the encampment, but the spores that have already parasitized people require another solution . " Leng Zongzheng looked at the mushrooms in the encampment and summoned his Demonic Organ Throne .